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Jason Seif

Ah, nothing like the opulent details of a gorgeous Persian rug…only these are not rugs. Jason Seif paints trompe l’oeil rugs, life sized.

The subtle shading makes one feel as if staring at a rug that has spent years in a home and is starting to show a little natural wear and tear. Well done.

Jason Seif


This Artist Creates Realistic, Emotive Sculptures With Felt, Nylon, And Wire

Over the course of her illustrious career, artist Lisa Lichtenfels has perfectly illustrated what it means to work with boundless scope. After graduating from the Philadelphia College of Art, she scored every budding artist’s dream gig of working as an apprentice animator with Disney. While

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Elaborate Hand-Painted Persian Carpets by Jason Seife

In this series of paintings, Miami-based artist Jason Seife deftly renders the intricate patterns of old Persian carpets with a mixture of acrylic and ink. While the paintings utilize familiar motifs in rug design like leaves and geometric shapes, Seife introduces colors not normally associated with the heavy textiles, creating his own interpretations that reflect his mood or thoughts while executing the painting. 94 more words

Art And Artist

New York based hyperrealist sculptor, Carole A. Fuerman, has her first Los Angeles solo exhibition at the KM Fine Arts Gallery, located in West Hollywood. 82 more words

August blogfest - day 12


When I was seventeen, studying Graphic Design in York, I bought a book called The Anatomy of Illusion. It was the collected art of a British illustrator called… 135 more words


Gallery visit: Arik Brauer and Alexander Timofeev in the Weihergut gallery

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4 August 2016. On 1 August we had an appoinment with our new lawyer in town. 265 more words


Mutant Hyperrealism, Media as Projectile

There are no walls in Dogville, just chalk outlines on a soundstage. The artifice of the setting isn’t concealed, and yet, this world feels totally alien. 1,839 more words