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Truthful Hyperbole: Trumping Narrative in Post-Truth Pop Culture

Reality is inherently amorphous, formless, hence in constant need of shaping the scope of human experience. Language is the primary means that enable us to endow context, render meaning to our existence. 2,856 more words


Whispering and giggling

I was gone from work a lot in the month of May in 2004. If my wife had any more kids, I probably wouldn’t have been to work at all. 721 more words

Previously In My Weekly Column

I've Been an Adult for A Whole Week, and I Am Now Ready For Death

In a much needed boost to my waning self-esteem, I managed to obtain a Real Adult Job ™ that pays Human Money ™, to keep my Actual Stomach (patent pending) filled with Non-Toxic Foodstuffs (copyright). 15 more words


April is National Poetry Month, and I’ve joined a poetry challenge, which is to write a poem a day for thirty days.  If you would like to follow along (or…

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The history of writing funny stuff stretches back into the earliest times. Humor comes in certain time honored forms: slapstick, exaggeration (a/k/a hyperbole), sarcasm, irony, and puns. 305 more words


From accumulation to understatement

Figures of speech can help listeners and readers understand what we say and write. But they also help make our language more colorful and make our stories more engaging (hey, wasn’t that an anaphora?) As I use them frequently in my presentations and my blog posts, here’s a (non-exhaustive) list with 10 of my favorite rhetorical figures… 594 more words

Best Practices

Half Rhyme #AtoZChallenge

Half Rhyme

What is it?
Half rhyme is an imperfect rhyme that relies on consonance. Words can have similar letters and end in similar ways, but still not rhyme. 222 more words