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Conservative Democrats - wolves in sheep's clothing...


Remember when the media apologized after the Presidential election for spending too much time on Trump’s theatrics, and not enough time on the issues? Remember that? 167 more words

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What the Padmavat controversy tells us about India.

Rajputs, in India, have been regarded as the bravest warriors of all times and protectors of their land from foreign invaders. My history books told me that Rani Padmini of Chittor, jumped into a pit of fire to save her honor from Alauddin Khilji. 432 more words

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Germans Puzzled That Turks Actually Use The Tanks They Sold Them

German tanks are apparently being used by Turkish forces in their current offensive against the Kurdish YPG militia in Syria and many Germans are demanding an immediate explanation. 128 more words


Paul Ryan is the Poster Boy for Corruption

No intelligent American can deny that the ‘tax reform’ bill passed by Republicans only was a gift to Trump and other wealthy Americans. The greatest beneficiaries are 585 billionaires and 10.7 million millionaires. 342 more words

Trust is Rare in Today's Washington: Who's to Blame?

During the last year, we learned a great deal. The most upsetting fact is that the leaders of our government cannot be believed or trusted. Trump has failed to speak the truth once during his first year. 364 more words

What Are the Plagues of the Church? by Pastor Pam

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Trump Continues to Nominate Imbeciles to Lead our Nation

I have tried to think of a single nominee Trump offered after his election who was qualified or displayed a desire to serve all Americans. Each of them have lacked expertise in the departments and agencies they lead, and have admitted that they represent only certain groups which adhere to the lack of principles of our nation’s fuhrer. 366 more words