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Proverbs 4: Admonition

Proverbs 4: Admonition

Sunday, July 23, 2017

We can never be too cautious or prudent. Learn the ways of wisdom by heart.

We can never be too vulnerable and open to God. 97 more words

When an Executive Order Violates the Constitution, Who Protects Us?

Republicans waged war against most of America 20 years ago. They consider the middle class, the poor, minorities, Muslims, and women to be their mortal enemies. 441 more words

Socialist dictator Mugabe kills his own people

Mad lefty dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is responsible for causing mass starvation and deaths to his own people simply by following his silly socialist ideology. 53 more words

Stupid Lefties

Tragedy of the Church: "Just a Superficial Social Gathering"

For as long as we have been “in a Church”…

Are we known by the community?

Do we know the people there?

Do you have people asking you your well-being? 650 more words




Up before dawn

Up before birds

All way to fields

To toil and sweat

With a hope –

Of full meal for family

All three times a day . 128 more words

Daily Post

Farage to abandon UK, after screwing it up for everybody else

Rats are well known for leaving sinking ships. Usually the rats themselves aren’t directly responsible for sinking the vessel in question but, in this case, it’s… 400 more words

Why Gossip is so Hip?

I think gossip is shallow. I think it’s pointless. It wouldn’t harm anyone if missed, but is missed by no one. It seems like there’s no escape from it. 513 more words

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