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HyperNormalisation and Hyperreality

Continuing our Baudrillardian theme this month, we here present the newest documentary by the BBC’s Adam Curtis, HyperNormalisation. If there’s a better documentary filmmaker than Curtis working these days, I don’t know who it is. 1,387 more words


Basic Premise

A combination of remote viewing and hyperreal sublimation is used experimentally to explore the possibilities of non-causal interrelations between the subject and an imagined target. Out of the indeterminacy of content is constructed guiding narratives which are used to orchestrate some approximated form of the imagined interaction taken place with the remotely viewed target.

Hyper-Reality: A Fascinating Look

Hyperreality   noun (pl) -ties


an image or simulation, or an aggregate of images and simulations,that either distorts the reality it purports to depict or does not in factdepict anything with a real existence at all, but which nonethelesscomes to constitute reality…

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Pop commercial & Pop culture

Welcome you guy and girl to my blog again. How do you do during last week is it good? Hope you have a nice week. During last and this week do you watch any advertisement or TV commercial? 1,229 more words


The Spectacle of Capital Punishment

The public’s captivation with capital punishment has been the focus of much literature over the years. Traditionally, such literature has mostly dealt with the exhibition of public execution and the associated carnivalesque crowd (Laquer, 1989: 323), however, a consideration of the depictions of capital punishment and death in literature, film, and the news suggests the public have remained captivated even following the move of execution behind closed doors. 5,453 more words

Film Review: Waking Life

An aesthetic, philosophic journey meant to be had outside of the cinema medium.

As much a cinematic voyage as a philosophic one, Richard Linklater’s 2001 flick… 513 more words