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Clearing unused space from a virtual hard disk

If you’re using Hyper-V, and you have a dynamic virtual hard disk (VHDX), then when you delete files from it, the file size won’t shrink automatically. 44 more words


Get the BIOS GUID of a Hyper-V VM

I’ve just spent the last few hours looking into how I can get the BIOS GUID from a Hyper-V VM from inside the Host OS. I needed this so I could use it to pre-stage devices in Windows Deployment Services. 99 more words


Monitor your Hyper-V machines with this monitoring app

Want to monitor your Hyper-V machine’s resources?  TMurgent Technologies has an app that does just that. HyperV_Mon monitors physical, logical, virtual performance and more.


Nested Virtualization in Windows Server 2016


Hello guys,

If you read my post what’s new in Hyper-V Windows Server 2016 you may know about a long-awaited feature called as nested virtualization  . 670 more words


Hyper-V and CSV overprovisioning

When you want to keep track on your datastore usage, in VMware it is very easy to check how much of your datastores are used and how much has been provisioned to virtual machines. 596 more words

Cluster Shared Volume