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why I am not where you are

all the miles in between
make memories sweeter and recollections mistier
sometimes at the sudden gust of wind or
the rattle of rain on the roof you… 33 more words


[Review] Death Love Doom (Loftp); Dare ye enter my magical realm?

Death Love Doom by James Raggi represents one of the turning points in the Loftp Canon, along with Joop van Ooms and Monolith, after which the published modules began to reflect the implied setting of 17th century dark europe with greater regularity. 1,034 more words

[Review] The Monolith from Beyond Time and Space (Loftp); Your weapons, you will not need them

It is the reviewing blitzkrieg season, where we must advance quickly through the catalogue towards Elf-Moscow before the winds of winter bring us low and force upon us a hasty retreat. 1,946 more words

[Review] The Magnificent Joop van Ooms (Loftp); Specificity Error

For the dutchman it is not often one sees one’s native land portrayed in an rpg supplement. Therefore I looked forward to the Magnificent Joop van Ooms but I was somewhat dissapointed at the actual result. 839 more words

Not all bad; Anna Kreider a.k.a Wundergeek finally speaks out against gay killings on behalf of ISIS.

Oh Halycon 2016. Though thou art surely a harbinger of horrid (albeit cathartic) violence to come, thou doth provide us with a plentitude of soft targets in the meantime. 2,937 more words

What the fffffffffffff

I stumbled onto this while wading deep into the murkiest bogs of YouTube. And all my existence unfolded before me.