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Well, that was fast, wasn’t it?  Here we are again. It’s a new day. It’s a new month. And it’s my second blog post devoted to my Four Goal New Year’s Resolution list. 1,574 more words

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Making a List...

Well, we’ve got one week left to the year so it’s time to start thinking and planning. I always tend to set a New Year’s Resolution that I’ll track here on my blog. 743 more words

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Called Back... The Last Days of Emily Dickinson

Two years ago this month my fourth book, Dickinstein, was published. It’s a gothic horror mash-up blending the life of poet Emily Dickinson with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. 1,223 more words

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Feeling Himself Forgotten - Cover Reveal!

Did you think I had forgotten to update you on my next book?

Since my April 25th post where I let you know the book was no longer under contract I’ve been rereading the manuscript and preparing to send it to my editor. 386 more words

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Oh the people you'll meet, the stories they'll tell...

My business trips are over for the year until October! I only travel about 3 times a year for work, but it’s always for at least a week at a time and it’s a lot of hard work setting up for a trade show, working the show, and then tearing down and packing up. 556 more words

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Write or Wrong Part 15: I'm leaving on a jet plane...

By the time this blog post goes live today, I’ll be standing in line at the airport waiting to catch a plane to Atlanta. I’m headed there for a week for a trade show for work. 670 more words

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Write or Wrong Part 8: Where I interview author Chris Jane

So tell me who Chris Jane is as a writer?

As a writer, Chris Jane takes the writing itself pretty seriously (tries to do the best work Chris Jane can possibly do), but treats writing – as an endeavor – as the fun it should be. 1,475 more words

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