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"... and that's because none of us got enough love in our childhood."

As a teacher, one of my favorite genres of writing to teach was the persuasive essay.

Maybe it’s because I worked at a law firm in college and fancied myself able to keep most of those misogynistic, self-righteous bastards¬†on their toes. 886 more words


Slam Dunk By The Numbers ...

How you doing on your New Years resolutions? I seem to be doing pretty good, hit a few and missed a few, but all in all, the prospects of being successful are good. 470 more words


If I hear someone say that we need more journalists I’ll hunt them down and throat-punch them. If there is such a need for journalists, then please explain to me why only one person from my class managed to land a job (good on ya, mate) while the rest of us are still begging for work? 38 more words



I wake up
And do not know
This body

This skin
These hands
This stranger I have become

This man I turned into
One day… 183 more words



No deeper meaning to this one, sometimes I just need an excuse for lyricism. Note the shitty writing and uncompromising lack of structure!

I emerge from the deep… 155 more words


Realistic Toddler Craft Roadtest - Cloud Dough

So today we made a mistake cloud dough.

My understanding of the recipe that I neglected to check before starting was half corn flour, half shaving cream. 281 more words

poem- baby

That gummy smile

is worth more than anything

at the Academy Awards.