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What Good Is Your Christianity?

I am not one to join groups on Facebook.  However, I recently joined a group so that I could post my blog to the group in hopes that I would have more people read and comment on the blog.  507 more words


Some Things Deserve To Be Cursed

While I am certain I’ve been guilty of this in the past, one of my new pet peeves is white people who quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1,661 more words


Are You a Hypocrite?

“Do not judge” is an oft-abused trump card in debates. It seems clear that Jesus is not against judgment, but against a certain kind of judgment. 611 more words


In The Land of Hypocrites


Complaining about my country is not exactly the most pleasant activity I partake in, I prefer watching cartoons and sleeping but due to tension, immorality and several other sordid issues at their peak with contributions from various angles, I thought we could join the conversation. 1,254 more words

Being Better

The Penis sore

In Bad days, Our personality impacts like the shadow of an object,i.e. Does not matter an object/a person contain what color/virtue, but its shadow/personality has no color but black in Sunshine/ bad days.

Who can blame Icarus for his hubris, when the stars beckon us so?

When you are small they tell you run child, chase the stars, reach for their brilliance and steal it for your own, they are yours for the taking. 281 more words