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Aldous Huxley and Utopia

LSD and The Elites

Brave New World author and futurist, Aldous Huxley, from an illustrious pseudo – scientific English family, tripped on the way to death and wherever he landed. 276 more words


Star Trek: Voyager - Infinite Regress (Review)

As with One from late in the fourth season, Infinite Regress is an episode that uses Seven of Nine’s cybernetic mind as a vehicle for psychological horror. 4,655 more words

Star Trek: Voyager

this week's post is bought to you by digital procrastination

Procrastination is something I’m good at. Very good.

I wander through the world wide web like it’s my second home – or maybe even my first I spend so much time there! 924 more words


Road Trip to Solvang, CA: Authentic or Hyperreal?

In his article about Solvang, a local man recalls being stopped by a tourist when he was a little child. The tourist was inquiring about the admission fees and closing hours for Solvang. 887 more words

Layra Sparks

BBC Filmmaker Adam Curtis: Our New Manipulated 'Reality'. "Post-Truth".

…in media, politics, geopolitics, and our personal lives. A BBC documentary.


Appreciation #3

Philip K. Dick by D.C. Miller


 Philip K. Dick’s claims to greatness don’t rest on the clarity of his style, or the sophistication of his characterizations, but on his depth of immersion in postmodern American culture. 163 more words

All-Time American Writers Tournament


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