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The Sound Of justice


I sat there sipping my cup of brewed coffee at Starbucks Café, the most delightful experience during a cold and snowy evening. The weather was perfect, life was going great until I received a letter with my bill; wherein it was scribbled am back.” 2,070 more words


Anti-border Hypocrisy

Anti-border people take hypocrisy to new levels. They decry borders, but lock their cars, have security systems in their homes, insure their property, place their money in well-guarded banks, install anti-virus systems on their computers, and use passwords on their cellphones. 149 more words


Hypocritical Society

In India, we are celebrating the auspicious festival of Goddess Durga.

She is the hindu warrior goddess, whose mythology centers around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good. 177 more words

5 Things That Stumble Me Up As A Believer

As much as we are accountable to our own walk with Christ, we are accountable to each other. I thought I would be honest and talk about things that stumble me up as a believer. 1,106 more words


Mistake Monitor

Mistake Monitor

When another guy makes a mistake,
Then I laugh till my ears start to shake.
No response could be fairer!
But, if I am in error, 13 more words

Dishonest Obama EPA head who used secret email account is accusing TRUMP of not being transparent

(National SentinelThe Swamp: In a stunning example of tone deafness and hypocrisy, the head of Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is accusing the Trump administration of not being transparent after she was caught during her tenure using a secret email account to conduct official business out of the public’s view. 360 more words

Executive Branch

Trump’s UN Speech: Outright Lies & Obnoxious Beyond Belief Hypocrisy! (2 Articles)

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I listened to a bit of Trump’s hypocritical, warmongering speech to the UN, and like the following writer, I had to stop watching. It was either turn off this disgusting, bloviating ass or put my foot through the television screen: … 1,041 more words

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