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Erotomania and its aftermath

I fell in “love” with Aaron during my manic state that started last year. He was the manager of the cafe where I was working while my (now ex) husband was living in the rural south. 1,117 more words

Disturbing Dreams

Warning for possibly inappropriate content, depending on your sensibilities…

I had two dreams last night, both of which included disturbing content, but on reflection I think I will share them anyway. 613 more words


I smell Sex and Mania

Just perfect. Bipolar First Bipolar Together has the most amazing gift of finding normal words to accurately and profoundly explain what hypersexuality FEELS like, and the consequences of it. 86 more words


I smell Sex and Mania

“Who’s that lounging in my chair
Who’s that casting devious stares”*

um yeah

this post is about Mania…

including the sexual part of mania

which I suppose we are supposed to call Hypersexuality…

1,226 more words

Hiking Along The Trail: The Fall Into The Pit

Ready. Set. Sail!

What am I doing wrong?

I thought I had a voice. I thought I had a means to make a difference. I thought people would listen to me. 813 more words

General Update

The Brutal Stigma of Bipolar Hypersexuality: An Idiotic Comment

Ready. Set. Sail!

I’m done. Stigma against hypersexuality needs to end and it needs to end now. I’m so sick and tired of people blasting a topic they have no idea about! 726 more words

Bipolar Disorder

"This Girl Is On Fire!"

Ready. Set. Sail!

Last night was it. I ended it with Mark. Permanently.

Blocked. Erased. Reset. Deleted. Uninstalled.

Every trace of him.

Husband took over my accounts. 1,092 more words

General Update