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Using bhyve (BSD hypervisor)

BHyVe is a type-2 hypervisor developed on FreeBSD. Its similar to KVM, and a different approach to jail/lxc containers.

Requires Intel VT-x… 673 more words

Migrating a Xenserver Debian-VM to Hyper V 2012

Here is a quick and dirty guide to export xen vm to hyper v 2012 so it wouldn’t escape my mind.

The surgery was conducted on XCP 1.5, but probably work similarly on other versions (but I have no clue really). 193 more words

Hyper V

Introduction to Hyper V

We teach you how to setup Hyper V for Virtulization on Windows Server R2 and explain some of the tasks that are easy to miss. 89 more words


How to upgrade a VMware ESXi server (using esxcli)

VMware ESXi is a type-1 hypervisor (native or bare-metal hypervisors), and thus includes the kernel. To upgrade to latest version we can use esxcli, see… 116 more words

As easy as 123: Xen hypervisor bug found, fixed, phew...‏make sure you're patched!

Popular virtualisation platform Xen has just announced a worrying bug.

Fortunately, it’s already patched.

And, as far as we can tell, numerous major server hosting companies that rely on Xen were given an early warning, and installed the fix before its public announcement. 1,153 more words


IO offloading to the hypervisor

Pernixdata FVP 2.5 was released about a week ago. A new version of a very interesting tool which can be used to offload IO from your storage device to your vSphere hypervisor. 429 more words


Briefing Note: PernixData FVP Software Pools Flash & RAM to Accelerate VMs, Complement SAN/NAS

Virtualization pushes traditional storage architectures to their performance limits, prompting companies to look at server-dedicated solutions, typically PCIe and SSD flash, to solve their performance problems. 590 more words