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We Are All Frauds

Authenticity is an elusive concept. We all want to be “true to ourselves.” But this first requires that we know who we are.

There’s also an important, overlooked second part, and that is this: … 863 more words


Questions that trouble me

What is morally right and wrong?

Who are they who draw a line of acceptance on one side and abhorrence on another?

Have ethics and society really helped bring an estranged couple back together? 54 more words

Nate commits Internet Murder

Ah Nate, our favourite spider monkey. When he’s not blogging his little spider monkey heart out or making awkward hand motions he likes to spend his spare time defending the pirate ship and body bagging people on twitter. 354 more words



(2017 Halloween Edition)

Do you know what I discovered this week about myself?  I hope there is a Hell.  I know I shouldn’t wish anybody goes to Hell if I want to be a good person, but I’ve had it.  2,743 more words

My Pet Peeves (and how to avoid them!)

Disclaimer: Please, no disparaging comments about me or any of the commenters, or your comment will be deleted and blocked.  

Most people have at least one thing that annoys them about life or about other people. 1,105 more words


Organized Chaos and Confusion as Political Control | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Image: http://www.globalresearch.ca

Who are “they”? They are the corporate mainstream media (MSM) that serve as mouthpieces for the power elites, who are connected through an intricate system of institutions and associations, both obvious and shadowy.

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Political/Social Issues

How I Got Fired

Exposing Jewish power in America has real consequences  by PHILIP GIRALDI 

Two weeks ago, I wrote for Unz.com an article entitled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.” It sought to make several points concerning the consequences of Jewish political power vis-à-vis some aspects of U.S. 673 more words