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S. Glitch

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*According to my calculations, the last poem I wrote dates August, 2017, henceforth I deeply apologize that the very first thing you are going to read after my hiatus is this experimental crap. 299 more words


Hyperbole gone too far!

Mary Ann was the definition of hyperbole. Doctors all around the world believed it almost inevitable that one day she would certainly pop like a balloon. 143 more words


More poetry by Mark Tulin at Crow On The Wire.  Photo by Anthony DeRosa from Pexels.



Seriously irritated by propaganda, emotionalism, hyperbole designed to trigger a response that bypasses our brains. Think about that, “bypasess our brains,” so we cannot think critically about the information we are receiving. 507 more words

Stylized Violence---Stories of Science Fiction

I have been watching the new AMC production of James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction. And to be honest, I don’t buy a common thread throughout the extended dialogue: that writers and directors are writing and creating all these nasty, dystopian, and bleak worlds as cautionary tales. 1,502 more words

To Be Human

The Eyes That Gaze At Heaven’s Door

Could truth be more, blatant as that
Which basks bare, on a time-worn face?
A child is man, of the deeds, he begat
Or the sins, he earned, in life’s long chase! 91 more words