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Creating accounts online is a chore that each of us has to go through, be it for a bank, shop or some semi-legal website where you can watch your latest fix of Game of Thrones. 414 more words



Don’t cry, because the tears don’t do anything.
Don’t love, because it only pushes you down.
Don’t hurt, because they are merely feels.
Just live, live meaninglessly, wandering, never settled… 42 more words


Flavored Lattes

Me: Hey there! What can I get for you?
Customer: Hi! Do you do flavored lattes?
Me: Sure! Which flavor?
Customer: Oh, whatever you’re doing right now. 85 more words

Barista Life

Quit Facebook, found The Red Pill

Well, so I quit Facebook for a week. And except for a slip-up or two on Monday when I started typing the address into my browser’s address bar, it went without a hitch. 538 more words

Camp Nanowrimo

Elsa's Having A Baby!

For the billions of you out there that for some reason actually like Disney’s Frozen and will probably go see Cinderella just so you can see the  311 more words

Online Game


what do you mean you can’t use the stove?
you’re old enough. three days is forever for you?”

               ”so if i use the stove, and i burn the house down, it’ll…

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