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Lonac - New Mural in Rijeka, Croatia

Croatian artist Lonac recently got busy in his hometown of Rijeka where he painted an insane new mural for the Spajalica project presented by The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art… 24 more words


Nature breathes life into hyperrealistic sculptures

Looking at these whimsical sculptures, you think they ought to be alive- they look like they are part of a hidden faerie kingdom, and as some sculptures do- they give you the feeling that you really shouldn’t really be looking at them-as if by chance, you’ve come across something that you shouldn’t have. 82 more words

Keloptic Glasses: Impressionism to Hyperrealism

In a clever series of ads, Keloptics interprets the typically boring topic of correcting vision in an artsy, quaint way. Blurred strokes of famous Impressionist paintings by artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Georges Seurat are “sharpened” with the help of the corrective lenses. 53 more words


Not Afraid Of The Real Deal

There are many art styles out in the world. I personally prefer art that is more on the realistic side. So when I was exposed to Photorealism, needless to say that I was in complete awe. 479 more words


Alejandro Carpintero - Various Paintings

Alejandro Carpintero is a Spanish artist who creates incredible texturized painting works. The Madrid based painter not only uses an immense amount of paint to create thick painterly brush strokes, but also uses a hyperrealistic method to beautiful juxtapose the two techniques.


BiP - Color Mutiny

American artist BIP recently made his way out to Edmonton where he painted an awesome new mural for Rust Magic Street Art Festival. The new piece entitled “Color Mutiny” features a hyperrealistic hand reaching for what appears to be the light. 40 more words


Fantastic Mr President: The Hyperrealities of Putin and Trump

This is a guest post by Maria Brock. Maria is about to commence a postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies and the School of Cultural and Critical Theory at Södertörn University (Stockholm). 4,250 more words

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