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The End and the Beginning

Bron lay face down in the dirt. When he opened his eyes he could see it was dirt. He was not sure where he was or even if he cared where he was. 945 more words


Can't Stop Won't Stop

He’s not going to let 66 million years of extinction stop him from performing sweet tricks.

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Describe Myself With Three Fictional Characters? Whatever. I Do What I Want.

Describe myself with three fictional characters?

Whatever, I do what I want.

Yeah, I did this on Facebook about a week ago. For an explanation why I’m doing it again, see immediately above.

To whoever reads my blog.

I’ve decided, due to reasons, to privatize my blog.

No, I don’t have to justify myself. No, I don’t have to explain anything. You should all know I’m the type that does whatever it is she wants. 50 more words


Crime and Punishment aka Nonsense

So, I think my stuff might be magic.

Before I moved, I had a lot of stuff, but despite moving being an actual big huge chore that I wildly underestimated….a lot of that stuff seems to have disappeared. 634 more words

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