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Goodbye Sertraline

Overall Day: Really Anxious, Down & Tearful (2/10)

Yesterday…true to my word I phoned the doctor for some advice before taking what would have been my 4th dose of Sertraline. 689 more words

Things Be A Changing!!!

Overall Day: Rubbish and then AMAZING (2 then 8/10)

A wee update on yesterdays medication (2nd dose)…I done exactly the same thing and took the Sertraline at 4pm again. 571 more words

The Biology Test.

There was a point in my school life where my friends and I wrote lyrics of our favorite song in our answer papers, just to fill up the sides. 163 more words

Tryin' to make it real...

It’s been a week of Prog Rock insanity and the family have gone the beach leaving me alone in the house with the animals and the records and the thoughts in my head. 146 more words


Hush, Hush Annoying One

Parenting a child who is vastly different from you is exhausting.

The days of sitting outside for hours, listening to my thoughts are gone.
The days of taking a bubble bath with the candles lit are no where to be found. 348 more words


Social Marketing Tips to Muse On for the Hyper-Connected Entrepreneur

It’s easy to feel like you fully understand social media marketing; however, it’s also likely for you to feel frustrated once you realize that social media marketing as you knew it changed as soon as you focused on other matters. 96 more words