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Life after a hysterectomy 2: weight gain

The unexpected weight gain

So its been 4 months since my surgery and for whatever reason I have noticed I am getting chubby. my stomach has been my best feature (flat and toned). 290 more words

Living Life

Bleeding after subtotal hysterectomy

The debate about whether supracervical hysterectomy, when performed for benign
conditions, has benefits over a total hysterectomy, remains open. There are many
arguments both for and against performing a supracervical hysterectomy. 140 more words


Life after a hysterectomy

August 3rd I went into surgery. its been 4 months now. I am mostly use to the new normal, the new me. I went in knowing it was something I had to do but I still chose it. 796 more words

Living Life

Possible date for second surgery

I’m back with some updates !!
My public gynea appointment went terribly. As soon as I walked into his office I knew what he would say and sure enough there was no way he would operate on me. 612 more words

Calling Monsters by their name

I apologize in advance for the amount of personal blogs and dramatic posts.

But I am at the point where writing is my only solace, my only reverie and my only escape. 1,365 more words


We Don't Need Your Random Treatments You Found on the Internet

I could fix world hunger with the amount of random advice I have been given that would cure my cancer.  I think the one that told me that I should do all herbal medicines because that’s what her mother did even though she died six months later likely took the cake for me early on in my journey.  1,119 more words

Ovarian Cancer

Fallopian Send-Off Countdown...and Go!

I just scheduled my appointment to get gutted.

This moment only took me four years.   But alas, I am here.  I have officially been put in a vaginal timeout by my Lady Doctor and there is no going back.  648 more words