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How To Make Your Private Cloud Act Like a Private Cloud - Turbonomic Briefing Note

The ultimate goal of a private cloud is to create a pool of compute, memory, networking and storage resources that allocate automatically to applications on an as needed basis. 630 more words


Why is Data Protection Still an Art?

Data protection has been a key data center practice for as long as there have been data centers. It would seem that by now the art of data protection would be a science and that every operating system or environment would have built-in protection. 855 more words


Beating the VMware Tax - Maxta Briefing Note

The term VMware Tax was a derogatory description of a change in VMware licensing a few years ago that charged users based on the amount of vRAM they used. 598 more words

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Can You Backup a Nutanix Cluster to Amazon S3? - Comtrade Software Briefing Note

Data centers of all types are increasingly trying to figure out how to store backups in the cloud. VMware and Hyper-V customers have a variety of options for doing this, but Nutanix customers using the Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) have historically been left out. 611 more words


When IoT Attacks - The End of the World as We Know It?

Excerpts of my interview with Phil Muncaster @philmuncaster

InfoSecurity Magazine Q4/2017, 4 October 2017


Focus on the Firmware

A cursory look at OWASP’s IoT Security Guidance will highlight just how many elements in the IoT ecosystem could be exploited. 737 more words

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Arch Linux - Remotely Install Arch Linux in Virtual Machine Using SSH

Arch Linux is one of my favourite Operating Systems (after Gentoo) because it follows rolling release approach. And because I just HATE distro upgrades! 732 more words

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Look Before You Leap into DRaaS - Scale Computing Briefing Note

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solves a lot of problems for IT professionals trying to prepare their organizations to survive a disaster. At the same time, though, it also creates new challenges that need to be resolved prior to moving forward with the strategy. 1,053 more words