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Council Publishes Twickenham Riverside Feedback

Last week El Brute published the feedback from its most recent exercise to listen to residents’ views on its ideas for Twickenham Riverside.  After getting roundly lambasted, damned, slated and panned after their initial publication, Richmond Council had another go at doing some listening to the locals (by which we mean trying to find support for continuing with their preferred course of action). 517 more words

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Heathrow Expansion Will (May) Go Ahead. (Or May Not)

It now looks as if it’s definitely going to happen. Or it may not. After years of dithering a decision in favour of expanding Heathrow will (i.e. 400 more words


Here's the impact of the BBC's 'from other local news site' box has on a hyperlocal news site

It’s been nearly a month since the BBC recognised the hyperlocal site I run in Preston, Lancashire, in its ‘from other local news sites’ box. 145 more words


Hyperlocal photo

A journalism student at Oakland University leaves trail mix unattended in East Vandenberg Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016. The trail mix sits in a computer lab where students are instructed to have no food or drink.

So Local You Can Feel it and Taste it!

I had an incredibly fresh and local fruit snack for this afternoon. How local? I should  probably label it all hyperlocal but I will differentiate. The papaya is from a few blocks away at Mike and Annette’s yard, also hosts to my very productive 8 frame garden hive. 264 more words


Public Meeting Planned Over El Brute's Romano-Regency Riverside Plan

To paraphrase former plucky-Brit-cum-war-boss Winston Churchill, we cannot forecast the actions of Richmond Council when it comes to Twickenham Riverside. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. 475 more words


With Lots of Love, Grocery Market

Grocery shopping is like one of those signature steps of adulthood, like your first salary or the first trip that you sponsored for your parents. It is when you realize that you have the power to choose what to eat, drink, the way you sleep and the way your house looks and makes you feel. 642 more words