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To whoever reads my blog.

I’ve decided, due to reasons, to privatize my blog.

No, I don’t have to justify myself. No, I don’t have to explain anything. You should all know I’m the type that does whatever it is she wants. 50 more words


Crime and Punishment aka Nonsense

So, I think my stuff might be magic.

Before I moved, I had a lot of stuff, but despite moving being an actual big huge chore that I wildly underestimated….a lot of that stuff seems to have disappeared. 634 more words

Random Life Stuff

Every Time I Get Home From Work...

… and do something with my hands that does not involve petting the cats:

Yes yes knittingĀ BUT WHAT ABOUT MEEEE?

Every time I nudge them with my foot to get them to stop scratching the carpet: 115 more words

I Do What I Want

Penny Fixes Some Scenes From "Love, Actually"

I know, I know, it’s fiction and it’s not supposed to be perfect. But, I just… look, there are some improvements to be made, ok? 1,551 more words


...Happy Birthday!

My name is Rachel and recently I celebrated my 31st birthday. I realized I don’t live the way I thought I would be…at least 20yr old me thought things would be different at 31. 428 more words

I Can't Adult

Penny Van Winkle

Um, hi. It’s me, Penny. I’ve been away for a while.

Life got real hard there for a minute, you guys. And then it got easier. 1,515 more words