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PrinceofNothingReviews: Monkey Buisness (OSR); WHAT IN THE NAME OF GARL GLITTERGOLD DID I JUST READ?

Full disclaimer: I was asked to review this strange pay-what-you want adventure nominally compatible with the OSR by fellow rpg-blogger and fellow Euro-trash Jens Durke aka the Disoriented Ranger (Swamp-German hello to you my Teutonic brother in arms!). 2,590 more words

infinite possibilities

here’s the multiverse: go find yourself
  and all the possible yous
  and search for all the stories about us.
then come home to me and lie… 12 more words


why I am not where you are

all the miles in between
make memories sweeter and recollections mistier
sometimes at the sudden gust of wind or
the rattle of rain on the roof you… 33 more words

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