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Thoughts on Chris Goode's Weaklings

I think of these appropriated texts as historical documents—as evidence of who and how we are and what we do. And I think of the characters who speak these texts as characters like the rest of us: people through whom the culture speaks, often without the speakers knowing it.

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User Created Content


User Created Content

User created content refers to, “sites such as blogs, practices such as citizen journalism, and platforms such as YouTube, where users are empowered to become creators and distributors of digital content.” (Flew, 34) 329 more words

Infinite Diversity

(First published at Modern Mythology in 2011. All I need add is that my belief in IDIC thrives despite the truly shite Star Trek: Into Darkness — and to mourn the death of Leonard Nimoy.) 2,160 more words


Into The Hyper-Real - An Introduction to Hyper-real Religions and Metafictional Cargo Cults

 I wrote this piece in March 2011 for the Modern Mythology site: it appears in the published collection of site articles ‘Apocalyptic Imaginary3,752 more words



Who could ever give us permission to be? Whatever could we possibly do to deserve the permission to be, to earn the permission to be? How would we go about making ourselves eligible for a favour of such unthinkable magnitude? 3,860 more words

... the beginning of the end of the beginning;

Ones neglect to raise to everyday conformity –

MAKES ONES ENGAGED in an enduring
to the manipulated mass;

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Aaron Sehmar is a Fine Art & Fashion photographer from Coventry, recently graduated with a BA Hons in Photography. His current series, named ‘Out Of Time’ is an immersion into his own personal world made of cinematography, fashion and painting – a way to explore the duality of freedom and constraint in contemporary society, since one can’t exist without the other.

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