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Ivan Hoo

It may look like a snapshot of some garbage, but Ivan Hoo specializes in photorealistic sketches.

This is trompe l’oiel at its finest. Can you believe this dog is not three dimensional, but sketched with pencils and pastels on a flat piece of wood? 11 more words



The air was warm in a strange time of spring. Acres of tall-grass spread out over a an expanse of earth that lay flat and seemingly infinite. 230 more words


"On TV it looks so real" @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER #2

After having slept since yesterday’s post and not really paying it any more heed, I happen to be reading a selection of abstracts for a conference taking place next week, and what would you know, there happens to be a fellow presenter giving a paper in the same panel as me, and her paper is using Jean Baudrillard’s hyperrealism as a lens to discuss a particular text. 172 more words



69,5 x 51,5 cm
oil on wood

This is a new painting of a cat. In my world, Sherlock Holmes would look something like this. 24 more words