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If it were a snake

It would have bit you.  Raised in the desert this was not an idle saying.  Poisons snakes were serious consideration.  Impending doom lurked everywhere.  Sometimes I get tired of looking for the threats and ignore what is so close to me.  399 more words


Scammers, Odds and Ends

Yesterday I said I wasn’t going to write more about these guys I’m meeting. But I will write about the ones who I don’t meet that I think are scammers or are just living in an alternate reality. 579 more words


Alienora Standing up for Alienora: Youth onwards!


Life lessons start in our youth. Actually, they start from the moment we are born. So, taking ‘youth’ to cover everything from babyhood up to adulthood, I would like to take one aspect of life-learning: Emotional Intelligence and the pitfalls which certain messages can cause it during its early evolution. 1,191 more words

Daily Prompt

Meeting Violet the Hyper-vigilant Rabbit

After 11 weeks of intermittent shaking and tremors which would settle with resting, the seemingly-constant resting tremors, uncontrollable jerky movements and inability to walk properly returned. 533 more words

Personal Experience Of A Functional Movement Disorder


While I often wish I did not have PTSD, it’s not all bad.  Let’s face it, having PTSD means we are survivors.  That’s a good thing, right?  382 more words

Tito Jackson performs during annual Family Reunion in Daffin Park

It’s been decades since The Jackson 5 held a concert in Savannah, but over the weekend, one of the original members of the legendary singing group made an appearance in Daffin Park. 55 more words


Moar Mental Health

I’ve been hanging out alone a lot lately (story of my life), thinking about a lot of things. Trying to dismantle my (incorrect) ideas of “success” and “adulting”. 448 more words