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Black Friday

Black Friday, which is the Friday after Thanksgiving, for the last forty years, has been signifying the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. However, in drawing upon Baudrillard’s notion of ‘hyperreality’, it is possible to shift from the classic understanding of Black Friday as just a festivity and thus highlight its discursive nature and consequently its multiple meanings. 1,000 more words


Dear Madhes!!

Dear Madhes,

It is 100th day of shutdown!!! One hundred day in 365 days amounts to some 27.39 %. And for this much time- you have been silently shouting by staying stagnant. 553 more words

Sweta's Monologue

Real Fake HyperReal Cynicism

It can be difficult navigating our hyperreal, liquid, fluid digital culture with any amount of discernment and sincerity. Disney Land is plastic and fabricated while branding itself the ‘happiest place on earth’. 86 more words


What Does Anything Mean? - Postmodernism, Modern Life and Meaningless in Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?"

In my review of Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean?I promised that I’d write a positive interpretation of the song portraying it as a piece of art grappling with the problems of everyday existence. 778 more words

Music Reviews

The future is decentralised

Image and title from http://rookerville.com/2014/01/17/future-decentralized/

The statement

‘Just beyond our smart phones and soon to be augmented reality glasses, there lay a vast network of information and its growing at an exponential rate.
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Thoughts on Chris Goode's Weaklings

I think of these appropriated texts as historical documents—as evidence of who and how we are and what we do. And I think of the characters who speak these texts as characters like the rest of us: people through whom the culture speaks, often without the speakers knowing it.

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User Created Content


User Created Content

User created content refers to, “sites such as blogs, practices such as citizen journalism, and platforms such as YouTube, where users are empowered to become creators and distributors of digital content.” (Flew, 34) 329 more words