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What the fffffffffffff

I stumbled onto this while wading deep into the murkiest bogs of YouTube. And all my existence unfolded before me.

SJWs co-opt beloved classic Baldur's Gate with identity politics horseshit, predictable backlash ensues.

It is no secret that Baldur’s Gate and its sequel might be one of the greatest adaptations of DnD to the world of video games of all time, (barring Planescape: Torment). 1,631 more words

[Actual Play] Lost on Carcosa Pt. VIII: Where do Heroes Go?

Where do heroes go?
Into the Earth where they may rot
In the gullets of worms and eels and subterrene things
To the bottom of the Night Ocean… 2,154 more words


PrinceofNothingReviews: Mechamorphosis; A joyless descent into the worst excesses of the d20 system.

In reviewing the body of RPGdom, sometimes one is blessed. One discovers a work that is sleek, elegant, beautiful, poetic and unique. Sometimes by merely perusing its pages one’s own home game is improved, no matter how slightly, forevermore. 3,753 more words


Doggone It, Why?! (畜生,何故?!)

I’ve been watching more Sesame Street than I care to admit lately, and I realized this one day.


Pros and cons of #singlelife

Just thought these two lists would be interesting to compare. :)

Things nobody does for you when you’re single (the cons):