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Mutant Hyperrealism, Media as Projectile

There are no walls in Dogville, just chalk outlines on a soundstage. The artifice of the setting isn’t concealed, and yet, this world feels totally alien. 1,839 more words

Hyperrealism Art: Some of my Favorites

Hyperrealism artwork, which is an advancement of Photorealism, often creates an illusion that resembles reality in such a detailed way. Some subject matter of hyperrealist style artwork includes social, political, and cultural themes. 69 more words

What you see is what you've not got

We’re all used to optical illusions. There’s a pleasing puzzlement in seeing something which we know cannot be ‘true’, but looks like it is, followed by the satisfying resolution of understanding just how we were tricked. 149 more words


Simplicity and Beauty

Art is not always beautiful, it differs on the beholder. It may be simple but some may already find it beautiful. It is art, beautiful in it’s own ways.

Smug One - Otters

Muralist Smug One recently completed a brilliant new piece in Melbourne entitled “Otters.” The Aussie street artist used his incredible rendering techniques to create a hyperrealistic image that “cleaned up” a wall underneath which was disrespected and created much online controversy.


Belin - Alba

Graffiti and fine artist Belin creates unbelievable hyperrealistic portrait work using only spray paint cans. The Spanish aerosol artist recently completed a new piece entitled “Alba” and documented the whole process. Peep the craziness below!