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Child: Being

A Facebook friend posted an interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton, a leader of epigenetics research (i). During the interview, he mentioned that our personalities are established by age seven, because prior to that age, children operate in an unconscious state and automatically download what they observe of their parents and other people behaviors. 572 more words


Toad's Weekly Assessment #54

Okay, I swear I’ve set up the mood tracker chart for this week because this is what, the third week in a row now that I haven’t done it? 1,798 more words


Why Beyonce Had to Have Twins: Black Female Hyper-Sexuality, Hyper-Fertility, and Sexual Objectification

Black female hyper sexuality, a product of global racial conception, remains at the forefront of black female identity.

From the welfare mother whose sexuality births what the world labels bastards– babies derived from the hyper sexual loins of black male and female lust, to the black pop star oozing with a hyper sexuality that drips dollars for her white oppressors, sexuality follows the presumed “black magic” of the black female body believed to induce the detriment that befalls her. 1,902 more words

Cultural Controversy

The searing light of reality

One of the worst things is waking up and the first thing you think is “Holy fuck, what did I do???” Whether it’s opening your eyes to see an ICU sign and equipment everywhere, or the cold light of sobriety giving everything the searing dose of reality. 242 more words

Guest Post: Some Words From My Husband


Man. Have things taken a turn for the worse. God I really lost my motivation. And one of my closest friends is in the hospital for trying to OD on his bipolar meds plus some other stuff. 662 more words

General Update

Today's session

met with my therapist today… our next and last session is coming up… it bothers me that i’ll never see him again but i’ll move on with my next therapist and see how that works out. 337 more words


Bipolar disorder and the struggle to be monogamous- hyper sexuality to the extreme

I have realised recently that I really struggle to be monogamous and I favour open relationships over relationships. It seems that when I’m in my manic highs I just want to date and have sex with as many more people as possible and I am completely out of control. 107 more words

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