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Spray Paint City

Faces bleed from every wall
of this back alley jungle
and every expression sings a story
as false
and beautiful
as any I could tell… 166 more words


Exaggerations, They're the Worst!

You hear them all of the time.

Everyone says them.

And it’s just the worst thing…ever!

Do you find the above statements, oh, I don’t know, hyperbolic? 717 more words


Hyperbole is like poetry only butter.

So Mondays are poetry days, but

I had to tell you about this stuff

when you shave and it gets rough

use Dr. Carvers to not get cut 354 more words



This is one of those immediately cathartic poems I just had to get out in one go. It’s not exactly brilliant, but hey I wrote it for me. 279 more words


Generation H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our current state of hyperbole is out of control. I’m sure I’ve thrown my fair share of logs on the conflagration of overstatement in my past postings here at… 623 more words



May 8 -128

Transitioning from KaleidoTile to Curved Spaces – I could not let go of that nice hyperbole! The curved space background is a mirrored dodecahedron – or a fragment of a Byzantine wall fresco? More on this tomorrow…

One Image A Day - 364 Days

Hyperbole is pandemic; Truth is virtually extinct.

Whenever there’s a big news story that interests me, I like to read a variety of stories about it before I form an opinion. I specifically choose articles from differing perspectives, often reading the same topic on Huffington, Fox, Drudge, CNN, BBC and others. 828 more words

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