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Early signs of autism I wish I knew

When Little Man was a toddler, I thought that his behaviors were normal for his age.  His first pediatrician saw his tantrums and unusual behaviors during one of our checkups and recommended us to consult a developmental pediatrician.   1,183 more words


Granny Play!

Rory the Hyper Pup ALWAYS wants Granny to play!


The Story of Rory

Rory was a bit of a surprise. We were settled. We had 2 Chihuahuas, 1 Lab and 1 cat. We were set. We didn’t need any more animals. 796 more words


Sunday morning highs & lows

Sunday mornings are one of the most irritating and unstable days of the week for me in terms of diabetes. I gig on a Saturday night usually at least 3 times a month, so getting home at 2am (sometimes later) – I find it a complete impossibility to get up at 7/7;30am and give my Levimir insulin. 369 more words


The first steps in Freestyle Libre...

So yesterday I cracked open my wallet, dusted off the credit card & ordered one of the freestyle libre systems … http://www.freestylelibre.co.uk/freestyle-libre-starter-pack-english.html

It should arrive on Wedesdnay 3rd February and i’ll be immediately opening the box and attaching the sensor to my arm. 339 more words


Hyper Aims To Be Your New Chat-Based Travel Agent

Hyper is a new travel startup betting that the secret ingredient to a great travel booking experience is interacting with another human being.

In other words, founders Minqi Jiang and Peter Zakin (who previously worked at Google and Venmo, respectively) are aiming to give users the experience of having a personal assistant who helps you book your flights and hotels, but via a chat interface. 501 more words



In July and during a hyper  episode I booked a trip to Venice for my boyfriend and myself and I’m glad I did because it was amazing and a great start to 2016.