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Chilly Treatment

Large scale studies of survival after cardiac arrest have produced dismal statistics, with survival to hospital discharge of 17.6% when the patient is already in the hospital at the time of the arrest and only 6.1% when the arrest occurs outside the hospital.  939 more words

Ice Cold Bath

I lost you,

So do you hear my unclothed body screaming,

& yearning for a warm blood circulation?

The only thing my body does is whining in frustration. 88 more words


BioMedical Engineer Interview

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How did you get into an offbeat, unconventional and unusual career such as Bio-Medical sector?

Jayanth says his formative years at home living with his parents and grandparents had a big impact on his decision to enter the health space. 716 more words


vermont (for jim)

He went looking for
his long ago lover
in the snowy dark, though
his wife of 23 years lay
next to him.
When he found her, 24 more words

Short Story


“You know I don’t like it when you wear those fingerless gloves, hon…”

“Mom, I’ll be fine. Plus I can’t text if I wear other gloves.” 4,197 more words


So, What Would You Do? Really Cold and Wet!

Happy Friday everyone!  If you work a regular Monday-Friday job, you’ve made it!  If you work a job with less traditional days/hours, good luck!

On Wednesday, I posted a video from a backpacking trip that a YouTuber who goes by the name Scree Hiker posted.   1,156 more words

Patient Care

48hrs of #FOAMed finds! #FOAMcc #POCUS

Sorry for the lapse!

I just wanted to promote what I see as one of the best forthcoming meetings in Antwerp (November 2017). The International Fluid Academy meeting… 863 more words

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