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Oreo Thins Hypnotize

I’ve never had Oreo Thins, and I don’t really plan to. I guess they’re good if you’re watching your calories, but I’m just fine eating regular Oreos. 19 more words

Hypno Control - How to hypnotize somebody

An individual’s vulnerability to hypnosis depends on a number of elements. Whether these aspects interact or oppose each other is totally in the hands of the individual. 386 more words


Hypnotising, Mesmerizing

Weaving, in and out
the watch moved, first left
then right
“Concentrate”, she said

Not quiet, but struck dumb
not moving, not speaking
just following her ways… 441 more words


Stress Relief Hypnosis

Hey everyone!

Stress. It sucks. Whether it be a school exam, work or a sports competition, stress always finds a way to creep in. If you are looking for some relief, look no further! 28 more words


Floral Friday - Apr 7th

Can I perform a little hypnotizing trick on you?

Although I haven’t done it before but there is always a first time. Right? 23 more words