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All The Bright Places

‚ÄčThis book is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t put it down, like literally. I’ve read it in 4 days which totally doesn’t seem like me ’cause usually I spend not less than a week to read a book. 79 more words

Jane Two - Sean Patrick Flanery

A young Mickey navigates through the dense Texas humidity of the 70s and out onto the porch every single time his Granddaddy calls him, where he’s presented with the heirloom recipe for life, love, and manhood. 686 more words

Most Emotional Pokemon Trailer Ever!!

It’s the Japanese trailer for Sun and Moon, which is vastly different from the English trailer. I can’t even understand the language but the message it sends is clear. 29 more words


Written in The Stars by Aisha Saeed

I went into this book expecting it to be a thought provoking, but fun, quick read. But it wasn’t. Not at all.¬†Rather it takes you into a richly described culture most of us are not intimately familiar with. 856 more words

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But at least I have a weenie

Sad sad post before, but it was needed.

Super top secret:

I’m menstruating

But I really appreciate the followers and likes, I try to be myself and a little on the off side. 55 more words