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When one side in the political debate begins with the premise that a given problem is the direct result of the other side’s insistence upon an outdated and self-serving reliance on complete corporate freedom from oversight and regulation, one is tempted to look for deeper motives; such as envy, or a fundamental mis-understanding of the free market system – or maybe even a political philosophy of redistribution that might, in itself, be obsolete and worn. 225 more words


NPR: Younger Women Hesitate To Say They're Having A Heart Attack

NPR has a story out about heart attacks in younger women. Over the last several years–decade or so?–there has been a push to point out the differences in typical heart attack symptoms between men and women. 478 more words



Docile emotions

Flatline whimper

A pro at inflicting her pain on others

She floats through life


Three Word Wednesday

Docile, Inflict, Whimper


Ideas for Band Names

Plato thought the uterus wandered around inside a woman’s body, creating illness and driving her insane. Wandering Womb Syndrome, later known as Hysteria, was to blame for everything from menstrual cramps and migraines to fatigue and heaviness of the limbs. 242 more words

One to Amaze and AMuse You

My routine has been totally shot by all this Chinese New Year shenanigans, so get a load of this and I’ll be back soon.

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50 Shades of Grey Movie

Two years ago, I was swept up in the 50 Shades of Grey hysteria (my eldest son was even born around 9 months later!). The announcement of the movie being released in 2015 gave me a ‘twinge’ of guilty pleasure. 168 more words


'Facecrime': Student punished for 'resembling' classmate's rapist

National Review Online’s Katherine Timpf wrote about a piece in the Harvard Law Review by Janet Halley. Halley claims to have helped a student at an Oregon college whose freedoms had been restricted because he… 416 more words

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