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Tuesday Tuneup 26

Q. Where would you like to be?

A. In a place of greater confidence.

Q. In what areas do you lack confidence?

A. In many areas.  1,169 more words


Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: why do they choose to make false claims? - next up, DP Monahan

Well, for a blog called “truth and tolerance”, DP doesn’t demonstrate either. I’ve seen this particular Christian around on other blogs.  He tries to be friendly to the atheists he contests with, but when you get him on his own blog, he has no problem in making a lot of false claims about others. 1,421 more words

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation

A Note to My Virtuous Friends

“To do good is noble, but to teach others to do good is nobler…and much less trouble.” ~Mark Twain

Many of us who are writers and… 174 more words


Behold the Zman

Rivaling Derbyshire as the worst on the Right.


They’re not making Nazis like they used to. The two main groups of antisemites today are the internet loudmouth and the alt-right types.

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Questions for Brett Kavanaugh's Accusers

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is an exemplary individual and judge who is having to endure a moral ordeal that would destroy most people.  Despite having gone through six FBI background investigations during his professional career which have not found a scintilla of scandal, the sudden emergence of two women claiming he engaged in immoral sexual behavior toward them over thirty years ago has thrown this confirmation process into a disgraceful descent into Dante’s inferno.  589 more words

Republican congressman dismisses Kavanaugh claims while pushing for tougher anti-abuse laws

North Dakota’s Kevin Cramer said Friday that Dr. Ford’s allegations were “absurd” because the attempted assault “never went anywhere.”


-Think Progress; 9/24/2018