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Even Democrats are criticizing former President Obama's massive $400K Wall Street speaking fee

By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(NationalSentinelPolitics: All former presidents cash in on their fame when they leave office, but only Democratic presidents do so in such a hypocritical fashion, and Barack Obama is no different. 395 more words


The Hypocrisy of $425 Mud Jeans Extends Far Beyond the Fake Dirt

by Tracy Moore

You work as a graphic designer in a hip office in the arts district, but you prefer to look as if you spend your spare time digging muddy trenches. 880 more words



Bach shifts to G minor for the first time in Goldberg’s 15th variation, after 14 previous variations in sunny G major.  A minor key does not automatically mean “now we’re sad” in music, but there’s no doubt that Bach has moved from the external, wide-armed optimism of what came before to withdrawn introspection in this variation. 582 more words

Meditations On Bach's Goldberg Variations

Materialism and Religion

In a recent post, I referred to something that scientists have taught us, that physical life is not simply as it appears to be at its root is a profound mystery that cannot be reduced to rational, including “scientific” explanation.  575 more words

Religion & Spirituality

When Will the Media Admit that Trump must Buy a Copy of “Government for Dummies?”

CBS, NBC, and ABC are acting as though Trump is a legitimate president. They call his criminal and unconstitutional actions ‘different,’ ‘unusual,’ and even ‘historic.’ They fail to call him what he is; the most ignorant man ever to live in the White House. 428 more words

Oh, the Irony

*Just to warn…This is a bit of a “trigger” topic, please read with care <3*

I was reading Tweets yesterday about the various of groups of people who helped fight with our ANZAC Troops. 238 more words

The Libraries Lessons Of Life

A Day in the Life of Your Average Campus Leftist

Get up in the morning.  Take a shower…maybe.

Look in the mirror.  Decide that you don’t look different enough to attract attention and stand out from the commoners.  475 more words