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Living with Hypothyroidisim

Since this is my first post, I want to dedicate it to something I have lived most of my life with, hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed at a very young age (around 9 years old) and have been on medication ever since, which would be 21 years now. 558 more words


Hypothyroidism in a Nutshell

Hey guys,

I found a great website that a woman runs and there’s a whole bunch of resources, articles, etc. on hypothyroidism. It goes undiagnosed in thousands of people each year, that if you have been feeling down, moody, unexplained weight gain, anxiety, lots of fatigue, your thyroid could be out of whack! 26 more words


TSH Levels

At my last appointment, they drew blood to do a series of tests to start ruling stuff out. They did a lot of a tests, cause they drew like 12 vials of blood. 213 more words


Hey guys! I hope you all had a good week and weekend! I know I did. Finally having some nice weather, and I’m starting to work more so I’m finally finding routine in my life. 68 more words


Shots shots shots shots!!!!

So our IVF cycle has begun. I had my baseline blood work and ultrasound Monday and things looked perfect so I started injections that night. … 320 more words


Can Hypothyroidism affect your Blood Pressure?

Hey guys! So I was admitted into the hospital about a month ago due to severe high blood pressure. My numbers were about 225/140 which is at a level where Strokes can be caused. 111 more words