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Should Feminists Give Lena Dunham a Pass Anymore?

Lena Dunham did it again. She was already in hot water for admitting what essentially amounted to pedophilia a few months ago, and now she created a quiz that compares a dog to a Jewish boyfriend. 300 more words

Say NO to Earth Hour!

28 March 2015 – Earth Hour. The chance for every stupid man to “prove” his love for Earth even though throughout the whole year he uses electric power to eat, to see, to play games on the computer, to dry his hair, to have hot water, to make coffee, to charge his 2 phones, to chat, to write how much ecologist he is in FB! 31 more words


Palm Sunday Perspective

Back in the days when my days were filled with the colorful chaos a classroom of two-year-olds brings, we always did Palm Sunday.

It might’ve been on a Monday, or perhaps to wind up the week on a Friday, but it was a… 631 more words

Christian Life And Ponderings

The Truth About Gender-Based (and Race-Based) Discrimination

The danger of political correctness is suppression of 1st Amendment rights. Most discrimination legislation is the same. Bar outright prejudices of a few, most to all business do not, nor could not, discriminate against any class, race or gender. 437 more words