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So Local You Can Feel it and Taste it!

I had an incredibly fresh and local fruit snack for this afternoon. How local? I should  probably label it all hyperlocal but I will differentiate. The papaya is from a few blocks away at Mike and Annette’s yard, also hosts to my very productive 8 frame garden hive. 264 more words


Public Meeting Planned Over El Brute's Romano-Regency Riverside Plan

To paraphrase former plucky-Brit-cum-war-boss Winston Churchill, we cannot forecast the actions of Richmond Council when it comes to Twickenham Riverside. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. 475 more words


With Lots of Love, Grocery Market

Grocery shopping is like one of those signature steps of adulthood, like your first salary or the first trip that you sponsored for your parents. It is when you realize that you have the power to choose what to eat, drink, the way you sleep and the way your house looks and makes you feel. 642 more words


Pic of the Week: Cash Machine Carnage

Top tip: If you forget your PIN there’s no need to lose your rag and take it out on the machine.  At around 2.30am on Saturday morning a loud bang rang out along Heath Road in Twickenham. 157 more words


“Make sure your family is onboard, run experiments to test the idea” – Brij, Founder MagicPin, ex-VC

This is a blog series about how entrepreneurs prepare before starting up. If you are an aspiring / wannabe / ex / ‘given up/current entrepreneur, you can learn from their experiences. 1,092 more words


Twickenham High Street Update: Summer 2016

The dog days of summer. A burning yellow sun pounds Twickenham with its unrelenting heat, turning green to brown, turning pavements soft underfoot and turning minds to the great question of whether any new cafes or charity shops have opened recently. 718 more words


The Girls Behind REACH Ashland Youth Center: An Oral History

I visited the REACH Ashland Youth Center sometime in May of this year. I remember driving past the shiny new building and skate park a couple of times and thinking, … 3,843 more words

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