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Frostnip, Frostbite, and Hypothermia Explained-How to Identify Symptoms, Treat Accordingly and Protect Your Pet

As winter temperatures nose-dive to record lows, we need to take precautions to protect our pets from the pitfalls of the cold weather. Do you know the signs of or what to do if your pet becomes affected by frostnip, frostbite, or hypothermia? 521 more words


Working Outside in Cold Weather

Being at the mercy of the weather is one of the many challenges that contractors face on a daily basis. As the winter months begin, it’s time to start preparing for working outside in the extreme cold. 1,301 more words


WELCOA Wednesday

Beating the Cold Weather

For a good portion of the country cold temperatures are right around the corner, if they’re not here already! And did you know that cold weather can lower the temperature inside your body? 166 more words


Trail Runner Magazine Hypothermia Article by Sarah Lavender Smith

I met, I say met like that because we haven’t actually ever talked face to face but have had a few phone conversations and chats over the internet, almost two years ago when she was looking to talk to someone about how ultra running had affected their relationship with their spouse. 99 more words

Injured (Shout)

Wake up, wake up—it comes in chorus. You are asleep, and your eyelids flutter, and you hear from far off, distant, wake up, wake up. It grows insistent, the harsh tones jarring. 267 more words


Eight ordinary mistakes of wilderness survival

1.  No Shelter

This is a 2 fold mistake that will cost you your life during a wilderness survival scenario. The primary fold of this mistake isn’t having a… 359 more words


Brain Freeze

Something you don’t want to happen but may if you get too cold.
I’ve spoken about this before when discussing the effects of a loss of temperature control… 515 more words