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SlideShare: The Top 4 Requirements of a Docker Storage Architecture

Like virtualization before it, container technology will evolve from a DevOps initiative to an enterprise requirement. Docker is leading that evolution as it promises to bring greater efficiency to the data center than we ever thought possible with the virtual machine construct. 99 more words


Apple to dump VMware as a cost cutting resort!

Apple Inc will not renew the contract with server virtualization leader VMware in coming months. This step was taken as a cost cutting resort to save company millions of dollars. 222 more words


Is your Storage ready for Production Docker Containers?

In a recent StorageSwiss survey, 40% of respondents indicated that they were interested in deploying Docker into production, as a compliment or potentially as an alternative to VMware. 422 more words


Everybody Have PXE Tonight

OK, so that’s a little bit of artistic license with the Wang Chung reference, but hey ho.

Recenrly, I had to upgrade our base ESX images on the PXE server because VMWare helpfully… 1,338 more words


ChalkTalk Video: Is More Flash or Spindles the only Answer to the VMware I/O Blender?

The VMware I/O blender is caused by multiple virtual machines generating random I/O at the hypervisor layer that bottlenecks storage systems. Adding more flash or spindles seems like the quick fix to this problem. 135 more words


Docker and Storage - Understanding Docker I/O

Designing a Docker Storage Infrastructure

A recent Storage Switzerland report covered the basics of Docker and Storage; what Docker is and how it impacts storage. Container technology and Docker specifically places unique demands on the storage infrastructure that most legacy storage architectures are ill-prepared to handle. 1,093 more words


ChalkTalk Video: Navigating the All-Flash and SDS Feature Wars

IT professionals have more choices than ever to sort through as they try to make a storage decision. From a hardware perspective should they continue to use hard disks or should they start to move toward an all-flash data center? 67 more words