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songs + hugs + flowery selfies at cooperation showcase

The cast of Cooperation recently held a showcase at a university in Seoul, gamely posing and playing games with fans. Yoona seemed to look the most comfortable and cheery among her fellow cast members – which proves it is useful to have a seasoned idol in your entourage when going on showcases since idols spent tons of time prancing across stages and interacting at fan meets. 69 more words


yoo ji tae + hyun bin wrap up movie

Yoo Ji Tae and Hyun Bin star in yet another movie centred on swindlers. Ggoon is about swindlers versus swindlers, which sounds kinda fun and entertaining. 59 more words


hyun bin fights as yoo hae jin checkmates

I enjoy watch the BTS cut of Hyun Bin rehearsing for his action sequences for Cooperation since practice seemed intense, too. It’s always amazing to see how much hard work and sweat goes into these kinda stuff, especially for the stunt men who are the ones getting thrown and hit all over most of the time. 69 more words


cooperation drops comical epilogue clip

HAHAHA. Cooperation released a clip of its epilogue and Yoona has her Roman Holiday moment with a rather bewildered Hyun Bin. This reminds me of the Yoona I loved in… 97 more words


Korean Drama Review: Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Hyde, Jekyll, Me (also titled Hyde, Jekyll, and I) could have been far more awesome than it actually was. It opened with such great promise, but episode after episode, the promise fizzled into just-another-kdrama. 546 more words

Eileen Wiedbrauk

Who Wore It Better: Park Bo Gum vs Hyun Bin

Ottoke!!! 2 oppas in the same look! This may be though as hell but it’s a question that needs an answer! Unnies and dongsaengs, who do you think wore it better?! 131 more words


selfie cooperation

Yoona posted a photo on Instagram of her and her star-studded fellow cast members plus director of the movie, Cooperation. Yoo Hae Jin in a fedora is as cool as Hyun Bin in a leather jacket. 47 more words