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Bad company is like aggregating nanoparticles- they make you fall

“Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good character.” Says 1 Corinthians 15:33. We have all been there- some people/ friends in this world have somehow enticed us into certain situations which are compromising to our beliefs. 524 more words

Common Summer Health Problems That You Can Totally Avoid

With the change of season, hot air temperature and humidity rise to very high levels. This decreases the body’s ability to cool itself, it has a disruptive effect on our lungs and can cause breathing or lung disorders, besides many other common health problems that can occur due to the coming of hotter days. 455 more words

Whole body Hyperthermia

I have been intrigued by this therapy for some time now, and ever since the alternative clinic in Mexico had suggested that this would be one of the main treatments for my kind of cancer, together with the Gersion Therapy (juicing) and coffee enemas, I have thought of finding this therapy in Australia. 162 more words

salim rahaman takes his cow for a dip on hot days in leguan #guyana

men in guyana can be beastly
but sometimes they throw you a curveball and make you go
oh rass
ow de bai
i didnt know he had a bone of compassion in he… 121 more words


Dr William Barnes cancer clinic cures

Local body hyperthermia and whole body body hyperthermia are two treatments that are available from cancer cure professional, Dr William Barnes. Also referred to as thermal therapy or thermotherapy, hyperthermia is an alternative treatment for cancer patients that involves exposing parts of the body to high temperatures. 377 more words


Gone But Not Forgotten

Moments ago I learned about the death of two-year-old Braydon Barnes. His family lived with us for a few months and had I known how unfit they are to be parents I would have done something about it. 288 more words