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PMS, Period Diarrhea, and The Missing Tampon String

This morning I got my period. This isn’t usually a pleasant experience for anyone, but for me it’s particularly bad. The week leading up to my period, I get PMS, which stands for: “I am a fragile baby animal with many emotions”. 692 more words


9.4.2015 - Reflective...

Today, is a reflective day for me. Two years ago, my entire life changed… Let’s start from the beginning.

Just before my 21st birthday I noticed several irregularities in my period. 1,205 more words


one hundred eighty eight: my hysterectomy in 3,627 words.

i have been meaning to write this post for, well, five months. for one of those months i was just too consumed with other things to sit down and actually do it, but for about four of the months i had no idea what to even really say. 3,613 more words


Major Surgery & the Swimmer Part Three: One Year Later

In last week’s post, part two of the three-part series, Major Surgery and the Swimmer, I noted that while the first three months after my hysterectomy moved along in terms of healing, they were a bit rough for me in the water and mentally. 765 more words

The Secret to Successful Surgery

Dr. W looked oddly casual in his surgical scrubs and snazzy black sneakers, which he confessed would come off–the sneakers, not the scrubs–during surgery. It gave him better balance, he said, while he operated using the… 949 more words

Life Lessons

The One Surgery That Is Performed Too Much

We all know that surgeries can be not only necessary, but sometimes are even life-saving. But sometimes the reason to go under is taken too lightly and the surgery is performed when it doesn’t need to be. 613 more words

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Let's Do It All Again

So… remember how I mentioned Dani wasn’t feeling well on her birthday?

Well… that continued. By Thursday morning she was having such severe chills that her teeth were chattering. 1,234 more words

Chronic Illness