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Hyperthermia or heat-related illness describes several different conditions that develop when the body’s temperature rises significantly above the normal 98° F. It occurs when the body loses the ability to regulate its own internal temperature. 24 more words


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For decades already an average of 37 kids — and hundreds (!!) of pets, including police k9’s — die in US every year in hot cars. 536 more words

Chemo, finally

We met Dr Radzi last Mon, my hubby straight away decided for chemo + hyperthermia combo for the next day.

In fact before this meeting, my hubby had aggressive diarrhea which was like diarrhea in every half to an hour’s time for 2-3days. 432 more words

Dec 2016

This Week on Triogenius: Freezing to Death

It seems like every year we hear of a college student wandering off into the cold and freezing to death, particularly after a party involving drinking. 53 more words

Personal Safety


No miracle, yes.

Well looking at rocket high CEA & CA19-9, what a surprise that we both accepted quite peacefully. The raw herb juice does reduce the stomach gas, I think it kills the bacteria and relieves the SIBO symptoms. 733 more words

Heat Stroke & Hyperthermia

Heat Exhaustion, Hyperthermia in Dogs

Dog fur is great protection against the cold but can be a problem in hot weather. This is because, unlike humans, dogs eliminate heat by panting. 766 more words


This Is The List Of The Total Number Of K9 Cops Lost To Heat Stroke In 2016. Updated: NINETEEN Deaths. An All-Time High Since Records Kept For Five Years

1.May 20, 2016. Westchester, NY. K9 Suki. Cause of death. HEAT STROKE after the safety features on the specially equipped K-9 car failed. The black Labrador Retriever was left in the back of the specially equipped K9 car was supposed to send a temperature alarm to the officer. 1,200 more words