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Feeding The Fire: Third Degree Burns

Ready. Set. Sail!

(Warning: Contains explicit sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.)

If you haven’t read my previous entry, go ahead and do it right now so you’ll understand the context of this part of the story a little more. 907 more words

General Update

Feeding The Fire: Walking On Hot Coals

Ready. Set. Sail!

So…here we are. I guess I have some explaining to do don’t I? I bet you’re wondering where in fuck’s name I’ve been. 664 more words

General Update

How sexual assault and a suicide attempt introduced me to feminim

Trigger warning: sexual assault, suicide attempt

When I was 18, I was drugged and raped at an on-campus party. I can say the words now; I carry no shame.  447 more words


Dirty Birdie

I ran across this photo this morning, and started reminiscing. As per the usual, the track of thinking went from narrow to askew, and I started thinking about me then vs. 579 more words

My Current Therapist is Awesome

So I saw her this morning and I get in there and tell her how the boys and I are finally out of that craptastic apartment. 1,244 more words

Mental Illness

umm guess who's experiencing hypersexuality again


This is probably the worst symptom of bipolar disorder for me I think. The reason being, is that the people I do this with, are people that are initially interested in having a relationship with me. 370 more words


Feeding The Fire: Up In Flames

Ready. Set. Sail!

So I’m here to say a few words. In truth, things have been a little rocky for me. I’ve been quiet these past few weeks…out of embarrassment really. 920 more words

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