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This event was written on Thursday, 31 May 2012…

Today I was reminded of an incident that happened months ago. A new customer came with his wife and he was trying to hypnotized me. 400 more words


Lost & Found - Part 1

Advait checked himself in the mirror for the nth time and this time he cursed himself for not having shaved properly. He shook his head a little to see if his hair is set. 836 more words

Short Stories

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Watch This 5-Year-Old Girl Hypnotize Animals With Just Her Voice and Her Hand!

5 year-old Han Jiaying from China put five animals, including a chicken, a rabbit and a lizard, to sleep within five minutes using just her voice and the touch of her hands. 20 more words


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The Story of How I Started A Business in Stage Hypnosis

Much of what happens at Leadership Academy is kept a secret. Whether this happens intentionally or simply as a result of the profound things that take place there is unclear.  543 more words

My Strangest Stories

Put A Spell On You

With a show of hands; how many of you have said or thought, “It’s like he put a spell on me, I can’t resist him, even when I know he is toxic.” ? 1,448 more words