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The Royal Bonnet

  So! The bank holiday weekend came and went, along with my special visitor, and much fun was had by all. We spent a very rainy Saturday morning photographing all kinds of knitwear and accessories and, just as we  were running out of projects to photograph or to knit, the news broke that the new princess has arrived! 276 more words

How to avoid spectacle losing frustration

Unfortunately I find myself relying more and more on spectacles (damn it!), but can never seem to find the buggers when I really need them.  I recently went out and bought 6 pairs of magnifiers and spread them all over the house thinking smugly to myself that I was super clever.   280 more words


Designer Spotlight: Head Scarf by Kathy North

Kathy North had no formal introduction to knitting, crochet or design. Instead, she’s spent the past few decades figuring it out as she goes. Kathy says her “big break” came when one of her patterns made the cover of magazine in 2007. 237 more words


The Thinking Cap - Brain

The Thinking Cap

Here I was knitting two hats for a special person that suffered from Encephalitis. I do not know all of her challenges with this illness but truly hope this brings a smile to Your face when you will be ask to wear your hat a the regular support meetings (as mentioned by Barb B.) 165 more words


On and on and on it grows!

My days have been pretty full lately, and I like the shape they’re taking.

First of all, I have more time to cook, and experiment with new recipes. 430 more words

In Progress

It's growing!

This is what I was greeted by when I went out the front door this morning:

Yes, we actually had more snow this weekend! I’d probably mind a lot less if I didn’t have to shovel it every time. 327 more words

In Progress

Keeping busy

The move is over, and I’m more or less settled now. Moving to a new province is tricky business. Aside from all the usual annoyance of packing and unpacking and setting up and busting your back trying to get boxes to and from a moving van, there’s all the added fun of trying to get new photo ID when you need proof of residence and most of the proofs of residence you can get require photo ID. 354 more words

In Progress