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Living in the Bubble

As we go about our daily business, the daily business of being who we are and doing what we do, we extend ahead of us a kind of invisible force-field. 2,265 more words

Short Articles

The Pokemon Delusion

I was quite busy last week. So busy in fact, that I didn’t have the time to think too much. Enough time to think, but not enough time to let the minutiae embitter me and parasite on my brain. 588 more words

Augmented Reality

The Blood-Dimmed Tide of Neo-Nationalism and Other Scary Simulacra

It appears our in-house poetic terrorist, CJ Hopkins, has published yet another lengthy essay in CounterPunch, this one exploring the atmosphere of panic the corporate media has been working so hard to propagate throughout the Western world, to prevent people from actually thinking about anything, except on the most superficial level. 3,032 more words


On Simulation, Simulacra, and Eggplant Emoji

A memoir based on (hyper)real events of June 26, 2016.

Begin "encounter w/ Kroger cashier"
Me: <buys eggplant 🍆>
Cashier: That doesn't look anything like the eggplant emoji.

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Another Little Mystery Of The Neighborhood

So there’s this city block near us that’s slated to be torn down. It had hosted a restaurant, a barber shop, a couple other small shops, some apartments overhead, that sort of stuff. 299 more words


Welcome to "Reality," Kids

It appears CJ Hopkins, who is becoming the bane of our existence, has published another piece in CounterPunch, this one apparently aimed at insulting everyone in the mainstream media he hadn’t insulted with his earlier pieces. 1,094 more words

Simulation Of Democracy

Do we live in a matrix/simulation?

This is an interesting convernsation I have had with friends in the past, and before you automatically dismiss it, there is some serious evidence to suggest what we are in, is in fact a simulation and not ‘real’ reality. 247 more words

Breaking It Down