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Monday Motivation: The hazards of hyperbole

I am an interested subscriber to an entrepreneurial newsletter which sends out frequent invitations to webinars, seminars and the like.

They’re typically hyperbolic in tone. “Join us for the best course in the world…” “Don’t miss Monday’s webinar for the most important secret ever uncovered of business success…” “Guarantee your success in 2016…” And so on. 657 more words

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When I was young, I found a mask that was unlike any other. Behind the mask, I could hide more than just my face; it concealed my vulnerability and sheltered me from harm.  523 more words

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True(ish) Story

Yo, let me tell y’all a story about this guy who I have no idea is. Tonight, for the first time in I’d say over a year, I went to practice dancing. 784 more words


The Apologist

Like the blood starved Nosferatu, the hobby apologist is always lurking in the corners waiting for the opportunity to feed and nurture their vitriol.

So who, or what, are these “hobby apologist?” Well, I’m sure you’ve seen them before, whether you know it or not. 623 more words


Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities

I scream, I cry, I moan, I curse.
My pleas for help are curt and terse.
I look around for something worse,
then lift the sofa just to rehearse. 44 more words

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Hyperbole is the worst thing ever

I hate hyperbole with the heat of a gazillion suns.

And, to reverse an old joke, there’s so much of it, too.

From around the Web, 1:30 p.m.: 446 more words


This post will change your life.

No it won’t.

But it will make your jaw drop.
It will break the internet.
It will keep you from sleeping.
It will change your life. 230 more words