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Theory as Practice - week 6

Theory as Practice – Contextual Portfolio
Semester 1
Level 1

Focus: Introducing Post Modernism

This week of university started off with a lecture into ‘Post Modernism’. 1,194 more words

Theory As Practice - Contextual Portfolio

Research - hyper-reality - Ko

In the crit, someone suggests that we should look up what’s called ‘hyper-reality’

Which is a concept by French theorist Jean Baudrillard, basically, it is an inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, especially in technologically advanced postmodern societies. 116 more words


The Evolutionary Age of Cinema

Humans adapt. We always have, and always will. It is typical that the once “hot, new gadget” that was only obtainable by high-status elites soon trickles down into the middle and lower classes. 328 more words

The 'S' Words

According to Jean Baudrillard’s beliefs, we as humans live not in reality but in a simulation of reality.  There are so many things today, especially in our technologically advanced post modern society, that have created this sort of hyperreality that we now live in. 310 more words

The Squared Circle and the Magic Circle

As part of the Works-In-Process aspect for the Professional Wrestling Studies Association (which you can read more about in Submissions and Contributions), I am submitting a piece I am writing on the co-construction of kayfabe between the wrestlers and their fans (which I have written about elsewhere on this blog, … 6,377 more words


Serviceable sentences, 43/10,000

The primary outcome of popular pressure is not so much to shift policy as to shift public presentation of policy.
—Nulle Terre Sans Seigneur, “ 66 more words


Hyperreal kids' TV

Watching a lot of kid’s TV with my children, it struck me how clearly some kid’s TV shows, particularly American ones, illustrate Baudrillard’s idea of the hyperreal. 1,691 more words