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The left goes from mocking the GOP’s lack of diversity to mocking its diversity

It’s almost like the left’s commitment to diversity is a dishonest political vehicle aimed only at delegitimizing their opponents. Almost. In 2012, the GOP presidential field’s lack of diversity — perhaps the least interesting form of diversity, but one which nevertheless enjoys near religious devotion from the left — did not go unmentioned by partisan […]

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Whatever happened to the Golden Rule of "Don't be an Asshole"?

Recently, Rachel Leventhal-Weiner wrote a column in Vitae called “What Do I tell my Students?” Like many of us, Rachel is leaving a multi-year VAP position. 672 more words

Academic Culture

Burn Books, High Horses and Critical Christians

Hide your wives, hide your kids and hide your husbands because phonies are fooling everybody up in here! I’m imitating Antoine Dodson of YouTube fame to highlight an important point that I’m sure resonates with most: be it at work, at university, on your daily commute or even in your respective religious group, I’d be surprised if you haven’t come across (at least) one person that has set off you’re your fake-dar. 494 more words


The Offering of Cain

Contrary what we believe, the biggest problem with piety is its foundation in sincerity. The wolf within clothes itself in devotion, not as an attempt at misdirection or facade, but out of a longing to do what is right. 119 more words



Hypocritical. That’s what we are.

We cut trees to make way for “Save the environment” signs.

We talk of water conservation but don’t want to shorten our showers. 278 more words


Danish anti-Israeli settlement Ads bad, NY anti-Muslim Ads good

Any questions? The logic seems crystal clear to me.

Another bitter taste of the double standards used to enforce “free speech” all over the world, whenever Israel is concerned. 173 more words



I wake up one Sunday morning. It’s been a while since I went to church on account of motherhood engagements. A lot has been going on. 722 more words