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I got so excited and then ...

… it all went away after a few minutes in.

I’m a nurse.  Sometimes I’m a nerd.  I work in a pre-op surgery department getting patients prepared for their surgeries … of ALL kinds … and mostly these conversations I have with patients take place on the phone. 1,054 more words


Things of great beauty

I originally started this post back in late February (three months ago) and am only now feeling ready to share.

(Feb. 20, 2015)
I had surgery at Christmas. 505 more words

Stuff That Doesn't Fit Neatly Into A Category

365 days of loss, love, laughter and hope!

366 days ago exactly this morning my dream of being a biological mother was permanently removed!

It was the hardest experience in my life. The life of not having a small version of my husband. 260 more words



Dear Children,

It’s only been a week since my last update, but so much has changed in that short time. Your soon-to-be-parents have been given their official embryo transfer date. 330 more words


Post Surgery Reflections

I had the surgery that I mentioned in my update. It’s only been three days and I am just starting to feel well enough to be frustrated that I’m not well enough. 265 more words

A Gift Awaits

How a hysterectomy taught me to see life everywhere.

A gift awaits – slowly unravels
Not through revealing, questioning, prodding or working
A gift awaits – slowly unravels… 1,845 more words


The Green Eyed Monster

I am fighting with the “Green Eyed Monster”…you might know him better as jealousy. I had cancer and had a hysterectomy in December 2014. I am 34 years old and have no children. 228 more words