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Saying Goodbye and Hello to My Uterus

Saturday, 12 May 2016

From an early point when I’d made the decision to have the hysterectomy, I made some very quick decisions about certain things ~ I wanted to keep my ovaries, Fallopian tubes and cervix, but I also wanted, if possible to get a photo of my uterus. 232 more words


Stitches Out and Granulation Tissue

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I had my stitches out today, 45mins belatedly due to, shall we just say “toilet issues” ..! 😳 It was the first time I’d seen my scar ~ it’s massive, like truly massive, about 10″ (25cm) ~ it feels like I’ve been opened up from hip-to-hip! 203 more words


Cruz vs CA (GR No. 122445 November 18, 1997)

Cruz vs Court of Appeals
GR No. 122445 November 18, 1997

Facts: On March 22, 1991, prosecution witness, Rowena Umali de Ocampo, accompanied her mother to the Perpetual Help Clinic and General Hospital situated in Balagtas Street, San Pablo City, Laguna. 818 more words



(TW: sexual abuse, rape, abortion, hysterectomy, abduction, death)

The word “survivor” is a strange one for me, especially when it’s applied to myself and what I went through. 1,085 more words

So what actually happened?

New Year’s Day set the scene for what 2016 was to bring, with my first visit to A&E in 20 years, but apart from the drunken Eastern European guy in triage beating up the coffee machine for looking at him, it was pretty plain sailing. 1,065 more words

Sleepless Nights

This morning I’ve been laying here thinking. You know how at night time into early morning your mind never stops racing unless you’re fast asleep. … 448 more words


No way to breathe easy, no time to be young

Once you step back into the daily routine, thinking you can do it all like before, but you will, you know, take it a little easy… but before you know it you get caught in the waves. 432 more words