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Hyper-V Remove Lingering DVD iso

Mass Dismount

Another day – another dirty – quicky.

So you’ve got a bunch of hosts and some VMs there. Some of those have iso files attached. 118 more words


VM checkpoint operation failed (0x80070005)

Hyper-V error:
Checkpoint operation failed.
Checkpoint operation was cancelled.
General access denied error 0x80070005.

Veeam error:
‘ServerName’ could not initiate a checkpoint operation: General access denied error (0x80070005). 112 more words


Securely erase physical drives with dban and Hyper-V

I’m writing this between jobs – I’ve left BlueMetal, and haven’t started at Microsoft yet. I’m using this time to do a deep clean on my home office, and I’ve come across a number of hard drives that need disposal. 612 more words

How To

Automated way to check Mellanox RDMA ping (nb_send_bw.exe) across nodes in a Hyper-V cluster.

So just recently we got need of checking RDMA ping between nodes, and as we got a few the task of running nb_send_bw.exe was getting a little fiddly. 239 more words


vLAB (Serie All in One) VMware vSphere 6.5

By the end of this serie you will be familiar with installing,configuring and managing vSphere and ESXi

Find bellow all Labs :

  1. vLAB (1) : Install ESXi 6.5…
  2. 29 more words

Server 2016 - Receive Side Scaling - RSS

RSS enables network adapters to distribute the kernel-mode network processing load across multiple processor cores in multi-core computers. The distribution of this processing makes it possible to support higher network traffic loads than would be possible if only a single core were to be used. 165 more words


Server 2016 - Virtual Machine Multi Queues - VMMQ

Virtual Machine Device Queues (VMDq) is a technology that allows the network adapter to create multiple separate queues, distributing the processing load across multiple cores. 96 more words