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Virtualization- Boon for the Tech World

Virtualization is already changing our perspective towards gaming, gadgets, education and etc. In this blog we have our guest Blogger Sakib Sadman Shajib explaining virtualization in the networking field. 363 more words

Tech Updates

Using Intel SGX to Protect On-line Credentials

Next week at Intel Developer Forum 2016 I will be demonstrating a prototype feature of the Bromium platform  that leverages Intel Secure Guard Extensions (SGX) to protect a user’s on-line credentials from theft.   1,149 more words


Workload Mobility for Private Cloud to Public Cloud

CloudEndure Briefing Note

Mobility is a key capability that data centers are looking for as they modernize IT operations. It is the ability to move any application or group of applications from anywhere to anywhere. 576 more words


Software Defined Data Center for Enterprises

HTBase Briefing Note

The term Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) has been around for a few years now. But pinning down exactly what the term means can be a challenge as each vendor seems to have their own definition of the term. 428 more words


Docker for Beginners


If you are a programmer/techie, chances are you shouldn’t have missed on hearing about Container/micro-services and Docker. Containers have been in use for more than a decade, however it became very popular with Docker coming up with a mechanism (container format), where it is easier to adopt container concepts. 2,358 more words

CI Server

The Xen "bunker buster" bug - what you need to know

A recent security update from hypervisor company Xen fixes one of most worrying sorts of vulnerability in the world of virtualisation: guest escape.

The potential severity of a flaw of this sort has led to this one being turned into a… 512 more words



Untrusted OS 환경에서 hypervisor를 TCB로 잡는 연구에 대한 이해
Inktag: Secure applications on an untrusted operating system 논문에서 운영체제를 신뢰하지 못하는 상황에서 안전성을 확보하고자 하이퍼바이저를 TCB로 잡았는데, 조금 당황스러웠었다. 8 more words

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