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Secret Service

A dear friend once told me that she likes serving God behind the scenes, doing jobs that will most likely not receive the praise of men. 392 more words

Battles Fought Within

Painful pangs of Hypocrisy
Hurt us the most, almost
Shattering the inner being
To uneven pieces, sometimes
Even scrambling them in a fashion
That it takes long to reckon the pattern. 64 more words


Hypocrisy - Do You Know What It Is? Do You Know How To Recognize It?

Hypocrisy is defined as follows::  a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not :behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel . 296 more words

Θut of sight, out of mind.

Oh but that I didn’t see,

Thankfully I looked away in time.

One more second, and it would be impossible to apparently unsee,

that blasphemous, terrible, overlooked crime. 110 more words


Cruz hits Dems for hypocrisy over Roy Moore, Franken sex allegations

(National SentinelPolitical Hypocrisy: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, hit Democratic colleagues on Friday over their perceived hypocrisy involving allegations of sexual abuse against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and Democratic Sen. 369 more words


The Genius of the Crowd (translation & analysis)

The Genius and the Crowd – 1909 – Yeghishe Tadevosyan  


c’è abbastanza perfidia, odio, violenza, assurdità nell’essere umano
medio da poter rifornire qualsiasi esercito in qualsiasi giorno… 754 more words

Lesson U3a

Excess Baggage - Oh The Irony !!

I happened to be standing in a long meandering line at the airport waiting to take my boarding pass. I was not in the best of moods after waking up early. 426 more words