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Fluid/Temperature Regulation

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Fluid retention or oedema is the swelling that occurs due to fluid accumulating in the tissues, it may be localised to a certain body part or be generalised and affect the whole body.The most common symptoms are puffiness of the fingers, feet, ankles, legs and abdomen.

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Ji’Aire Lee: Dead Child Found Being Pushed In Park Swing Was Murdered ... died from hypothermia and dehydration

Inquisitr — One month ago, the world was horrified to hear about the dead toddler who was found being pushed by his mother in a park swing. 132 more words


Therapeutic Hypothermia Still Effective in Prevention of Anoxic Encephalopathy following Extended Period of Pulselessness during Cardiac Arrest

There are approximately 300,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests per year with less than 10% of those surviving. While many trials have discussed the relevance of initial rhythm and delay of cooling, there has been limited discussion of the efficacy of therapeutic hypothermia in the presence of extended pulselessness. 55 more words

Cardio Therapy

Therapeutic Hypothermia

Inclusion Criteria:

Must meet all of the following criteria to be considered for therapeutic hypothermia:

  • ROSC
  • Unconscious
  • ≤ 6 hrs s/p arrest
  • Intubated

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One Hundred Ninety Five

A Year of Year: July 19, 2014

Pose: Knees to chest

Location: Laugevegur Night 1; Hrafntinnusker, Iceland

So our first day on the trail was interesting. 350 more words


10 Things to Keep Cattle Alive During an Enduring Snow Storm in Arizona

After reading, “Half Broke Horses” where the main character gained a lot of experience breaking in horses, she touched upon an interesting story about a flying cowboy, who happened to be her husband. 285 more words

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A scuba diver comes out of the warm waters of the pristine beaches of Oahu with the sun burning high in the sky. He collapses and shivers onto the sand, struck with hypothermia. 974 more words