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I AM Love! (My "a-ha" Moment)

I was sitting on the porch this morning drinking my coffee and enjoying the fresh new day.  I was watching the sky lighten as the sun was rising and my mind couldn’t help but express appreciative thoughts about my life, the wonders of nature, the expansiveness of my world. 906 more words

Mary Ann Pack

The heart of all beings beats 'I am, I am, I am, I am'.

If there’s one thing that we can be 100% certain about its the knowing of our own existence. The sense by which we know that we exist or ‘I am’ is an ancient one. 293 more words

the search for something...

…ends with the truth about nothing.

there is a question that exists within all of Us.

this question is both unavoidable and this question is inevitable.

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I Am

Do you know what makes you happy?  I am one of those persons that will get ridiculously happy and thankful if I got a banana.  For one it will make my tummy happy and me less cranky. 523 more words


a key to know thyself

allow me to define a simply way for us to create a shared understanding about our conscious-self and how we all share consciousness in the form of spiritual oneness. 123 more words


blue orbs

The other day a friend sent me a youtube of six balls of light in the sky’s above Nanaimo on the east coast of Vancouver Island – just across from Gabriola Island where I live. 179 more words

Shin Seung Hun (신승훈) is back with a new album

Oh yes, you got it right! My favorite Korean singer is back with a new album, his 11th album, finally a full-length album in 9 years. 208 more words