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I have struggled with sharing the ups and downs of this second round of chemo with you.  Truthfully, I have little desire to give you the blow by blow of the treatments.  682 more words

CA 125

Day 2

Be honest. Be open. Be vulnerable. Be real. Let them in. Let them join the adventure. Let them see the truth.

Everyone has many glimpses of Ryan: the open, authentic, loud, fearless, full of life, you only live once guy that will let you into his heart any day, any time.

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Survival Guides – Survival in an Extremely Cold Environment

In an extremely cold environment wherever the weather can get cold or hot, potential things could occur to outside folks. When the weather is very hot, it’s going to not be advisable to exercise under the warmth of the sun as this could cause hyperthermia. 109 more words


Maggots, viruses and lasers: some innovations for brain tumours

Brain tumours are among the most distressing of cancers, partly because of they arise from a central organ and because there is hardly ever a curative treatment. 548 more words


Hypothermia and Hyperthermia – Treatment and Prevention

When you think about bugging out, you will have some grand plans of sleeping under the stars and roughing it sort of a real survivor… 223 more words


Hyperthermia and MSIDS

Sitting in my doctor’s office, I read an article that intrigued me but made me shudder simultaneously.  In the November 8, 2013 issue of Science… 552 more words


Summer FITS

Every summer there are numerous articles written about the adverse effects of altitude and temperature (density altitudes) on aircraft performance but there is little discussion of the effect of heat on pilot performance. 651 more words

Cockpit Resource Management