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Hyperbole Headlines

Why is it called Fake News and not Hyperbole Headlines? I guess we’ll just have to take that one up with Trump (as the term has become synonymous with his administration); but whatever we call it – it’s a growing problem. 565 more words

Donald in the Classroom: Could Do Better

Dear General Kelly,

I understand that you are concerned about your ward Donald’s lack of progress in Rhetoric and Critical Thinking, especially in light of… 943 more words

a great, great post

No, the best post. A tremendous post. The smartest, classiest post ever posted anywhere by any poster.

People always ask how I became such a star, and I am a big, big star, they want to know the secrit to my incredible success. 240 more words


Thoughts of Pending Doom (and Hurricanes)

Oh anxiety, you are not my friend in times like these.

I always knew that living in Florida = taking a risk. Other than hurricanes, our rivers are full of alligators, our mosquitos have dangerous diseases, our water levels are so high that basements are impossible, … 935 more words



I have the WORST psychiatrist.


Honest tea

If honesty be your retreat,
Unheard will go your say.
Hyperbole is their repeat.
Truth’s bottled up this way.

Life Span

radiant Sun will live
another 5.5 billion years
and our love
will hold a vigil
in its memory
long after
it has been extinguished