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I hate this guy, but I shake his hand.

You might call this hypocrisy. But I say our rituals make us better than we are.

The Voices

You drive and crash

You swim and drown

You try to escape the past

Only for it to bite you in the back

As soon as you turn around… 222 more words


JUSTIFICATIONS- The Unrelenting Term

Why we are taught that it’s important to justify ourselves to others? Or taught to always think about how others feel before deciding things for ourselves? 523 more words

Labour First complain about 'factionalism' - while teaching it. LOTO may attend

Labour First (LF) complains often about ‘factionalism’. It’s a feature of some of the newsletters it sends to the denizens of whatever under-realm likes its thinking – and of course those hardy souls who can stomach it and want to keep informed. 406 more words

New intolerant narrative of the deranged Left: All MEN are dangerous, simply for being men

 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) In the modern age, the Alt-Left has decided that men should no longer be men but rather neutered, cowering wimps who are too weak to stand up for themselves or to the stronger women who should be running things anyway (or so we’re told). 738 more words


Parenting Q&A (part 4)

More responses to my parenting survey.
Take it yourself.  I may answer your questions here. It’ll help me focus my book either way.

Response #8… 1,873 more words


The unholy alliance between the left and Islam — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Guest Post I was intrigued by a comment yesterday in the Whale Oil General Debate about the unholy alliance between the left and Islam. At first blush it is a grotesque absurdity.

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