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The depth of a mysterious Pyramid

The music of the heavens was believed to be describable through numbers and geometry with a system of codes originating from the fundamental structure of space-time. 458 more words


Straight lines in elliptic and hyperbolic space

A straight line is the shortest path between two points. Discussing curved space we would better call them geodesic lines to avoid confusion. I want to discuss these geodesic lines for surfaces of a sphere, elliptic space and hyperbolic space. 605 more words


Life on the Poincaré Disk

Just at this time I left Caen, where I was then living, to go on a geological excursion under the auspices of the school of mines.

2,230 more words

How to program fast kaleidoscopes

This post repeats parts of earlier posts but I am trying to expand the ideas and explain them better. First, I am showing you how to make rosettes with rotational symmetry and mirror symmetry. 1,936 more words


Computation in geometric topology

Complete lecture videos for last week’s workshop Computation in Geometric Topology at Warwick are now posted on YouTube. The complete list of talks with abstracts and video links is here.


Euclid's Fifth Postulate and the Story of Non-Euclidean Geometry

By Ian Gilbert

It’s July, and Santa’s bored, so he decides to go for a stroll. At the north pole, every direction is actually south, and so he starts his walk going south. 5,204 more words


Why I pick hyperbolic geometry?

When I studied in a first course, I , as usual, go to the couple.  It is about the fifth postulate of Euclid. “If a straight line crossing two straight lines makes the interior angles on the same side less than two right angles, the two straight lines, if extended indefinitely, meet on that side on which are the angles less than the two right angles. 88 more words

Hyperbolic Geometry