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27 is the Year for Anything

I’ve been noticing this trend on blogs where every sentence is its own paragraph.

Not really my style.

But clearly, I’m trying it out.

You see, it relates to this recent revelation I had. 118 more words

And Now For Something Different...

Man vs Goat fight = I could watch this all day

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Man vs Goat fight = I could watch this all day

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Class Activity * I do what I want * Wk 11

For this weeks activity, i have chosen to turn in a video i have made from the past. This was around the time when my friends and I was into film making. 43 more words

Class Activity

I went ahead and threw some timelines out there just because I went to the trouble to find them all and comparison is fun, but I’ve got posts in the queue of my favorites. 6 more words

What Am I Doing?

This does not directly involve music. Well, it kinda does. You just have to continue reading to see what the mystery holds :D !

So, I actually started this post about 2 weeks but ended up deleting it all because, frankly, it was way too fucking long. 847 more words


She wanted a prince to come

Pick her up and save her

Instead she got a wolf

Who turned around and ate her