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Malezya’nın Georgetown’unda deniz kenarında outurup dalgaların taşlara çarpma sesini dinliyordum. Birden bu sesi kaydetme ihtiyacını duydum. O sıralarda bir abi geldi kız arkadaşıyla. “Ne arıyosun?” Birşey aradığımı zanletti. 805 more words


Lessons from Wishes Fulfilled

About the book.

‘Wishes Fulfilled’ is a self-help book by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer about manifestation or the ‘law of attraction’. In this book, Dr. 298 more words

Book Review

I AM....

If we don’t have anything to mull over about the past and get caught in the cycle of guilt & shame mostly, laced with pride and satisfaction occasionally or think about future with worry, anticipation and hope, mixed with anxiety and fear sometimes – what have we got to say in the present moment? 416 more words

Practical Spirituality

Who am I?’ means where does this ‘I’ come from that feels this, that feels the world and all its manifestations. “Where did this ‘I’ come from?” And then you keep still, you never answer that question.

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Advaita Vedanta

The Name of the I AM & Pillar Of Fire

The wise man asked a question in Proverbs’ thirtieth chapter
It remains a riddle difficult to fiddle many centuries after
He asked ‘What is God’s Name and that of His Son’? 181 more words

The Deity Of Jesus Christ

Don’t think you must run away from conditionings or you must run away from your job or you must leave your family or you must do anything like this.

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Advaita Vedanta

How The Nisargadatta Gita was Created and much more...

Excerpts of an interview with Pradeep Apte, the author of ‘The Nisargadatta Gita’ recorded at the Science and Non-duality Conference, Oct 2010 in San Rafael, CA,USA.