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Episode 0045 "The Reno Panic Button"

Back to the Cantina.  The spotty wifi makes the inhabitants cantankerous.  We sip on Hypnotiq Martinis and play a one word title movie game.  In Feature Presentation we use the film “Focus” to talk about unsuccessful thievery, onscreen chemistry, the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, and what exactly is the Reno Panic Button.   46 more words


Take Over Control by Afrojack AKA This Time in My Life Two Years Ago Continued

It was 6:00AM, everyone but my friend from New York, Chris, was gone. The house was destroyed; beads, streamers, glitter -everywhere! Someone broke the couch in half. 876 more words

Blue Lady Cocktail

Today we’ve got the “Blue Lady.” First Wednesday of the month and we’ve got a new drink demo video. For the recipe and my full review over on youtube.

I cheated on my first wife, got caught, got blamed for getting an already pregnant girl pregnant, and I still won my divorce.

Let me start this one off by saying that I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life and I *might* regret some of those things, but then again, I’m not really a known giver of fucks. 2,039 more words

Atlanta Food Trucks

OK. So going to eat out of a food truck in Atlanta was on my unofficial bucket list. Since watching Pitch Perfect, which was filmed in Atlanta, I have wanted to eat out of a unique, crazy, urban food truck. 294 more words

Bling It On! With Hpnotiq: Submit Your Glam Heels Now For A Chance To Win

Being part of the PR biz, I’ve got a serious social media addiction. Yep, I’ll admit it, if I walk out of the house with a sick pair of shoes or killer jewelry, you know it’s going on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 311 more words

Khloe's Cinderella Story

Khloe Kardashian RECENTLY did an event with HYPNOTIQ for their Glam Louder launch and Bling It on! contest, held in Beverly Hills. I love all things sparkly and lavish and I know you do too so I wanted to share these pictures with you. 34 more words