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Coping Strategy: Reviewing my toolbox

A quick post tonight.  Lots going on and not much to share at the moment – still processing.

Last week, I went back to school for the first time in over 10 years.   244 more words

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If it were a snake

It would have bit you.  Raised in the desert this was not an idle saying.  Poisons snakes were serious consideration.  Impending doom lurked everywhere.  Sometimes I get tired of looking for the threats and ignore what is so close to me.  399 more words


Scammers, Odds and Ends

Yesterday I said I wasn’t going to write more about these guys I’m meeting. But I will write about the ones who I don’t meet that I think are scammers or are just living in an alternate reality. 579 more words


Alienora Standing up for Alienora: Youth onwards!


Life lessons start in our youth. Actually, they start from the moment we are born. So, taking ‘youth’ to cover everything from babyhood up to adulthood, I would like to take one aspect of life-learning: Emotional Intelligence and the pitfalls which certain messages can cause it during its early evolution. 1,191 more words

Daily Prompt

Meeting Violet the Hyper-vigilant Rabbit

After 11 weeks of intermittent shaking and tremors which would settle with resting, the seemingly-constant resting tremors, uncontrollable jerky movements and inability to walk properly returned. 533 more words

Personal Experience Of A Functional Movement Disorder


While I often wish I did not have PTSD, it’s not all bad.  Let’s face it, having PTSD means we are survivors.  That’s a good thing, right?  382 more words

Tito Jackson performs during annual Family Reunion in Daffin Park

It’s been decades since The Jackson 5 held a concert in Savannah, but over the weekend, one of the original members of the legendary singing group made an appearance in Daffin Park. 55 more words