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Snowflake melt

ANYONE WHO ventures beyond the regressive, internet dumps of Huffpost, Salon, Slate, Politico, etc., has grown accustomed to seeing left-wing lunatics blubbering over the Brave New World of Donald J. 54 more words


Nervous Germans More Nervous Than Usual For Some Reason

I haven’t been able to decrypt this Deutsche Welle article yet but at least there aren’t that many words in it.

Here are most of them: Disbelief… bad dream… cold sweat… irritation… extremely alarming… dangerous… help of fake news… populist… irrational… awful phantom… concerned… not been very convincing… catastrophic mistake… contempt… inauguration. 10 more words


Hysteria,Hyperbole,and Responsibility

Our words have tremendous power, they can heal or they can destroy. They can even radicalize people or incite a riot. By far the worse offenders in recent memory are the mainstream media. 644 more words

German Of The Day: Stiff Upper Lippe

That means stiff upper lip.

And that’s what meany Berlin politician types are struggling with to keep up after Donald Trump’s latest bizarre attacks against Germany, the EU and NATO. 60 more words


The Backstage of Hysteria: Medicine in the Photographic Studio

By Beatriz Pichel

This image of Augustine, a famous patient with hysteria at La Salpêtrière hospital in Paris, has served historians in many ways. It has been used to examine the hysterical body, the women interned at La Salpêtrière, Jean-Martin Charcot’s approach to medical practice and his uses of photography in medicine . 2,239 more words


T.S. Elliot, Beyond "The Wasteland"


I. The Burial of the Dead

April is the cruellest month, breeding

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing… 720 more words


'Alice: Madness Returns': Exactly as Lewis Carroll envisioned it

While inching through a steampunk-inspired maze, Alice Liddell fights off fork-wielding crockery while the Door Mouse and March Hare try to kill her with teapots projecting scorching liquid at her gothic-styled outfit. 905 more words