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I don't need a club...

I don’t need a club,

I am the club!

I am the club.

I am the queue infront of the club.

I am the doorman. 26 more words


I am

Dear self, you are the only one I have, so please take care. Be you! Be you! Be you! Yes, I am. I am. I am.



The Strangest Thing Happened To Me When I was in my kitchen

I was in the kitchen doing whatever had to be done – making coffee knowing me – when a random thought/message popped into my head. I stopped and looked around and there was no one there – unless the dog can now talk !!!   302 more words


I Am the River

I am the glacier where the river comes to be


I am the mountain from which the river flows


I am the ocean where the river ends… 40 more words


A Day Out - In Hospital

We had a little bit of a Christmas Horribilis.  I don’t like to say it, I hate giving into negativity, I know our problems are relative.   889 more words

I Am


never seemed interesting.
be they windy, spiral, cold, rugged,
steep, colourful. They always leave me
winded, gasping for a window back
into existence. The uneven ones felt like… 127 more words

Where Is Your Focus??

Even ‘forgetfulness’ is a chosen state of BEing.

When we’re ready to reMember, we will.

When we’re ready to See, we will. 

Nothing is ever kept from he or she who seeks greater truth in earnest.  99 more words