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9 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool on a Walk

Not much beats a long walk in the sunshine with a dog, but in the heat of summer, heat stroke is a real threat. These tips, illustrated by a vary patient Shadow, will help you to keep your dog cool and safe on long walks. 585 more words


Hampton Roads Heat Wave

Hampton Roads and many regions around the country are experiencing a heat wave.

Meteorologists are reporting temperatures hovering in the mid-to-high 90s and are trying to predict when the heat wave will end. 425 more words

Dead dog season

The temperature in Anchorage, Alaska hit 75 degrees on Wednesday and in the sun on the south-facing slopes of the Chugach Mountain above the city it was 80 or hotter. 738 more words

↗︎ HEAT intolerance or Heatstroke or sunstroke

HEAT intolerance, sensitivity to heat or Heatstroke

Though our body gets cool itself through sweating in a natural way. During hot weather particularly in high humidity, sweating just isn’t enough. 479 more words

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Bad company is like aggregating nanoparticles- they make you fall

“Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good character.” Says 1 Corinthians 15:33. We have all been there- some people/ friends in this world have somehow enticed us into certain situations which are compromising to our beliefs. 524 more words

Common Summer Health Problems That You Can Totally Avoid

With the change of season, hot air temperature and humidity rise to very high levels. This decreases the body’s ability to cool itself, it has a disruptive effect on our lungs and can cause breathing or lung disorders, besides many other common health problems that can occur due to the coming of hotter days. 455 more words