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Houyhnhnm's Way of Life vs the European Yahoo's Way of Life

In the beginning, it seems that Swift is making the point that humans would be happier if they lived similarly to the Houyhnhmns. This is evident in the part 4 when Gulliver finds himself wanting to stay with the horses of Houyhnhmns and follow their way of life rather than return to the European Yahoos. 706 more words

Satirizing The Enlightenment (2/20-2/24)

Better to be an atheist than a Catholic hypocrite, says Pope Francis

In a private morning mass held in his residence on February 23, Pope Francis added to his long list of controversial statements. Expressing regret for all the hypocrisy that takes place in the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope drew the conclusion that people who call themselves Catholic–boasting about their involvement in Catholic associations, regular mass attendance, etc.–but then turn around and exploit people, or lead a double life, or refuse to pay proper wages to employees would be better off by becoming atheist. 285 more words


The West’s Moral Hypocrisy on Yemen

Exclusive: The West’s “humanitarian interventionists” howl over bloody conflicts when an adversary can be blamed but go silent when an ally is doing the killing, such as Saudi Arabia in Yemen, reports Jonathan Marshall. 1,043 more words


Weekly Torah Commentary - Mishpatim Feb. 24, 201

Torah reading: Exodus 21-24

Haftorah reading: Jeremiah 34:8-22, 33:25-26

This week’s haftorah reading is directly related to the first verse of the Torah reading in Exodus 21, in which God commands that anyone who has a Hebrew slave must grant him freedom after six years and send him away  with provision that will enable him to begin a new life. 926 more words

Weekly Torah Commentary


“If so many people are so blind to their faults, there’s a good possibility that I’m blind to mine too. That makes me examine myself to see whether I really am in the faith and living up to it.4 Such self-examination shouldn’t discourage but encourage us. 31 more words

Jesus' Ministry Among Hypocrites

“And remember, Jesus saw hypocrisy far more clearly and deeply than we can. His X-ray eyes penetrated every pharisaical mask and disguise to detect every gross contradiction between lips and life. 70 more words

Landscape Sketch - Verso

Thomas Cowperthwait Eakins (1844 -1916) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The making of gardens and parks goes on with civilization all over the world, and they increase both in size and number as their value is recognized. 298 more words