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I believe JayLo is better looking than Brittany thumbs up.

I believe “standing by one-self is impossible.”
(I was just beside myself officer, no really)

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I got nothin'. A whole lot of lavender-scented nothin'.

My new laptop arrived last week and I think I’ve finally figured out how to make it stop trying to visually verify that I’m Me every time I open it up.   1,404 more words



There was a very large, very loud insect flying around my desk, banging into the windows, the walls, trying desperately to be free from the confines of the library. 286 more words


Intentions and Attempts

I am attempting, once more, to write in here regularly.

Here’s what I’m thinking about writing:

The experience of being a hypersensitive, over-emotional person. This is not simply a dressed-up version of “my thoughts and musings on our world!!!1″ For so long, I’ve felt isolated. 1,160 more words

Takin' it back…

Having been a member of the Boy Scouts, the presumption that all badges and patches were meant in celebration of both enjoyable experiences and the accumulation of experience could be a forgivable error. 569 more words


Guyana govt accused of ethnic cleansing by ppp jihadists

is gon be a wild one to the bitter end.

PPP jihadists will test the outer, outer limits of ridiculous, stupid, assinine, moronic, childish, clueless and insane. 23 more words