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hey there! my name is alexis kepano (you can find me on wordpress here) and i’m currently a senior marketing major at georgia state university as well! 360 more words


we're all (hyper) here

what would a successful app be without its avid supporters? even just scrolling through hyper for a moment will show you exactly who the app’s primary target group is. 333 more words


hey good lookin'

i am incredibly impressed with the user interface and information architecture of this app. as i have posted before, hyper’s target audience is the millennial generation and younger. 291 more words


the hype(r) cycle

every organization in the realm of emerging technology must undergo gartner’s hype cycle. according to gartner’s official website, “the hype cycle for emerging technologies is the broadest aggregate gartner hype cycle, featuring technologies that are the focus of attention because of particularly high levels of interest, and those that gartner believes have the potential for significant impact.” in simple terms, it is a way for organizations to measure the “hype” around a product. 342 more words


dare we say this is the new reddit?

since its founding in 2005, reddit has been known for its user-generated content and voting system. basically, it is a way to efficiently share relevant news and interesting things that people have found. 329 more words


instagram's biggest rival

hyper is the newest app on the market to rival instagram. like instagram, it is primarily a photo-sharing app. however, the similarities seem to end there. 381 more words


How are you too happy?

Mental health covers many different facets, depression and anxiety spring quickly like a bounding spaniel to mind when we consider mental health, but as my first post I thought it interesting to explain a state of being when you are quite the opposite. 940 more words

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