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Got my book!

I received The Estrogen Errors: Why Progesterone is Better for Women’s Health (2009) two days ago.  I’m still reading the introduction and overview section.

In this revealing work, a medical writer and an internationally-known physician team up to explain the controversy over medicine prescribing estrogen for…

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The Chronicle of Chronically...

So, a big part of me and my motivations, is the fact that I’m chronically ill. This is not one diagnosis for me, but several. Often this does result in me being unable to do things, interact with the world and can make me seem like a cantankerous old bat. 293 more words


Is It Really Over???

I am full of emotions right now. So overwhelmed by things. And trying to make sense of my feelings. So bare with me.

The older I get, and the more time that passes, I feel like maybe I’m not meant to be a mom. 367 more words

My Life


It has been 16 days since my laparoscopic, supracervical hysterectomy surgery and I feel great. It really is amazing how a sick organ can make your whole system, including emotions and thinking, not function right. 378 more words


Dr. Aram Bonni MD - Hysterectomy and Pelvic Floor Suspension Procedures

OB-GYN Patient shares her experience with Dr. Aram Bonni at Pelvic Pros in Orange County. Dr. Aram Bonni is a Urogynecologist in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Mission Hospital and St. 164 more words

The Death of Self

As I prepare to go into surgery on August 4th, I realized this morning that I have been experiencing the death of myself over the past two months. 970 more words

Telling my son

Now the hard part, telling my son.

Michael is 19 years old. He’s a sophomore in college and has a new girlfriend.  Life is good for him.  168 more words