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The Oneness

In the Oneness everyone is One…the same One.


DIY project

These last few months I’ve been acting like a total idiot. Because of that I’ve hurt my family and I totally lost myself. But not anymore. 525 more words

My (Current) Mantra

Mantras are statements that you say to yourself to focus and empower yourself. Mantras can be simple “I am…” statements (I am important, I am valued, I am strong, etc), or can be multiple sentences — whatever you need, personally, to fill empowered. 224 more words


My morning meditation

Do you ever wake up with the feeling of not knowing where you are at? Maybe physically? Or in the journey of life?

Well, I felt lost every morning when I wake up for about 35 years. 228 more words



You can never run out of love. You always have the same amount…it’s how you choose to use it.


Nine - I Am (Video)

Here’s another video from the collaborative album from Nine and the Snowgoons, King.  On the track, I Am, Nine becomes the very embodiment of hip-hop as he references time, places, persons, and labels that we any hip-hop head worth his or her salt would be able to reference.


"Summit of Greatness 2018"

Summit of Greatness, Columbus Ohio, 2018

I was beyond ecstatic to attend the Lewis Howes’ Summit of Greatness in Columbus, Ohio. It truly was a life changing experience. 499 more words