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The “Courage” of the Mob

On October 30th, shortly after the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, I published a column — which was also published in my local newspaper, The Signal — 799 more words

A perfect example of dumb

I found this little gem in my comments this morning from my friend Brotha Wolf.

“Never try to explain yourself to people who are dedicated to misunderstanding you” 203 more words

What is Free Speech? Don't Ask Peter Van Onselen

I like reading The Australian newspaper, but whenever I come across an article by one of its star columnists, Peter Van Onselen, I always find myself having to remember that he has a PhD. 756 more words


SLC News: 1/23/18

Two bits.

Here is one post from BeavisandButthead.com that summarizes The Man on White Horse Syndrome as it is manifested as Trump Fanboyism.

All Trump has to do is release one thirty second video ad against illegal immigration (nothing about legal immigration, mind you), and he is suddenly “officially our guy, he was always our guy.”  Talk about low standards.  264 more words

"Pro-Life" = Pro-Death (Barbara Ehrenreich is utterly correct)

Barbara Ehrenreich has a great new piece in The Guardian, “Let’s call the pro-lifers what they are: pro-death.”

It’s good to see someone else — Ehrenreich, one of the most astute observers of the contemporary American political and social scene — point this out. 240 more words


Conservative Democrats - wolves in sheep's clothing...


Remember when the media apologized after the Presidential election for spending too much time on Trump’s theatrics, and not enough time on the issues? Remember that? 167 more words

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What the Padmavat controversy tells us about India.

Rajputs, in India, have been regarded as the bravest warriors of all times and protectors of their land from foreign invaders. My history books told me that Rani Padmini of Chittor, jumped into a pit of fire to save her honor from Alauddin Khilji. 432 more words

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