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Today I became Canadian

I AM CANADIAN! – Today I stood with 295 other immigrants from 61 different countries to pledge ourselves to a country different from the one of our birth. 493 more words

General Mutterings

For the Love of Hockey, Am I Not Canadian?

I witnessed something extraordinary and deeply personal in the men’s sauna today.

Now that I have your attention, no, this is not about sex. It’s about the one thing that Canadians like more than sex. 979 more words



I was living in Medicine Hat when Snatch came out. There is an armed forces base just outside of town and there are lot of national soldiers posted there for training. 73 more words


Happy 147 Birthday Canada!!!

On this Canada Day

I remember how proud I am to live in this beautiful country!

I stand guard and salute all the solders and people who serve our country (and remember those who have lost their life to protect or build this amazing country)! 253 more words


Today is Canada Day, the one hundred and forty-seventh anniversary of the forming of Canada into a country. As a country we are our own entity, and as citizens, we are Canadian! 713 more words