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Why I Love the Wilderness

“The desert is a dangerous place. Nobody goes there unless they really have to…” These are the words that begin countless Godly Play stories. These stories share the history of God’s people, where they came from, where they went, and most importantly how God met them wherever they were, guided them, protected them, and gave them a home. 881 more words

I Am


I have known for awhile that I was blessed with the gift of administration, that is, the gift to lead by steering others to remain on task and to organize to achieve long-term goals. 291 more words


The Seeing I

Before, there was a “me” and I was totally identified with this “me”. There was no separation at all. The me and I were one and the same. 203 more words


Daily Meditation

I am not alone. I AM connected! I am a part of a bigger plan. The role I am living in this lifetime is important. I AM significant!

Odds And Ends

One for the day...


Yesterday appeared to be
the beginning of the end,
growing meant touching Life less
and less without conditions:

a child lost to schooling
unbounded potential crushed… 74 more words


The Kingdom Among Us

I was around 25 years old when I claimed Feminist as part of my personal identity. It took me that long to realize that’s what it was, even though my whole life had already been thriving due to those principles. 988 more words

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My reflections after participating in the United Nation's Commission on the Status of Women, 2015.

I am... still here

I am a mother trying to do her best
I wonder if my mother felt this way too
I hear people tell me that I’m not her- that I won’t hurt them like she hurt me… 170 more words

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