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I’ve developed a crush on a new coworker. She is tall, dark-featured, and curvy on top, and gorgeous. I’m attracted to tall women, but I’ve never been involved with one. 613 more words

I Have A Confession...

Ready. Set. Sail!

Hey there everyone. I’m coming to you live from my cat dander filled bed to bring you some good news and some not so good news. 1,008 more words

General Update

Daniel Undone: Meanwhile, At Work

Daniel Undone:  Meanwhile, At Work

I am a preacher’s kid, and in middle school I began attending out of town church events.  Dances, camps, retreats, events.   44 more words


Sex Drive - Riding Shotgun

The recipe for memorable road trips calls for certain ingredients – good company, great music, majestic views and plenty of belly laughs. Then there are the road trips that go down in history. 1,028 more words


Need opinion, especially from men

part 2:  more curious questions, need more answers from both men and women.

Do men think about experiences beyond the car?

Are you offended when the woman takes the lead, even though you enjoy it? 365 more words


Need opinion, especially from men

Women you are more than welcome to comment.  I would love to hear your answers if you have had a similar experience.

I was hyper-sexual during my manic episode (what else is new).   326 more words


Hyper sexuality?

I said on an earlier post that I had suddenly hooked up with someone on the same day that we met… on the same day I had broken up with someone. 628 more words