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The Top 5: Winter 2015

The Top 5 gathers some of the favorite posts based on the number of clicks and replays for the quarter. In this series we begin with a song from Echosmith, journey to Eqypt, visit the Great Pyramid, learn more about rocks and so much more. 304 more words



We talk too much, Miranda, her feverish sister Sasha said, in her low voice, no secrets come out without silence.

I do. Somehow I’ve come to believe that the last thing a writer or any artist thinks about is to make himself comfortable while he’s working.

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Is Instagram really killing the chicken parmigiana?

I awoke on Sunday morning to a number of texts, tweets, voicemails and messages on Facebook alerting me to a story on the Today program that was talking about chicken parmigiana and its alleged demise from pub menus in Melbourne.   397 more words



Crazy, impossible, stretches of meaning—

I couldn’t possibly believe what you are saying.

I told you a million times not to lie.

I literally don’t understand.

©2015, Jeff Sznajder


In the forecast this weekend: men swinging sticks.

Every interfaith relationship inevitably has its moments of compromise. Moments when the passionate beliefs of One must yield to accommodate the passionate beliefs of The Other… 596 more words


How to Wake Up a Terminal Amputee with Days to Live

Pain. That was first and only thing I felt as I woke up Sunday morning. It was definitely in my legs, but I couldn’t identify which part. 797 more words



Poetry has always marveled me with its ability to craft words together and create magic on a page. The power present in and between words, hidden in the white space and embedded in the title astonishes me every time. 227 more words