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Detox: Ripping The Parasite Off My Heart

Ready. Set. Sail!

So, I want to clarify something, more so for my own benefit than anything else. I’m not in a relationship with Mark as normal people would refer to it as. 1,146 more words

General Update

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

To describe it as torture would be an understatement​.

It’s mental anguish.

That feeling.

That worm that digs and digs into your skull, trying to make it’s way in. 347 more words

General Update


Agitating is the best way to describe the cold, eerie commercial way people handle mental illness during a psychiatric admissions intake. You would hope and even assume that they would be warmer, given the circumstances and the obvious awareness that this soon to be patient is in fact nervous… or better yet terrified! 876 more words


It’s OK to be Overwhelmed

I have seen the overloading, inexplicable need to be perfect and to be the best, wife, mother, friend, daughter and employee a woman can possibly be. 452 more words

The Devil You Know v.s. The Devil You Don’t

Sorry I’ve been MIA but life has taken over my every moment and I had to remind myself that I needed my “ME” time, hence this blog. 726 more words

Struggling with Loneliness

The loneliness I’ve been feeling as of late is beginning to suffocate me. The passion I typically have for writing seems to be fading and this saddens me. 373 more words

Life Story

Interview with a Heavy Hitting Hypersexual (Read: NYMPHO)

In this small, but satisfying, interview with a nymphomaniac, we learn 10 things that drive most of us up the wall and give us the most satiating reveals that we have ever sought. 1,257 more words