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I Don't Like You

This is a difficult thing to do;

to give up on something so new.

To tell myself it wasn’t true

and that you never had a clue. 39 more words


I don't like you

No not you personally, I mean I don’t know you, so I don’t mean you right?!


*I DON’T LIKE YOU* is words often heard bouncing off our 4 walls, “leave me alone, I don’t like you” as personal space gets invaded, 484 more words


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you saw I posted some unbelievable shots made in the NBA last night, including one from Russell Westbrook.   64 more words


Sunny day

I didn’t sleep well last night. I think it was mainly because I was overwhelmed with some stuff last night. Just frustrated with how my relationships end up. 549 more words


have you ever felt like admiring and wanting someone so much then seeing them now questions your aspirations?

i cant even stand looking at you, nor can i understand why i liked you in the first place… 14 more words