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What Is Hypermiling?

Hypermiling is driving designed to increase the number of miles you get per gallon of gas.

I’ve got into hypermiling in the last couple a weeks as a way to cut down on transportation costs.  191 more words

$300 For My Soul

My 1998 Geo Metro is my favorite car I’ve ever owned. I build my current home to fit inside it, driven it over 2000 miles one way to the West Coast twice, slept in it along the way, replaced innumerable bits of it, and today I sold it for $400 less than I paid for it in 2008. 45 more words

Go Big and Inspire Your Audience!

The Inspirational Speech, the last of the speech projects in the Competent Communicator manual, challenges you to pull together everything you’ve learned so far.  Speech organization, presentation skills and the tricks of rhetoric to gain your audience’s attention and confidence all go together into a final speech project. 723 more words

Public Speaking

Winter Blues

Living in a northern climate I have to make adjustments in not only my daily life to account for changing temperatures but also dealing with my vehicle needs. 360 more words