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Jehovah's Witness Leaders Call People "Garbage" For Their Sins

In the latest broadcast on the internet TV channel for Jehovah’s Witnesses, tv.jw.org, one of the assistants to the religion’s governing body gave a long-winded discourse about what JWs often call the “unforgivable sin.” The man was differentiating between the concepts of “grieving the holy spirit,” “sinning against the holy spirit,” and “blaspheming the holy spirit.” These are apparently important concepts to Jehovah’s Witnesses, as the bible seems to say that someone who “blasphemes” the holy spirit has no forgiveness available to them, while “grieving” and “sinning against” the holy spirit can be forgiven. 1,292 more words

Elders And Governing Body

Racing On the Gridiron

As American history goes, the ugly head of racism showing up never surprises me. At this stage of.my life, I wait for it to enter. The 50th Super Bowl is as good a place as any. 958 more words


Headline of the day: It's called chutzpah, ain't it?

From the Washington Post:

Cop who killed college student and 55-year-old mother sues for ‘extreme emotional trauma’

A Chicago police officer who fatally shot a college student and his 55-year-old neighbor has filed a lawsuit against the teenager’s estate that blames the mentally ill 19-year-old for causing the officer “extreme emotional trauma.”


Identifying the Religious Spirit

The Lord has placed a burning desire in my heart to write about some of the negative spirits that are invading the body of Christ – the Church. 1,336 more words


The Manner of One's Conception Does Not Determine One's Value as a Human Being

Presidential Candidate and Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie is conflicted about the value of human life. A child conceived through rape is just as innocent as a child conceived through love. 36 more words


Rehashing why Atheism + was stupid

Atheism is an idea that does not require a group, and it is nothing more than the rejection of Theism. There are no holy scriptures Atheists follow, and no ideology. 274 more words

Senator Ted Cruz Hit The Republicans Biggest Issue Straight In The Face: And He Doesn't Even See It

Yesterday just as I was switching off my t.v. set I caught one line spoken by Senator Cruz as he was attempting to bash Senator Marco Rubio in a speech. 264 more words

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