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"Christians are so judgmental"

I came across a tweet a month ago where a girl was stating how frustrated she was with how Christians acted like they were saints, innocent and perfect. 422 more words


Two Sides

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told a story leaving out the details of their behavior so that they don’t make themselves look bad.. 140 more words

Facing Your Own Hypocrisy

I’ve heard the things you dislike most in other people are the things you  dislike about yourself. For example, a partner who constantly accuses their partner of cheating may fear that they have dishonest thoughts. 581 more words


"Hypocrite Sexual Assaulter Trump Stays Silent On Roy Moore But Attacks Al Franken"


“Trump is the last person on the planet who should be talking about tapes. He has admitted on tape that he sexually assaults women because “when you’re a star, they’ll let you do anything.” 35 more words


New Sex Charges Filed. Only Not Against Roy Moore, But Al Franken. AND SHE HAS PIC OF BEING GROPED WHILE ASLEEP!!!

Either Al Franken needs to resign or be impeached and expelled from the Senate with full Democratic Party participation, or Roy Moore needs to be elected. 2,148 more words

Conservative Issues

You're a Hypocrite!

“I would rather live my life an honest sinner, rather than a lying hypocrite”

See, we use the words hypocrite, two-faced, backstabbing very loosely these days, not knowing what we imply and if we commit the greatest crime of being caught in that vicious cycle of hypocrisy.

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