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Day 6.5: Hyun's Dojo

Remember what I said about Hyun leading the charge? This is the manifestation of that. He has formed a community for amateur and veteran animators alike, filled with tutorials, showcases, tournaments, and collaborations.

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Day 6: Hyun

And in comes Hyun, one of the greatest leaders to rise from the animation boom a few years ago. Simply put, his first few works have been of almost flawless quality, rivaling that of the infamous…

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Since the fall of the animators in the Youtube business years ago, animators have been in the spotlight less than less. Only a few of the more popular ones are still fully active to this day, with most moving to other platforms like Patreon.

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Jong Hyun

Why do they laugh at me when I cry?

Why do they burn my scars with their dirty nails?

How cruel of them,

Striking on someone that’s already dying. 21 more words

Pointless Writings

Bởi vì hôm nay là sinh nhật của chị.

Cho nên chị nổi hứng.

Chị sẽ đăng extra Hyun :3

Nói chứ lâu rồi không gặp, mấy em yêu thích chị Nhiên vẫn còn khỏe chứ, vẫn còn nhớ đến chị chứ :3. 14,112 more words