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Geometric Theorems

New Start–94

Hiding the Corollary

Sometimes I don’t know how to react
To my own tears

Part of “me”
(A Trojan horse I’ve let in) 1,278 more words


Pregnancy and Pro-Choice: The Mental Divide

Read enough pregnancy websites/blogs/magazines and you will witness an incredible phenomenon: the authors, many of whom are undoubtedly pro-choice, speak of the unborn with excitement and maternal fondness, saying things like “Your sweet little one already has fingernails!” or “…is the size of a lemon!” or “Eat healthy, because whatever you eat, baby eats!”.   412 more words

Syrian Pastoral

So say you had a farm outside Aleppo
Sown with barrel bombs and sarin gas
And overgrown with isis and al nusra
Now would you flee for life or stay for grass? 32 more words


Seventh Sunday of Easter

I blame Jonah. I blame Jonah for this past week having been … unusually uncomfortable.

Because … I wanted to enjoy the feeling of being able to point at Jonah and say “what’s wrong with this guy?” I wanted to indulge my first impression of being better than Jonah, because… 2,806 more words


The Future Belongs to our Young: Soon, Old White Men Will be Gone: How Ryan was Given a Glimpse Into the Future

For nearly seven months I have been trying very hard to find something good about the illegitimate election of Donald Trump. My disappointment and disgust shrouded my thought process. 523 more words

Mina, the Clanging Cymbal

She calls dear Roonie names
A horse… a dog… and whatever label.
She accuses Roonie of hypocrisy,
Stabs a sword of anger for mere publicity. 332 more words


KremlinGate is beginning to Crack: The Trump Family's Facade is Falling Apart

Donald Trump is a criminal, and a traitor to his country. Recent revelations, which I have claimed for months, offer proof the Trump’s son-in-law and his spawn are equally complicit in his illegal and immoral actions. 382 more words