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Capnography in Emergency Medicine

Capnographs measure the concentration of carbon dioxide at the end of each exhaled breath – defined as end-tidal CO2. Read about capnography in emergency medicine… 21 more words


Relief from the Heat. Not!

Week three is almost over and it has been bitter/sweet.  My husband left to return to work for a couple of weeks, but two of my children came to take care of me while he is gone!  351 more words

Day 6: Family and Philosophy (and Pizza!)

Happy Thursday, everyone! Your days are probably just getting started, as mine is starting to wind down. Today wasn’t a very exciting day from a tourist perspective, but it was an important day as Christian and I spent the morning helping Mom with her treatments, the very thing we came to Germany to do. 1,343 more words


How Easy Is It To Cook Alive In The Back Of A Car IF You Are An Innocent Like a K-9 cop?

August 25, 2016 first published on LinkedIn

It’s always the innocent that pay for our depravity in our world, isn’t it. People don’t understand till it’s put in their face. 168 more words



    The Guardian is a Blog that takes very seriously the number of K-9 cops that have died in the years since 2011, when rough numbers of how many K-9 cops have passed away due to negligence~ to wit cops leaving their partner to die of heat stroke in the back of a patrol car. 620 more words


Week 2 at Hufeland

For those of you who are hoping to hear more about the clinic, I appreciate your patience.  I overheard another patient explaining that the first week here is like the first week of high school.   409 more words

9 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool on a Walk

Not much beats a long walk in the sunshine with a dog, but in the heat of summer, heat stroke is a real threat. These tips, illustrated by a vary patient Shadow, will help you to keep your dog cool and safe on long walks. 585 more words