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#Announcement: 3CW (@3CountWrestling) "Hysteria" *Event Statement - PLEASE READ*

3 Count Wrestling have released a statement in regards to their upcoming event “Hysteria” which was due to take place at The Marton Hotel, Middlesbrough on November 18th. 410 more words

3 Count Wrestling

German Of The Day: Diese Fahrt Endet Hier

That means this drive or line (as in bus line) terminates here.

Of course a foreign, English-speaking¬† person like yourself might think that it means “this fart ends here.” You know, like the buck stops here only it’s a fart? 97 more words


Our Hysteria

Look how I have grown
Against your man-made wall.
You thought you’ll control my hysteria
But it’s more than you can imagine.

All About The Lens


…I have to think of something else.

My brain has been full of horrible thoughts for far, far too long. It has consumed me entirely. It has stripped me of everything from joy, to my health, to my dignity. 495 more words


Malawi disturbances - mob kills 6 "bloodsuckers"

Vampire related activity might have been more common during the Middle Ages, however if you were under the impression that the “mobs with forks and torches” nights were over I`m sorry to say that we were all wrong. 227 more words


Greenwald Voice of Reason on Fake News' Russia Narrative

Eleven months after the election (also, coincidentally eleven months after Hillary, Podesta, and Mook screamed ‘Russia did it!’), there has still not been one shred of evidence produced that is true, or factual. 47 more words

Fake News