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... the beginning of the end of the beginning;

Ones neglect to raise to everyday conformity –

MAKES ONES ENGAGED in an enduring
to the manipulated mass;

that’s ever continuous and ever mutating… 39 more words



Aaron Sehmar is a Fine Art & Fashion photographer from Coventry, recently graduated with a BA Hons in Photography. His current series, named ‘Out Of Time’ is an immersion into his own personal world made of cinematography, fashion and painting – a way to explore the duality of freedom and constraint in contemporary society, since one can’t exist without the other.

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Do not let Reality TV become your Reality.

Reality TV, a television programme where normal people are constantly filmed, with the main purpose to entertain.

However, in my opinion, the categorised name ‘Reality TV’ is ever so misleading, for the reason that the individuals whom the show is about will purposely over react and film events which are not in one of a common man, so it is an over exaggerated life. 344 more words

Talkin' Bout Fred Jameson (Post for a Friend)

A friend asked me to summarize some notes on Fredric Jameson’s Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism. There’s no way I could do this in one blog post, but I will try to provide an internet hub for people who want a basic introduction to Jameson’s ideas. 1,194 more words

World of Reality

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Hello! Good morning!
How often you wake up wondering where you are. It so happens that you take few seconds to figure out which part of the day it is. 592 more words


Boy Story

“Guess what, Daddy?” My son said matter-of-factly while putting on his shoes. “There’s another little boy at my school who has the same Spider-Man shoes as me.” 418 more words