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CloudStack: An Overview of the Open Source IaaS Platform

Here’s an open source IaaS platform to set up an on-demand, elastic cloud computing service. It enables utility computing services by allowing cloud service providers to offer self-service compute instances, storage volumes and networking configurations, and to set up a private cloud for i… 6 more words

VMware Player vs. VirtualBox: performance comparison

If you are using a virtualization hypervisor, one of your main concerns will be its performance, or in another word, its virtualization overhead. How much overhead is introduced by the virtualization layer will determine the raw performance of guest virtual machines (VMs) running on a… 6 more words

Keeping up with the modern hypervisor

With the release of Delphix Engine 4.2, we officially support three different hypervisors: VMware private deployments, Xen running in AWS, and (most recently) KVM running in OpenStack. 2,146 more words


Humble Origins of a Homelab

Today we aren’t going to be talking about hyperscale or anything that an enterprise might even be considering, instead we are going to be looking at what I run at home. 657 more words


VMware:How to enable ssh with ESXi 3.5

ESX is a well-known bare metal hypervisor from VMware that runs directly on a host machine without underlying operating system support. ESXi is a free version of ESX, and while ESXi has a less number of features than ESX, the free hypervisor is good enough for various experimental purposes. 8 more words

Briefing Note: Rovius provides the Mobility to realize Virtual Platform and Cloud Freedom

With the move towards software-defined infrastructures and commodity-based hardware, companies are getting used to freedom and flexibility in IT. They also expect that freedom in the cloud, including the ability to move between platforms, clouds and hypervisors easily as they implement flexible infrastructures to support data protection, DR and other essential IT functions. 606 more words


Using bhyve (BSD hypervisor)

BHyVe is a type-2 hypervisor developed on FreeBSD. Its similar to KVM, and a different approach to jail/lxc containers.

Requires Intel VT-x… 673 more words