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Close To Acceptance

I write this blog when I’m ill.  When I get better, I turn my attention to other blogs, and so if you go way back you’ll find huge gaps in my posting.   673 more words

Recurring Fantasy That May Save My Ass

I will be having some one-on-one rehearsal with a pianist I’ve been crushing on for a few years.  Imagine a 20-something, hipster Jennifer Aniston.  Jennifer Aniston has been my number one celebrity crush since whenever Friends first aired during my college years…me and a billion other guys.    925 more words

Honest Confession

The whole M.O. for this blog is 100% honesty.  I share my life unashamedly on the condition of my anonymity.  If I hit on a high school girl, I admit it.   594 more words

Sex, Lies, and Bipolar Disorder Pt. 2

I wrote the first blog post yesterday on the topic of hypersexuality and immediately texted my husband to see what his thoughts were about bringing everything to the light. 1,509 more words


Sex, Lies, and Bipolar Disorder

My bipolar journey started with many of the telltale signs.

My thoughts were jumbled, I had feelings of grandiosity, my moods were swinging far and wide, I had a diminished need for sleep and food, and I was reckless…. 611 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Daniel Undone: American Born Chinese - Part 4

Read from the beginning.    Daniel Undone – Memoirs of a Maniac

For months I’d been singing a song from my college singing repertoire.  It was a very romantic French song.   148 more words

Sex Puzzle

In the post The Guilt of Mental Illness,  bipoblogger says:

Why not have your wife become one of those “pretty women”?

in response to…

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