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May the real Eminem clone please stand up?

A thread about Lindsey Lohan’s reaction to Harvey Weinstein produces this utter gem:

…right then!

The joy of this is how it doesn’t really evolve, but just… 117 more words


30 DAYS OF STRANGER THINGS- October Journaling

Darling you got to let me know/Should I stay or should I go?/If you say that you are mine/I’ll be here ’til the end of time/So you got to let me know/Should I stay or should I go? 165 more words

No Reason At All


when words throw up on a page, they don’t think about how people will react to them. is this a blessing or a curse? do we need it or would it be better to clean them up? 222 more words

Completely Random!!

Does Twitter Approve of Segregation? An Investigative Look.

Folks,,, the United States hasn’t been this divided since the last time the news said it was the most divided and what does twitter decide to do? 237 more words

I Don't Even Know

Random rants? #01

This post doesn’t really have much of a point, and it’s pretty out of the blue. I just.., I don’t know, I wanted to write it. 373 more words


the day of judgment

It’s been too long but honestly I’ve been busy! So, truly you can’t be mad at me for having a social life. I’m not even sure where to start. 658 more words

Line and Sinker- Learning to Hold Your Head Up High.

There is a song by Billy Talent that is called Line and Sinker. Once you get past the screaming at the beginning, and pay attention to the actual lyrics, it is a song baout holding your head high. 269 more words

No Reason At All