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Hypocrisy -- Colleen - 9/4/2015


4 September 2015

Every week it seems someone or something new fascinates us, the collective population of the social interwebs. If it’s an especially juicy topic, we’ll tear at it like starved jackals, fighting and reducing ourselves to the basest life form. 641 more words


Things that are like Kim Davis

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Things that are not like Kim Davis:

A person being drafted involuntarily into the military asserting conscientious objections to serving in the military. 193 more words

Civil Rights

The right-wing media's too late to take the moral high-ground

Since the rise of UKIP as a party of political influence the rhetoric around immigration has been ramped up and it was sections of the newspaper media, which together have a depressingly high readership, which have been most vociferous in their opposition to immigration. 649 more words
UK Politics

Behind the Closed Door

The entire village was talking about it. The ‘woman in white’ was to return that evening. So named because she was always dresed in a white pleated dress, white veil and white sandals. 1,757 more words

Short Stories

Law of Belief

Forward thinking and evolution of thought cannot maintain or grow if personal beliefs are forced on others.

Personal beliefs are just that, personal.  One can be the change without implying beliefs on others who have no desire for change. 62 more words


Obey God Rather Than Men

And when they had brought them, they set them before the council. And the high priest asked them, saying, “Did we not strictly command you not to teach in this name?

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Marriage licenses are a heaven and hell decision, but the root of all evil is not.

Like many, I ‘ve been following the saga of Kentucky deputy clerk Kim Davis as she battles into martyrdom for her stand against gay marriage. Today after appearing before a US District judge, Davis was in court and reprimanded to jail until such time as she agreed to perform her appointed duties. 610 more words