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Ptsd And Hypersexuality Others

recently and somewhere in my reading i encounterd the notion that hypersexuality behavior can relect a symptom of PTSD. Sounds crazy i know. Yet when i look back at the first half of my life and immediately after i was traumatized i wonder if this was true for me. 42 more words

AHS Asylum truths #6: Psychosexual behaviour

AS we’ve briefly touched upon in previous blog posts, psychosexual behaviours were looked upon as forms of ‘sexual deviancy’ for which was seen as a mental illness, ‘cured’ by a committal to state hospitals and insane asylums- Briarcliffe being a prime example. 479 more words



I admit I m hypersexual or oversexed. Whatever you call it. I know it comes from childhood sex abuse (rape at 3 and 1/2 years old), PTSD and my Bipolar. 75 more words

Hypersexuality and other misadventures

Part of bipolar disorder is a little thing called hypersexuality. It’s exactly what it sounds. It’s something I don’t see discussed often, except when someone is talking about how great it must be to have such a high sex drive or, paradoxically, condemning a crazy person for their sexuality and in reality, it might not be something that they really have control over. 773 more words

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