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My two-penneth

I’m as bored of having a timeline full of times tables chat over the last few days as the next person but, perhaps inevitably, it’s taken a shift in rhetoric and to be honest this trend for equating things to child abuse has proper pissed me off. 385 more words


2839. Girls Throw Away the Candy Store — 06: Old School Candy

I’m not naïve enough to believe today’s social and domestic conditions could return to what I describe below. I offer it for the likelihood some woman somewhere will have an “ah ha” moment with the realization she learned something new about the male or female nature. 837 more words

Dear Daughter

The Extent of Global Warming Deception and the Damage is Not Hyperbole — Watts Up With That?

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball. Normally, I don’t respond to comments about my articles. However, comments about my last article raise questions that I think require context and explanation in the ongoing search for openness and free debate on climate.

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Climate Matters




That fish was huge! It was the size of the boat!

If you sign up for this multi-level marketing scheme, you will make mountains of cash! 9 more words


Kill Ideals

Hell or the heaven
or middle half light
Afterlife dreaming
filled mankind with

Fear the LORD,
Fear the STATE,
Fear the POWER,


Fuck every construct… 36 more words


The problem with bluster

The President of the United States is a pretty strange dude. He’s certainly not the only person in the world with the same kind of strangeness, but he seems to be almost completely devoid of humility and modesty. 690 more words

How I See The World


Am I the only one who was bothered that Paul Simon kinda half-assed it with his song 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover? Great song – a #1 hit in 1975 – but at best it’s a prime example of singer-songwriter slacking; at worst, it’s false advertising and fraud. 261 more words