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Are millennials turning into snowflakes?

Everyone is aware of the snowflake generation by now, scared of their own shadows seeking safe places and avoiding anyone with a different opinion from theirs. 420 more words


Conquering Hypomania: From Reckless to Responsible

It’s hard to sit still and write when you feel like your body is electric and your brain is overflowing and you feel that you just might burst. 1,137 more words


Staying Well with Bipolar Disorder

According to research by Rethink Mental Illness, there are seven key things to ensure that you stay well when you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 1,809 more words

Mental Health

Well, all music on the market is bad and pornographic, so… I guess all current market musicians can’t escape the telepathic violence.


My story (hell and heaven at the same time)

Hey all, Stumbled over this subreddit not long ago, not sure why I didn't try to find it earlier. Just want to start off by saying that I have not gotten anything comfirmed by any doctor. 501 more words


I Have Morals Too!

Usually, when someone hears that I have been diagnosed as a sex addict the picture that pops into their head is that of a rapist or, at the very least, someone who should not be trusted alone with a woman. 645 more words

My Secret Life

Feeding The Fire: New Year, Same Issues

Ready. Set. Sail!

There’s this weird unsteadiness I get whenever I think about my blog. It feels almost unnecessary but at the same time crucial to the bipolar community. 318 more words

General Update