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Top 5 Hypervisor tools

Today we are going to talk about Hypervisor which is also an important tool for Developers or programmers these days. In this post we are going to share the name & features of top Hypervisor tools which are mostly used by Developers these days. Read more Click here

How IT can Leverage its Own Big Data for Operational Efficiency

OpsDataStore Briefing Note

One of the most practical use cases of big data analytics is the analysis of data that the organization is already generating, typically in the form of log file examination, which yields impressive results (most notably in the realm of security). 874 more words


SlideShare: Is Your Storage Ready for Disaster?

The recovery expectations of users and organizations is changing and their tolerance for downtime is lower than ever. IT professionals can no longer rely on the traditional backup and recovery process to meet these new requirements. 98 more words


Embedded World 2017 - IoT coming of age.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Embedded World 2017 in Germany as I was invited to give a couple of presentations on the pioneering work we have been doing at the prpl Foundation with regards to the… 575 more words

IoT Security

Import FreeBSD 11 Qcow2 image into Proxmox VE 4.4

In this example, the following image is used

wget https://download.freebsd.org/ftp/snapshots/VM-IMAGES/11.0-STABLE/amd64/Latest/FreeBSD-11.0-STABLE-amd64.qcow2.xz

Download and then unpack it on the Proxmox host

xz -d FreeBSD-11.0-STABLE-amd64.qcow2.xz

Convert to RAW Image…

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ChalkTalk Video: Primary Storage Should Protect Itself

Storage that protects itself aids in the data protection and disaster recovery processes without compromising traditional primary storage performance and features. It does this through a combination of its own capabilities (snapshots, basic replication as well as multi-site and synchronous replication) and by complementing or enhancing existing backup solutions – but not replacing them. 43 more words


DR Ready Storage Must Be Cloud Aware

The success of cloud providers like Amazon, Azure and Google is forcing the data center to re-think various aspects of their IT infrastructure. There are cases where a cloud provider can enhance typical on-premise storage to be DR Ready and make long term retention viable. 805 more words