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Concupiscence, Pt. 1: The Biblical Use

A three-part series on concupiscence:

  • Part 1: Origins and Biblical Use
  • Part 2: Historical & Theological Use
  • Part 3: Responding to Critics of Spiritual Friendship & Revoice…
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My Musings On Christian Faith & SSA


by Gary Z McGeeStaff Writer Waking Times 

“Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” ~Shakespeare

The bad thing about all the devil’s being here is that we’re surrounded by goddamned devils.

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Thought For the Day: Better To Be Politically Dead Than Hypocritically Immortalized

“I have always supported measures and principles and not men. I have acted fearless and independent and I never will regret my course. I would rather be politically buried than to be hypocritically immortalized.” 11 more words

Thought For The Day

Goodbye, Catholic Church (a riff on Piper and his rather rude tweet to Rob Bell, but hey, even a broken clock like Piper can be right twice a day, right?)

In 1 Samuel 4, we read about a disastrous decision made by the people of Israel. Threatened by the more powerful Philistines, not conducting their lives in a way pleasing to God, corruption rampant in the priesthood (with the senior priest, Eli, turning a blind eye to the corruption going on, as the priests underneath him were his own rather wicked sons, Hophni and Phinehas), the nation decided to turn to magic and superstition. 1,901 more words


Beneath Reproach (Reprise)


A man who goes to church religiously
Molests his daughter in the interim
Donating, also, ostentatiously
To charity, so all look up to him… 67 more words


Unreasonable Reason

Our eloquent eulogies of greatness and legacies are given less importance compared to the vociferous support of mediocrity and dogmatic actions. While we all are more or less aware of the philosophies that have and continue to shape human existence, there is always a fierce battle to belittle those efforts. 185 more words