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Hyperbolic Pretentiousness

If I was dying in an alley, and all I had was a piece of paper and a ballpoint pen to record my last thoughts, I would leave them unwritten, because I loathe ballpoint pens. 476 more words

Pygmy on a Giraffe

I am a Pygmy riding a giraffe with a nose ring in the polar straits of Antarctica
Yes it's true I defecate gold
Shiny ingots filling the toilet bowl… 223 more words



Dennis Butic

I’ll address Winnie Ibe’s argument. I’ll paraphrase his Tagalog argument into English.
Here goes…
His central points are:

  • Calling no man father on earth as Jesus required, implied it as a hyperbole, an exagerration.
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Not Utterly Surreal at all...

“Ku Klux Klan rally draws loud counterprotest in Charlottesville 

Not “utterly surreal,” not “the most abysmal thing ever,” not an “epic and shameful tragedy,” as my facebook feed and friends have proclaimed. 400 more words

Studio for all #uogapt

I studied as an artist in a studio for five years. During this immersive experience in the 1990s I learnt about the role of the studio as a place and context for learning. 813 more words

Learning Space

The West's hyperbole on North Korea will only fuel Kim Jong-un's propaganda

Kim Jong-un’s rhetoric and action against the US and others is framed domestically as the heroic defiance of an evil enemy.

Nicholas R. Smith… 734 more words


Are you addicted?

The word “addiction” has been thrown around so much in our culture that its true meaning has been somewhat lost. It is not at all uncommon to hear people mentioning addiction in the most casual and nonchalant way. 308 more words