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Is Mitch McConnell Responsible for Allowing Russia to Decide our 2016 Election?

A lengthy report by the Washington Post not only confirms that Vladimir Putin was directly responsible for interfering in our election, it reveals some old and some new information about who in the American Government was aware of the situation and when the facts were available; none of which occurred prior to the election. 710 more words

You Set Out To Change The World

You set out to change the world
But the world changed you

You left here knowing you were meant for great things
And all of us believed it… 133 more words

Original Poems

What was the Intention of our Founding Fathers when they Created our Government?

“A democratic republic is both a republic and a democracy. A republic is: a sovereign state whose ultimate power rests in its citizens entitled to vote who elect representatives to wield that power.” 539 more words

Republican Party Continues to Implode, but not because of Principles

Republicans must accept the fact that Trump is the result of their own failures. The worst president in American history apparently receives the support of all Republicans, and if just one of them has the courage to criticize him, they are immediately attacked by the entire party. 485 more words

Short and Not-So-Sweet




1. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

I type this with, 116 more words



C’mon Ds, get your act together! How hard can it be to come up with a superior alternative to the hypocritical opportunistic sycophants running the show now? 248 more words

More Friends Don't Spy On Friends Again

It just isn’t done. Go ask Angela Merkel.

So that at least explains why the Germans have been spying on us (as in U.S.) for years and years now. 104 more words