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III. The Show Must Go Down

Ah vastness of cameras, bringer of breaking news,
super-high play of highlights, solitary hell,
Pocket rockets broadcasted, plastic meat dolls alive and puking,
clean-sparkled toilet from whom the miserable eats! 116 more words


Studio Giftig - Various Murals

Studio Giftig is specialized in making murals and illustrations. Our expertise lays in the contrast between our graphic and illustrative style versus the photorealistic way of painting, or the combination of both. 7 more words


Reality as Contingently Generating the Actual

If reality could be copied, the mapping or simulation of a neural network digitally is possible. This scheme has some nagging problems. Chief among them being the simulated nature of neural network, as the possibility of reality vis-a-vis natural neural network is susceptible to mismatch thus leading to what could be termed non-reductionist essentialism. 74 more words

Neural Network

Terms used in contemporary art

Post internet art

The term Post-internet art derived from conversations between Artie Vierkant, Gene McHugh, and Marisa Olson on Internet Art. It stand for an idea in criticism and art that indicates to  a civilization succeeding the widespread adoption of the internet, however the movement has not been defined comprehensively. 892 more words

Tjalf Sparnaay

Tjalf Sparnaay (1954 – ) is a Dutch hyperrealist painter. Sparnaay was born in Haarlem, the city of Vermeer. He uses the Dutch old master technique in a contemporary way to make the ordinary exhilarating. 12 more words

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