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The Attack on ISIS did not take place

The world we live in today is so very different from the one I lived in as a child. Usually that statement would come from someone much older than I am, having gone through many more revolutions than I, but arguably this revolution is just as terrifying as any. 731 more words

Only the Uncertain is Real

Uncertainty is real whilst certainty is unreal. Certainty is true, whilst the certain is false, is fictitious, is a lie, is an hallucination – there is no more fundamental ‘rule of thumb’ than this. 2,381 more words

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Noise or silence

In order to better understand the following post, I highly suggest you watch this video in its entirety:

4’33” is a famous piece by John Cage which explores the music we never really pay attention to. 217 more words

Classical Music


HYPER-REALITY from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

This short film by Keiichi Matsuda places you right into the world I wish to question and expose in the dissertation. 128 more words


Living in the Bubble

As we go about our daily business, the daily business of being who we are and doing what we do, we extend ahead of us a kind of invisible force-field. 2,265 more words

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The Pokemon Delusion

I was quite busy last week. So busy in fact, that I didn’t have the time to think too much. Enough time to think, but not enough time to let the minutiae embitter me and parasite on my brain. 588 more words

Augmented Reality