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15 Really Interesting Facts That'll Blow Your Mind

1. Signs such as those that state “Not Responsible for Your Car or Its Contents” carry no weight in court; they are posted simply to discourage people from pursuing any legal action”.  594 more words


Finally cracked

She is human after all!!

Never thought I would ever be able to feel again, but after today I’m quite sure it’s possible.
This morning I got the most upsetting text, and it just pushed me over the edge! 341 more words

#The Inner Struggle

War & Peace, a lengthy subject. Drawn far beyond the simplicity of it all. Many idealisations, complications of definitions mixed up in our own personal experiences. 281 more words


Medication - Quetiapine, (Seroquel), and Prochlorperazine, (Stemetil). 

Mum is on a litany of medication, about 15 tablets a day. They come from the chemist pre-dispensed in a dosset box, which should make things easy except when the chemist gets things wrong, which over the past year, is about a third  of the time. 1,288 more words

31. ISIS Hysteria

First of all, I want to make clear that ISIS is so horrendous that people inclined to hysteria can be excused for their weakness. But hysteria cannot guide our response to this serious threat.   349 more words

Credo - Ray Bradbury

Good Morning my Writing Rebels … I found the below statement during my daily reading and decided I was meant to share with all of you. 272 more words


German Of The Day: Verunsichern

That means to unsettle or to unnerve. And that is what German interior minister Thomas de Maizière definitely did NOT want to do by refusing to explain in detail why the soccer match in… 75 more words