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PTSD, Yoga, and Why I Hate the F*cking Gong

I’m in the studio with friends, colleagues, and a photographer for a photo shoot.  When I walk to the front of the room to teach my segment, it feels odd transitioning from student to teacher.   920 more words

PTSD: My Journey Of Trauma And Recovery

You Are Not Alone

By Mary A. S. King

Mary is one of my former students and we have kept in contact through the years. She posted this on her Facebook page and gave me permission to share it with you… 975 more words



For a week I’ve been introducing progressively more challenging cardio machines toward the goal of running again.  I’ve done as the concussion specialist instructed; first the exercise bike, then the elliptical, finally the treadmill. 917 more words

PTSD: My Journey Of Trauma And Recovery

The Mystery of my Childhood OCD

There’s a part of my childhood I don’t talk about much, but I always wonder about it.

My major diagnosis is Borderline Personality Disorder. After a lifetime of misdiagnosis, I can accept that and work to mitigate what it does to me. 666 more words


Afraid of Men

I walk across the gravel parking lot to greet my old favorite training partner, who I haven’t seen in five months.  He looks uncertain and non-threatening; feeling some relief, I decide to hug him.   508 more words

PTSD: My Journey Of Trauma And Recovery

Sparkles and Fear

She didn’t say a word, and neither did I.

It may have seemed like just a piece of paper, but to me it represented much more. 797 more words

Foster Parenting

Life Changing Moments: Home, Holidays, and triggers

HAPPY HOLIDAY WEEKEND to everyone who celebrates a holiday this season.  Holiday season because so many people celebrate Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. during this time of year.   647 more words

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