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Strange moods arising


“Wow, man, what a weird day this was. I had my second last exam this afternoon and I was in such a silly mood. I wrote quite a few joking comments on the exam. 950 more words

Using the Tableau Extract API to take JSON to Hyper in Java

The code is available on GitHub.

As a small utility, I created a Java project whose goal is given a JSON file containing an array of objects create a Tableau Hyper Extract based upon it. 1,252 more words



I’m back on my phone, storming the internet,

A condition for your symptoms, I investigate.

You’re fever is already 103,

And your eyes keep watering, oh dear me! 130 more words

How to care for a hyper dog after surgery

So, your dog or puppy just had surgery and needs to avoid running, jumping, and playing for 10 days until the sutures are removed. That’s great if you have a pug or something that you have to push in a stroller when you go for a walk. 1,193 more words

The HyperDrive USB-C hub / wireless charging stand might be the perfect desk accessory

(Source: www.theverge.com)

With new standards come new problems. Back when computers were starting to switch over to USB-C (including Apple going all in with the MacBook Pro update in 2016), tons of companies tried to figure out the best solution to bring back old ports with hubs and dongles. 579 more words


Twitter & Me

I was with Twitter for the longest time. I joined up & started following rock n rollers. After awhile big name & not so big names started following me. 186 more words