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Imitating Christ – Resurrection and the life

Jesus came to Mary and Martha with a promise that they could not yet understand. He told them that their brother, Lazarus, would live again. They thought he meant that Lazarus would be raised up in the end times, but Jesus meant that he would be raised from the dead that day. 431 more words

Sonic Attack 198


  1. Xibalba – Diablo – Diablo, Con Amor… Adios
  2. Horseneck  – Bird Worried – Heavy Trip
  3. I Am – Life Through Torment
  4. Rosamov – This Mortal Road – This Mortal Road…
  5. 54 more words

What’s in a Name?

If you’ve ever been around someone who is really into birds, you might sometimes think that they pull bird names out of their butt. Does a Black-throated Green Warbler really exist? 1,111 more words

Life Lessons


Why do you
say these things
why don’t you see
that you hurt me

that I am is wrong
2+2 isn four
its supposeds to be… 164 more words


I Am What I Am!

I shared a shorter version of this message earlier this year, before the website was up and running, but I was recently watching a sermon online by a Pastor Touré Roberts (link at the bottom) and it reminded me of the importance of pushing this word out there again, and expanding on it a bit further. 1,078 more words

Sunday's Shaper

Overflowing With God's Love!

Paul gives a good description of Love. Would you want to be around someone who is this way all the time?

Love is patient, Love is kind. 379 more words


To whom it may concern, or not

To whom it may concern or not, tis no concern of mine
The concern is of individual meaning to the self, the I
The I, being the eye of the present holder in beliefs… 221 more words