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PrinceofNothingReviews: Virtual

(Christ this one is long. Something about Tron-clones triggers my logorrhoea).

Ah, the halcyon days of the d20 boom. Brimming with potential, the d20 market eventually got clogged with a flood of substandard if not utterly wretched and uninspired garbage supplements married to an already flawed system. 2,956 more words


PrinceofNothingReviews: Carcosa [Addendum]

I promised to look in on psychic powers and so i will. The psychic powers are really cool but how likely are you to get them during play? 1,216 more words


PrinceofNothingReviews: Carcosa[Pt IV: From the jaws of defeat]

This section concludes my perhaps overly detailed review of dreaded Carcosa. I was going to calculate what your actual chance is of starting with a psionic dude but i gave up halfway through when i figured out you get a chance of psychic powers starting from int/wis/cha 15, not 16. 2,769 more words


PrinceofNothingReviews: Carcosa [Pt. III: Sorcer-eeee!]

Part III: Sorcery

We press on. Next up are the rules for Sorcery in Carcosa. In response to the controversy generated by the atrocious nature of the sorcerous rituals, author Mckinney caved to the pressure of his critics and has gone on record stating that the evil rituals(those requiring human sacrifice, i.e all of them but the banishment rituals) were meant for NPCS. 1,797 more words


I don't even... iDEAL is not Ideal

Unlike the UK and the States, in the Netherlands payment by cheque is unheard of and credit card much less common. The main method of payment are cash, and increasingly, debit card. 156 more words

I Don't Even...

Creating accounts online is a chore that each of us has to go through, be it for a bank, shop or some semi-legal website where you can watch your latest fix of Game of Thrones. 414 more words

I Don't Even...


Don’t cry, because the tears don’t do anything.
Don’t love, because it only pushes you down.
Don’t hurt, because they are merely feels.
Just live, live meaninglessly, wandering, never settled… 42 more words