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I have had a lot of scary or disturbing experiences.

being restraint, locked in a psych ward, being strip searched, a catheter being put in…. 175 more words

Defcon Puff

I am exasperated over all of the rain we have had these past few days. The sun has decided to take a vacation from our neck of the woods. 349 more words

Second Life

Yin Yang

A dine-in Silicon Oasis Branch offering Chinese and Italian cuisine.

We were invited by Hyperlink Media for a tasting session and planned for lunch. 634 more words


Why Do Sensitive People Get Offended Easily?


One common mistake that people usually tend not to realize is the extent to which their verbal jokes can affect a sensitive person. People often misunderstand introverts as sensitive people, as that is just a myth and more like a misconception. 437 more words


deal with a Nagging Wife

If you want to spend your weekend playing football with your buddies, does your wife creates a lot of problems? If that’s a yes, then,  469 more words


Talkative Thursday!

Ryan was a hyper energiser bunny from dark o’clock this morning and kept buzzing till about 9am. Non-stop talk, running and jumping – literally bouncing off the walls. 305 more words



We’ve all heard it or read it. Someone going to a party that night and saying that they are “super excited” to be attending that soiree. 341 more words

Tim Braun