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Mystery Solved: The Super Sex Drug Not Mentioned in the Times' Modern Love column

Did you read last week’s “Modern Love” column in the Times? It was a beauty (it always is). In this one, Marc Jaffe, a comedian and writer described the way his wife and he cannot seem to get their sex drives in synch. 1,030 more words

Ptsd And Hypersexuality Others

recently and somewhere in my reading i encounterd the notion that hypersexuality behavior can relect a symptom of PTSD. Sounds crazy i know. Yet when i look back at the first half of my life and immediately after i was traumatized i wonder if this was true for me. 42 more words

AHS Asylum truths #6: Psychosexual behaviour

AS we’ve briefly touched upon in previous blog posts, psychosexual behaviours were looked upon as forms of ‘sexual deviancy’ for which was seen as a mental illness, ‘cured’ by a committal to state hospitals and insane asylums- Briarcliffe being a prime example. 479 more words

Mental Health


I admit I m hypersexual or oversexed. Whatever you call it. I know it comes from childhood sex abuse (rape at 3 and 1/2 years old), PTSD and my Bipolar. 75 more words