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Happy New Year!

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I haven’t posted in FOREVERRRR, and I am really regretting it. I ended up getting an iPhone 6 months ago, and they couldn’t transfer any of my stuff, so I had to remember all the apps etc. 119 more words



Summer has ended, thanksgiving was celebrated, Halloween is over and still the pain feels new.

Christmas, holidays in general, have been beyond difficult since my darling grandma went home to God; but now that my dad went away this Christmas will be torturous. 270 more words


A lot can happen in 10 days…

I have lost my appetite. I have lost my love of cooking. I have no desire to drink my fluids. 475 more words

Gastric Bypass

Trish G (Trishg), Undiagnosed Bio

I have hypothyroidism and recently undergoing tests for Cushings disease.

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Case Study: Low TSH, High T4, and Elevated TPO treated with LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone)

Case: Woman in 40’s with Vitiligo, Positive ANA,

Jan 2014: TSH 0.014(LOW) T4free 1.98 (HIGH) T3 157

July 2015: After being treated with LDN

TSH 0.274 (LOW) T4free 1.11 T3free 2.6 TPO 78 High… 59 more words

Kari W (karialeen), Pituitary Bio

I am a 37 year old female.

I had a 6mm tumor removed from my pituitary on May, 7th that was causing me to have cushing’s disease. 41 more words


B12 - the vitamin that can go low in many thyroid patients - Stop The Thyroid Madness

B12 is a vitamin which has a key role in red blood cell metabolism of your entire body, giving you energy, sharpness in your brain, and healthy nervous system functioning. 154 more words

Vitamin B12 Deficiency