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When the wind howled
It was the silence of her skin against mine
And the windows shook
With the heat of her breath on my shoulder… 33 more words


Using metaphor: types of comparison

In this video, D.D. Johnston introduces an exercise to prompt writers to consider different types of comparisons: direct metaphor, simile, hyperbole, personification, and conceit. Write along! 518 more words

Creative Writing

Like the battle

Urgent exit required. You can say that again. Hearts were in mouths. Breath was taken. Edges of sofas were perched on. Kettles were not boiled. Shots were fired. 807 more words

Telly Addict

Bible Contradictions: Micah 7:18 vs. Jeremiah 17:4

It’s time to answer another quick Bible contradiction offered by the skeptics. This one is on the issue of God’s anger. 151 more words


Update 04 - 23

The 12-30 project is going to Jyväskylä this August!

Left a 16-cell polytope, right a seven symmetry hyperbole. Original plates – the 12-30 project – 05-08, 05-26.

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There on the roof, I shivered.
Watching the wind kiss you like a lover
I pressed your back to the tiles and
Stretched out the blanket of my empty skies… 45 more words