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Our Problem Is That Ducky Is Normal

Ducky and I paid a visit to the vet on Thursday to talk about her IBS/IBD treatment and management. Although she has had a couple of vomiting episodes in the three months since her diet change, she has actually been feeling better in general. 643 more words


Mommy Musings II.

Heyya my lovely people!
Anyone as happy as I am? I have been laughing so much of late its kinda crazy. I laugh at everything. Just so happy!!  621 more words


Rhino Hall is ours

We did it. The house is ours (well not ours, we’re still renting, but you get what I mean).
The only other time we had a decent house, a NICE house, my boys and I, was when we lived in Italy for a little while in a lovely lovely new build loft, windows everywhere, which was gorgeous though it happened to coincide with the year that Italy was scorchingly hot and the greenhouse effect wasn’t that pretty in the house anymore. 613 more words


Coffee and Me

I’ve been having an odd kind of week. I decided quite awhile ago that I should really do something about my coffee habit. I have to say that I love coffee. 486 more words

Palm Springs Photo Festival - Part 2: Time Lapse with Jeff Frost

I spent 2 days at the festival doing a workshop on time lapse with Jeff Frost – one of the people who is taking the medium onto new and innovative places.  384 more words

So this happened...


SO I decided that I would go shopping the other day, I wanted to  pick up a few items for my wardrobe and for my makeup collection…and well I didn’t really do that. 69 more words

Random Blogging

The Study

Jumping, jittering and never quite still

Sitting but listening and doing it all

Focused blurry

Everything but none

Can’t quite tell if smart of dumb… 101 more words