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When The Lights Go Out

Normally, I am the most prepared person in the world. I am calm, and collected, and even when my emotions are raging on the inside, I can compartmentalize things and be “hyper-rational” to get whatever needs to be, done. 1,346 more words


In Defense Of Hyper-vigilance

I really want to talk about something that happened at work, but of course, I can’t. You can’t discuss work things on the internet without fear of being fired. 879 more words

Suicidal Ideation

I have PTSD. A lot of people think they know what PTSD is about because of the way it is portrayed in the media but I’m here to tell you it can’t easily be described or explained and it’s nothing like it is on TV most of the time. 585 more words

Mood Management


There are advantages to hyper-vigilance.

Often in the list of negative symptoms for PTSD and other trauma survivor responses is hyper-vigilance or sometimes called hyper-awareness.  You walk into a room and know where all the doors for escape are located.  323 more words


Screaming in silence...

Dear diary,

What do you write when you’re screaming on the inside? How do you get that emotion out in writing? How do you manage, when there is no one you can talk to, no one that you trust enough to tell what really is going on inside your head? 313 more words


World Building, World Escaping

I’m in that weird place between novels where I am building the world for the next novel but spending large amounts of my time revising the old novel. 383 more words

Mood Management

invalidating environment

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What ‘theme’ has been present for you throughout most of your life?

Heightened sensitivity has occupied a prominent place in my head and heart.   193 more words

My Life In Prose