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Real Christians are Standing Up for Josh Duggar!

Listen people, this Josh Duggar dude is a stand-up Christian guy. He may have done a few things when he was 12… or 13, or 14, or 15, hell no one actually knows his age because it’s not possible for this many people to not know basic math. 371 more words

19 Kids And Counting

F'king Hypocrites!

Normally, I don’t get caught up in reality BS or their controversies; however, when hypocrisy is involved, I just can’t let it go without stating my opinion. 507 more words

Odds And Ends


Do you know what I discovered this week? Lots of things.

First: My new book, Fleeing Oz, is now out in Kindle Version! How about that?! 735 more words

Is Hillary’s Candidacy Just Another Business Deal?


Jennifer Rubin notes this morning that Hillary’s obviously terrible campaign skills are getting noticed in the mainstream media. It’s so bad that Hillary is actually going to…

231 more words

You're Not Fit to Judge Me

There’s so much I want to say about the recent Duggar scandal. Yet, I feel unqualified to contribute to the conversation on a theological or sociological level. 681 more words


Only in Hollywood...

Only in an industry as ignorant, backwards, racist, sexist, predatory, creatively bankrupt, and immoral as Hollywood…

would “feminists” cheer the female lead in a high octane action film, where the actress (in this case the beautiful Charlize Theron) was unequivocally stripped of any glance of femininity; but rather shorn, over-smeared with axle grease, demoted to errand-running truck driver, brutalized, and mutilated in favor of a masculine hydraulic pincher for an arm. 57 more words