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Coping Challenges: Hyper-vigilance and Cold Weather Triggers

It’s fall.  The weather has turned cool, damp, and cloudy.  Leaves are changing color and falling.

Normally, this is my favorite season and time of the year.   827 more words

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Change hyper-vigilance

To something deeper, discernment. I follow Lilly Hope Lucario on Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD A journey to healing from complex trauma.  The article I read is about turning hyper-vigilance into discernment. 490 more words


A Soul Infused With Tank


It’s been almost a week since Tank has left and I’m already hanging on by a thread. I’ve noticed quite a few changes in the way I approach life that I forgot I used to do. 381 more words

Mania Alert! Stop Me Before I Create Again!

Well, this is one of THOSE days.

No, not one of those days I wished I’d stayed in bed. Not a day to have a death grip on the computer desk while my fevered mind tries to make sense of the words on the screen. 283 more words


Coping Strategy: Reviewing my toolbox

A quick post tonight.  Lots going on and not much to share at the moment – still processing.

Last week, I went back to school for the first time in over 10 years.   244 more words

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If it were a snake

It would have bit you.  Raised in the desert this was not an idle saying.  Poisons snakes were serious consideration.  Impending doom lurked everywhere.  Sometimes I get tired of looking for the threats and ignore what is so close to me.  399 more words


Scammers, Odds and Ends

Yesterday I said I wasn’t going to write more about these guys I’m meeting. But I will write about the ones who I don’t meet that I think are scammers or are just living in an alternate reality. 579 more words