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A Short Post for a Birthday Spent in Bed....

Thank you to everyone who wished Dani a happy birthday! I read all of your facebook messages/comments to her last night.  Dani had a super quiet birthday; she actually wasn’t feeling too well so she was in bed most of the day. 437 more words


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going...

It’s been eight days since Dani’s full abdominal hysterectomy (yes, folks, they took it all. Ovaries, cervix, and, hey, they even found Waldo!  No reward given though. 2,363 more words


Memoirs of a Gay . . . Shhh! Ah, it's story time, folks . . .

This is a story about finding that elusive “true” love.  This is a story about a rare disease and the frustrating healthcare system that thinks mostly all women are “hysterical” (thanks, Freud).   5,803 more words


Woman on pause?

When you have a total hysterectomy (removal of uterus and cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries are left) you shouldn’t enter menopause immediately. My surgeon did warn me that the chances are that menopause would happen a few years earlier than it would normally though. 704 more words


Slow But Steady Progress

I’m six weeks post op for my hysterectomy.  I feel completely healed most of the time with the exception of an occasional twinge of discomfort if I wear my belt too tight around my waist but I’m not officially cleared to resume normal lifting for another two weeks.   870 more words


A few things I want to say about hysterectomy two years after having one

I am very aware that my hysterectomy related posts have been a few and far between since the actual operation and immediate recovery. I feel like I want to contribute more towards the the “need to know” of women contemplating this operation – and especially the return to running – but everything just went so incredibly smoothly for me that once I was (literally) up and running the operation itself was just a side note. 770 more words


Should ovaries be sacrificed during uterus removal operation (hysterectomy)?

Most hysterectomy operations also include removal of ovaries and this practice is going on for decades and probably no one knows who started this practice. The rational which is kept forward for removal of ovaries is that it will eliminate the risk of developing ovarian cancer. 265 more words