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Bromium Partners to Bring Micro-virtualization to Windows 10

Bromium has partnered with Microsoft to ensure Bromium micro-virtualization and Windows 10 will work better together to provide the most secure endpoint solution on the market. 1,772 more words

Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 Now Available


Latest release provides increased security with encryption and improved performance

Significantly improves guest OS performance

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Jul 9, 2015


Briefing Note: Stopping Virtualization’s Double Tax

Virtualized Windows applications suffer from two I/O taxes. First, there is the tax of the I/O blender caused by mixing dozens of VMs on a single server, and then connecting multiple servers to a shared storage array that creates a highly random I/O stream. 782 more words


A small fix for the pain of Hyper-V and Intel Haxm in Windows 8.1

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Trying to work on visual studio and android studio at the same time in the same machine is a great pain. By working at the same time i mean use both applications without rebooting the computer. 448 more words

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Why is Virtualization creating Storage Sprawl?

Desktop and server virtualization have brought many benefits to the data center. These two initiatives have allowed IT to respond quickly to the needs of the organization while driving down IT costs, physical footprint requirements and energy demands. 1,480 more words


Containers or Virtualization

Containers have suddenly become center stage in many discussions especially in past year or so. Many folks are wondering if they are competing against or complimenting virtualization and there’s immense interest in speculating how it will play out in next 18 months, 3-4 years and beyond so here’s my attempt. 579 more words

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Docker: What do Storage Pros need to know?

Docker was created to solve the problems that organizations face when they implement server virtualization on a wide scale; overhead and inefficiency. These challenges occur because virtualization is a sledgehammer to the problem it was designed to solve; allow multiple applications to run simultaneously on the same physical hardware in such a way that if one application fails the rest of the applications are not impacted. 1,465 more words