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Construction scheduled for I-74 south of I-80

HENRY COUNTY, Ill. (KWQC) — It’s construction season again and the Illinois Department of Transportation will be working on a 14 mile section of I-74 south of the Quad Cities. 101 more words


Fiery 60-Vehicle Pileup Leaves 2 Dead, Major Corridor Closed

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A second person has been confirmed dead a day after more than 60 vehicles smashed into one another in dense fog, injuring up to two dozen and becoming the second weather-related pileup to shut down a major trucking corridor in southeast Wyoming in less than a week. 333 more words


I-80 & Great Salt Lake State Park

별 생각없이 잘 지나가다가 Salt Lake를 잠깐이나마 본다고 들어선 I-80…

해지는 광경을 보며 운전하는 순간 예전 MBA시절 인턴하러 갈때 지나갔던 길의 추억이 떠올라 감정이 정말 울컥해졌다. 무식해서 용감하고, 용감해서 잃을것 없고, 잃을 것 없어 지른다고, 남들 다 말리는 쉽지 않은 – 인생에 어마어마한 영향을 미친 – 결정을 내리고 인턴 한답시고 가방 2개 짊어지고 떠나던 길에 지났던 경치가 거의 만 9년만에 눈앞에 펼쳐졌다.

시간은 흘러 근 10년이 다 되어가고, 그 때 홀로 똥차 검둥이 몰고 가던길을 가족을 대동하고 지나가니 감회가 새롭고, 한 편 겁없던 그때가 떠올랐다. 단, 10년이 지나도 달라진게 별로 없다는건 함정..



Video shows devastation from massive pileup on I-80 in Wyoming that injured 27 people

WARNING: While not necessarily graphic, the footage below contains images of very heavy destruction and there are also several instances where the narrator uses profanity. Viewer discretion is advised. 280 more words


When the interstate closes down

What do you do when the interstate closes down? Two options: sit and wait or find an alternate route. If there is one.

We had the opportunity, for lack of a better term, to do both on this week’s run. 1,077 more words


Traffic moving again after semitrailer stalls on I-80 in Summit County

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah — A long line of vehicles were at a temporary standstill on westbound I-80 in the area of Wanship Saturday evening, and the Utah Highway Patrol said a semitrailer stalled in an area where construction work had already caused lane reductions. 122 more words


Woman killed in crash on I-80 in Tooele County

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah – A woman was killed in a car crash in Tooele County Wednesday evening, and a Utah Highway Patrol trooper who was setting up a road block in that area suffered minor injuries when her patrol vehicle was rear-ended. 112 more words