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Just Rude

Early this morning, I checked my Facebook. I had a message request from someone whom I haven’t seen in years… Apparently, they saw me. And I didn’t speak to them. 475 more words


What is Trauma?

More precisely… What is behind the effects of trauma?

I was just making my morning smoothie and as usual I was doing a lot of thinking. 451 more words


The Stalking UAP/NAPA Cars

I’m not paranoid.

Ok, so that’s not entirely true. I do suffer from paranoia and hyper-vigliance, but I’m not crazy.

Well that’s not true either. Put it this way, sometimes I get paranoid everyone is going to try to kill me or hurt me, but I don’t think the world is out to get me… I mean… wait… Ok that doesn’t make sense either. 233 more words

Mood Management

Waiting for the Fire

more and more he fancied himself patrolling the Royal Library of Alexandria

his movements became that of the vigilant watchdog, pacing like Rilke’s panther… 18 more words

My Poetry

Worry Loop

Many people either feel regretful or resentful about the past, or they worry about the future. Today I will talk about worry.
Worry or concerned thoughts are completely natural and some level of concern is necessary in our lives to prepare our body and mind to respond to a situation. 1,748 more words


How to Dress For a Zombie Apocalypse

I had a dream a little while ago about the Academy Awards being a zombie apocalypse.

That’s a weird thing for me to say because I tend not to dream at night. 541 more words

Mood Management


hands wringing
hold breath
hound the windows
hide behind drapes
hurried peeks at each passersby

harassed by notions
hand-made in psyche’s depths
hammered with racing desperation… 28 more words

My Poetry