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Treatment for Amnesia

Marissa Asks:

How do doctors proceed if they suspect amnesia? In my novel, the patient was brought to emergency after being found on the side of the road (in the snow.) The patient shows signs of physical torture: multiple rapes, bruises, lacerations, glass embedded mainly in his hands, hypothermia, and a cold (because obviously my character needs to be ill on top of everything). 722 more words

Author Question

Fire & Ice

I realized today that I’ve never come across a “would you rather” I couldn’t answer. Either I’m very sure of myself or I’m so confident in not needing to be sure that I’m sure of whatever I choose. 495 more words


Pretty Tunes

Academic hypothermia’s a pretty little thing

Symptomatic, pre-notioned discomfort

In tickles instead of in waves

But they still do their deeds

Pretty tunes may diminish them… 107 more words

Coming Clean About Prolonged Fuel Poverty

There are many things in this world that we simply take for granted. When you can hardly afford food, then heating is not on top of the list during winter…Regardless how cold it may get. 1,039 more words


A mild dose of hypothermia? Into mile 21 of my outdoors and unheated @AspChannelSwim

Today I messed up. Not big time, but big enough time. It was drizzling when I got to the lido. I clocked the temperature gauge and joked with the manager that I was trying to kid myself there’s not a big drop between 11’C and 9’C. 549 more words


Accidental hypothermia

When I realised I was feeling cold earlier, sitting at home by the computer, I rushed to put the heating on.  This isn’t my usual reaction – or rather it wasn’t until a few days ago. 228 more words