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End Your Frustration in One Click

I am so very frustrated with the world at large, as many of those of us in possession of a soul are, but I have also learned that there’s only so much one person can do and it’s best to focus on the things you have some control over so as not get totally overwhelmed. 492 more words


Friday Follies #72 – 1 mistake that makes me go “Arghhh”

I debated whether to place this post in the Friday Follies section, or in my IMHO (opinion) area. But Friday Follies won out, if only because what happened today encapsulated what has to be the biggest Friday Folly I’ve seen in a very long time. 246 more words

Friday Follies - Goofy Grammar Bloopers And Other Nonsense

Trump Loves Himself, Even When No One Else Does

The most hated man in America loves himself. His ego is so large that he spends most of his life stroking it or having it stroked for him. 218 more words

Inclusion For All! (Unless You're Disabled)

Yesterday, I went through a fascinating but painful experience on Twitter. A very popular activist posted an important piece of information about the women’s march, saying she wanted it to reach as many people as possible and encouraging people to share far and wide. 940 more words


Live Like I’m The Answer To My Own Prayer

“God I want justice for the people who are marginalized.” “God, please give all the children in Indianapolis homes. I pray for no children without somewhere to lie their head at night.” “Jesus, my friend is really struggling financially, please provide for her family in this time of unemployment.” “God, that family who just had their house burn down, please be with them and give them comfort. 560 more words


A Slight Detour...

<–Exposure, pt.1.

This post is full of links–that is because all the leg-work of exposing these many instances of sin and corruption (and in some cases, just laziness) in the church has been done by other people!  2,278 more words