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Stress Relief Hypnosis

Hey everyone!

Stress. It sucks. Whether it be a school exam, work or a sports competition, stress always finds a way to creep in. If you are looking for some relief, look no further! 28 more words


Floral Friday - Apr 7th

Can I perform a little hypnotizing trick on you?

Although I haven’t done it before but there is always a first time. Right? 23 more words


Trataka Meditation technique for mind power and peace

Trataka is gazing at a candle flame, mirror or picture without blinking the eyelids with mindfulness.There should not be passing a single thought in your mind there should be the full concentration of mind at the object of Trataka Meditation. 466 more words

Meditation And Yoga Techniques

Discography Review | System of a Down

Continuing on from last year, my new year’s resolution once again is to expand the breadth of my musical knowledge and experience. As with last year, I’m listening to the discography of a different band each month. 1,615 more words


बुद्धिमान व्यक्ति कैसे किसी को वश मे करे।

सामने वाले के चित्त के अनुसार वर्तन करके बुद्धिमान राक्षसो को भी अपने वश मे कर सकता है। आचार्य चानक्य के अनुसार हिप्नोटाइज करने के तरीके …

Management Fundaas

A Star Story!

I catch glimpses of each one of you every night when the skies are like crystal adorning my luminosity,

My constant spirit breathes a new high, 316 more words