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Hyper-V VMs behavior on shutdown

For a new Hyper-V VM, the default automatic stop action is to the Save the virtual machine state, which saves the contents of memory (and device state) to a file. 356 more words


Recent Article: Keeping Your Tech Skills Current!

The SearchServerVirtualization.com Advisory Board was asked to give our views on what we do to stay current.  This is a question that I get asked quite often.  Here are my go to resources as well as resources others on the Advisory Board turn to. 366 more words


NPP Training series - Nutanix Terminology - Part 1

I started with Nutanix about 1 month ago and concurrently began my Nutanix training which entails going through the NPP (Nutanix Platform Professional) training course. I will be posting a series of blog posts on my learning track with Nutanix and will eventually tie it all together with the Microsoft Stack. 483 more words


Installing & Configuring Server Manager on a Windows 8.1 machine

Let’s take a small break from configuring the core server and talk quickly on how to install Server Manager on a Windows 8.1 machine. We will go deep-dive on this tool in the future as it should become your tool for your daily work, but for now I just want to get it installed and quickly configured with one server so I can do some basic tasks. 1,005 more words


Changing the boot order of generation 2 Virtual Machines in Systems Center VMM and Hyper-V

On Windows 2012 R2 hosts, Hyper-V introduced the concept of generation 2 Virtual Machines, which provide various benefits and a set of restrictions to those VMs configured in this way. 673 more words

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RemoteFX on Windows Server 2012 R2

PDF download available!


In this guide, we will show how to setup and configure RemoteFX for a Hyper-V host running Windows Server 2012 R2. The host is used for testing and development purposes, it is not member of a domain. 1,907 more words


Engineering: Run 2 hypervisors on Windows 8 and beyond


Like many people i installed Windows 10 on my laptop and thought rather than purchasing my customary copy of VMWare Workstation i would try out Hyper-V which is now available out-of-the-box since Windows 8 (while you could run Microsoft Virtual PC since Windows XP it was not quite as complete a product as Hyper-V). 441 more words