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The Interoffice Coffeemaker Arms Race

The office where I work is in a former home set a fair distance from the rest of the school. I’m alone on the second floor, making me the most outlying member of the school staff. 766 more words

It Really Did Happen!

"Could have walked by now" by Julia on the 2 bus

Sunday December 4, 2016
5 minutes
overheard on Burrard street

I’ve been waiting for a bus for a whole year. No that is not hyperbole. 218 more words



Jack, the old man of the town, was a pleasure to be around. His speach was seasoned with hyperboles. Such that got you laughing until your ribs hurt. 117 more words


Behind the Elevator #poetry #photography

Beckoned to the mystery

something I might dread

there has to be something

behind the hallway of my head

my finger shudders, lingers

on THE button slowly now… 107 more words


Rhapsody in an orange tie

October 3rd, 2016. There is so much I want to remember about you and so little that I actually will,
but if that matters, it doesn’t matter. 352 more words


Late-Night Thought: Words you Read but Never Say

We all have a store of words that we come across again and again as we read, but we never actually hear spoken. So we then either: 199 more words

English Language

Trump Calls on Notorious RBG to Resign (4 months ago)

Conservatives are sharing an article from Nevo “news” claiming that president-elect Donald J. Trump is calling on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to resign. 41 more words

Fake News