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Galaxy Quest: Parody of living in hyperreality

It is sometimes exciting to go back a couple of decades and think about what was an intellectual topic at the time. The film, Galaxy Quest… 651 more words


Barely Professors Episode 6

A fun episode where we talk about hyperreality, George Michael, homophobia, nuclear fusion, and shopping malls of late capitalism.

Late Capitalism

Our Fate In The World of Images

What happens when we get subsumed within the ‘world of images’? What kind of a fate is this? What sort of psychological processes take hold of us at this point? 2,309 more words

Short Articles

Look Up

Lost, the 21st century matrix

enchants the human drones

with special effects and magical tricks

their eyes glued to their “phones”.

Entangled in hyperreality

they weave a virtual web… 83 more words


Barely Professors Episode 3

We had a great time with the show again this week. Check out Barely Professors Episode 3 where we discuss the gaze, esoteric thought, simulation, transfeminism, and the expression “what women want.”

Severin's Choice: Felix Aftene

A major visual artist and thinker of the post-literary age

One of the few thought-challenging new Romanian artists, Felix Aftene had the inner power and the tools to become a landmark of the Romanian art in the last 15 years. 1,426 more words


The Poodle Simulacrum: On the Hyperreality of Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls has played a big part in my adult life and has provided the soothing custard to the tart notes of my perpetual unemployment and ongoing existential crisis, so I am very much looking forward to going to this: 29 more words