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Thyroid tip #1 combatting dry skin

Hi guys & gals,

Dry skin is a nightmare, even for the best of us. Now try adding flaky skin, chapping and cold tolerance to the mix; and that’s what a hypothyroidism suffer may incur. 431 more words



Hi readers,

As mentioned in the previous post I have hypothyroidism. So I thought I best explain a little more for those who are Interested. … 363 more words


Hypothyroidism and Diabetes

First off I want to apologize for those who follow me for my writing hiatus. Over the past few weeks I have been lethargic, exhausted, depressed, anxious and just not myself. 464 more words


Lauren, Undiagnosed Bio

Hello. my name is Lauren. I am currently being tested for Cushing’s and am scared.

I have hypothyroidism/ Hashimoto’ s auto immune disease. Also my sugar is pre-diabetic. 179 more words


Reversing Hypothyroidism through LDN (low dose naltrexone)

Hypothyroidism is treated by replacing thyroid hormone using T3, T4, or T3/T4 combination. Once treatment begins, the patient is expected to take the thyroid replacement, perhaps in increasing dosages, for life. 364 more words

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Is TSH the “Best Test” for Diagnosing Hypothyroid?

Today, TSH is considered the best way to diagnose patients with hypothyroidism. For most people, this approach works well.  However, I have seen many patients with normal TSH, suffering from hypothyroid symptoms. 355 more words

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Thyroid Myths Demystified: Part 1 Hypothyroidism Basics

This first post provides the readers with the basics of undertanding hypothyroidism, TSH, thyroid hormones, and treatment options.  Understanding these basics will prepare the readers to further explore future posts on thyroid myths such as: 324 more words