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FEATURE: Round 2D: Fight! // Hyper

This one was a Buffalo Bill moment for me: Afterwards, my skin fit. It marked the exact moment I went from uncomfortable critic to uncomfortably comfortable journalist where my work with gaming was concerned. 363 more words


Ultimate Superpower?

Chắc chắn tất chúng ta đều đã từng mơ ước về những khả năng đặc biệt như mấy anh hùng siêu nhân trong các phim hoạt hình mua đĩa CD 15 ngàn hồi bé xếp thành chồng. 1,280 more words


Bipolar Thoughts.

As many might think. Today is a Manic day… a Hypomanic day at that. I can’t sit still. I won’t stop fidgeting I am pretty sure I won’t finish this blog post in one sitting. 456 more words

Todays a better day,

It’s a better day so far. Granted it is the beginning of the day. But I feel okay and I am slightly in manic feelings. I had a few drinks of an energy drink, I have had a mountain dew code red. 366 more words

Today is... a Flare up day

Flare ups every which way. I have a screaming headache. I have cramps from hell. My manic is peeking its head up saying HI! I am just a mess right now.  249 more words

Ja ik wil....................................omlaag !!!!!!!

Origineel in twee delen verschenen op https://www.diabetestype1.nl/blogs/dagelijks-leven/48-ja-ik-wil-omlaag-deel-1-de-combi-trouwjurk-en-insulinepomp

Begin mei was het dan zo ver; mijn meisjesdroom kwam uit. Eindelijk mocht ik mijn fantasie gaan beleven; ik ging trouwen. 1,009 more words


I do....... not want to be this high

At the beginning of May all my dreams were finally coming true; I was going to marry the man of my dreams.

Shortly after the engagement I already started making ‘jokes’ I would be so low at the altar I wouldn’t remember to say I do. 988 more words