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The Braided Trivet Solution

After three years of knitting, I’ve amassed a ridiculous amount of scrap yarn. This is the yarn where there’s too much to throw away yet not enough to complete even a small project. 536 more words


Can-do Cowl

Today I finished a cute little cowl pattern, which I was inspired to write by a new knitter, Nancy.  I decided to smarten it up with an i-cord, but it can be worn doubled-up.   9 more words

What's Going On At The Shop?

Šķūnīša saslauku džemperis

Nosaukums nav manis izdomāts, aizņēmos. Ļoti trāpīgs un “piestāvīgs”.

Maijā, citu starpā, netīšām nopirkās viena smuka spolīte. Sastāvs-100% zīds. Savā salīdzinoši garajā adītājas mūžā esmu visādus brīnumus redzējusi, kas zem šī cēlā vārda paslēpts, bet nu šitāds man pirmo reizi gadījās. 508 more words


Bermudiana Shawl Done!

Shawls always take longer than I expect. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since I’ve knit quite a few, but each time I’m reminded of just how long it takes to knit the several hundred stitches that make up a good “wrappable” shawl. 213 more words


Knitting Attached I-cord Tutorial

I’ve used attached (also called applied) I-cord in my latest clutch patterns.

Here is the first zippered clutch with I-cord at the top:


I love this as a finishing technique for a few reasons.   146 more words


Ribs and more ribs top

I was never sure about any element of this striped / ribbed top that I knit — do I stop the ribs after the chest, do I then reintroduce the ribs after a while, do I shift the ribs instead, do I want a longer sleeve, do I add an edging in a different color or make a different pattern with the same yarn, do I add something else on the body (like crochet flowers or chain stitches), do I use a bottom-to-top construction… 298 more words


Tardis Mouse

Are you a Dr. Who fan? You do not have to be to love this little guy. 107 more words