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Guest Blogs for Father's Day Weekend

This is the 4th entry in my series on Fatherhood this month.  Enjoy!


Hey everyone!  Father’s Day is almost here!  I’ve had the great fortune of having two really wonderful groups reach out to me regarding guest blogging on their sites and I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far.   199 more words


Where my heart is today...

Today my heart is with the Syme family as they mourn the loss of their sweet daughter Evynn…

A four year survivor of hypo-plastic left heart,  and a receiver of a heart transplant that so sadly didn’t end up saving her life. 42 more words

Sick Kids

The HLHS Dad on The Mighty!

This is the third entry in my series on Fatherhood this month.  Enjoy!


I’ve had the great honor of having a post I wrote featured on the website The Mighty (themighty.com).   203 more words


Fatherhood in Fragility

This is the 2nd entry in my series on Fatherhood this month.  Enjoy!


Becoming a dad is a really amazing time: there’s excitement, there’s a little bit of fear, and there’s a whole lot of hope for the future:  1,195 more words


A Day in the Life of the HLHS Dad

Hi friends!  One of the highlights of June is Father’s Day.  I wanted to make it a little bigger and celebrate Father’s Month on this blog by highlighting fatherhood-related topics.   1,424 more words


Nolan's Cardiology Check-Up

Some weeks ago, Nolan had his regularly scheduled Cardiology appointment, which occurs every 6 months or so.  For the last several visits these have gone very well and since I work really close to the Cardiology office, I can pop right in and be part of the visit then go right back to work. 638 more words


The Man in the Mirror

A little while back I wrote an entry about self-care that included things like aromatherapy, healing touch, breathing, getting a hobby, etc.  Since then, I feel like I’ve stumbled upon something that should’ve landed on that list, had I known about it at the time. 826 more words