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Live Webinar - Showdown: Hardware-Based Hyperconvergence vs. Hyperconvergence Software

Hyperconverged architectures come in two flavors; hardware-based hyperconvergence or hyperconvergence software. Hardware-based hyperconvergence is where the hardware and the software are licensed together and pre-integrated from a single vendor. 336 more words


The Threat of Virtualization: Hypervisor-Based Rootkits on the ARM Architecture

The Threat of Virtualization: Hypervisor-Based Rootkits on the ARM Architecture https://t.co/lAlQ1M2LFv

— Tamas K Lengyel (@tklengyel) July 12, 2017

The Threat of Virtualization: Hypervisor-Based Rootkits on the ARM Architecture…

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How To Network All-Flash Arrays

All-Flash arrays, or almost any array that leverages flash, creates a problem for the rest of the storage infrastructure. It exposes weaknesses in storage software, internal storage system networking and external connectivity. 1,037 more words


What's Wrong with a Cloud First Strategy - Velostrata Briefing Note

The problem with a cloud first strategy is organizations assume clouds are the ultimate data centers, that the organization can’t do it better themselves. The reality is that there are some functions where the cloud is more optimal. 1,130 more words


Serie of training videos on virtualization with Hyper-V

One of our teachers said it is very important for testers to know how to do virtualization.  I’ve found a very good serie of training videos on Youtube on that topic.  55 more words


New Threats Require Better DR - CloudEndure Briefing Note

Despite the rising concerns over cyber-attacks like ransomware, humans are still the number one cause of disasters. We need to look no further than the Amazon “typo error” of 2017 that knocked out service on AWS for proof. 621 more words

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OpenSynergy's virtualisation platform now supports ARMv8-A architecture

OpenSynergy’s COQOS SDK v9.0 virtualisation platform now supports ARMv8-A architectures.

The 64-bit bus width of the ARMv8-A processors makes it possible to meet the high performance requirements of the next generation automotive ECU’s such as cockpit controllers or driver assistance systems. 206 more words