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Hypothetical Situations

Hypothetical situations—we have all thought of what to do in them. Mostly, I think of what to do in “problems” that will never ever happen, such as finding the land of the unicorns, winning a Nobel Peace prize, or making a master plan to get myself out of prison (the last one is probable). 773 more words



Scenario: Adult humans are the size of rabbits. Now imagine that all animals, insects, arachnids, etc. are also smaller, in scale with humans. Trees, grass, rivers, mountains, etc. 30 more words

Hypothetical Situations

Asking Forgiveness Versus Asking Permission

I love when a comic idea drops out, fully formed, on to the desiccant sand below.


Objective ethics?

I try really hard to not be rigid. Truly, I do. At the same time, I was raised to believe some things truly are categorical imperatives. 1,326 more words