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That’s pretty much it: hyperspecialisation. People have however appropriated the term differently across contexts (particularly so over the past few years) so I do need to elaborate on what I mean, even if you’re au fait with the intellectual commentary on our industrial/economic gallop theretoward. 869 more words

Menjawab Tantangan Hyperspecialization

Era persaingan global dewasa ini menuntut perusahaan untuk beroperasi secara lebih efisien, salah satunya adalah dengan mengembangkan kemampuan khusus di bidang tertentu atau lazim disebut dengan spesialisasi. 564 more words

Aries Heru Prasetyo

Hyperspecialization and the "Permanent Things"

Hyperspecialization in the academy is an enemy of the permanent things.  It has caused scholars to become bogged down in particular eras and woefully constrained in their knowledge of people, events, and ideas from periods outside of their specialization.  351 more words

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The Ninth Accident: Hyperspecialization: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The concept of hyperspecialization is anchored on Adam Smith’s 1776 work, The Wealth of Nations, which described how division of labor increased production the most. This system is efficient; it completes the task in half the time it would take a single person to do so. 213 more words

Organizational Communication

Hyperspecialization is oppression in a fancy suit.

So you’re a specialist. Congratulations. You do know that you’re probably going to be highly sought after in companies and orgs, right? That’s good, they’ll pay you a lot. 768 more words

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If we take a look at the word hyperspecialization, it is a very big word. But, really, it’s not.

In the definition provided by an article in the Harvard Business Review, … 180 more words


Hyperspecialization may sound complicated but its basically about allotting more people to do a task previously done by just one person.  I don’t think that it’s that new though. 229 more words