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Congratulations to France on getting the World Cup 2023.  France is an  ideal host, whatever people think of how they won the campaign. I don’t care where it’s held as long as it’s enjoyable to watch and it usually is very enjoyable.    152 more words

Sybil’s Spit Machine, Bees & Lawnmower-Race Woes

Tacky, Tacky is she.

Sybil Katrina Kibble had to go all the way to Chillicothe to buy herself a sit down model lawnmower because the hardware shop was backorderded. 112 more words



Artifice, Metal Engraving and Water Color, 7.25″ x 9″

Statement from The FL3TCH3R Exhibit: Socially & Politically Engaged Art catalogue

They all have an angle and it is spoken with embellishment to target the right spot. 117 more words


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Comes the last allusion, now the final verse. 139 more words


Tarangkahan: Ang Muling Pagkikita

October 31, 2017

Isang araw bago sumapit and Todos Los Santos, narito na ako sa bahay ni lola; mag-isang nakaupo sa hardin niyang bagong hawan. Mahamog at ramdam ang hanging amihan na bumabalot sa aking paligid. 2,555 more words

A teeny tiny bit of hyperbole

Your tagline is a short phrase or sentence that does the heavy lifting when it comes to setting context for your blog and helping readers to quickly learn what it is you’re writing about. 23 more words

A Teeny

Taking It Slow

it only took
the recycled elements
in this current
four and half
billion years
to say
i love you