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Sea kayak misadventure – Hyperthermia

Kayaking through wilderness and remote coastal areas, sea kayakers have a responsibility to know the dangers of hyperthermia, how to take sensible precautions against it and what to know if it sets in. 989 more words

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Hyperthermia and radiation therapy

Many years ago, it was discovered that a moderate increase in tissue temperature can markedly improve the cancer cell killing power of ionizing radiation. The temperature increase needed is not extreme. 2,014 more words


Device that induces a mild localized ‘fever’ could treat vascular involvement in cancer

The prognosis of a cancer patient relies significantly on the ability of the surgeon to remove all the tumor, including a cancer-free boundary, leaving what surgeons call a tissue margin negative for cancer cells. 735 more words

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Freiburg, 17th July

AdAm woke me up at the crack of dawn then tried to make it up to me with a breakfast of a fried egg and stale bread. 83 more words


Living the 21st lifestyle would not be complete without electronic gadgets that prove just how much technology has changed the way we live. With the growing popularity of computers, it is no surprise that researchers… 206 more words

Podcast: Intravesical Chemotherapy And Chemohypherthermia In Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer

Author(s):Fabio Campodonico, Savino Di Stasi , Gad M Lev, Carlo Terrone, Luca Bongiovanni, Francesca Mattioli, Vincenzo Pagliarulo, Carlo Introini.Fabio Campodonico, Savino Di Stasi , Gad M Lev, Carlo Terrone, Luca Bongiovanni, Francesca Mattioli, Vincenzo Pagliarulo, Carlo Introini. 18 more words

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