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You Might Be An Addict If...

Face it — you are an addict.

Don’t worry, it can happen so easily to any of us.

But, change is just around the corner. 382 more words

A Response To All The Guys Who Tell Me I'm 'Cute'

Oh, you think I’m cute? Thank you! I really appreciate that.

No one has ever told me I’m cute before. I’m 24-years-old, and I go out pretty frequently, interacting with people of all different ages, and guys of all different backgrounds. 867 more words

Nothing More, Nothing Less

Shannon and I

took a wrong turn

off the middle-path,

and found ourselves

outside our comfort zone.

The sign said,

“Welcome to the City of Hyperbole, 217 more words


Hyperbole in hip-hop: Most generic album I've ever heard

When it comes to hip-hop, listeners are usually divided heavily on topics. I’ve heard it all: “Oh, J. Cole’s best album is Friday Night Lights… 223 more words


Day-8 - Fear - Part-1 - Hyperbole

Shaking hands sends tremors down the land

Seeping darkness from mind

Paints the bright sky black

I cower and hide

In my very own dream… 166 more words


Wait, Education?

Most middle or upper-class children dedicate at least 12 years of their lives to education. But why? What’s so good about education that we spend thousands, if not millions, of our money to sit in classrooms and listen to people talk about what they know? 404 more words

Advanced Placement

Hiding Behind Hyperbole

A hyperbole is an exaggeration for emphasis or humour that beats you over the head with its meaning.

(Unless, like in the previous sentence, it’s been worn trite.) 1,190 more words