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i.e. vs e.g. - What's the Difference?

The difference between i.e. and e.g. can be difficult to understand. I’ve seen some friends with otherwise good grammar use the abbreviations incorrectly. The confusion between the two seems to mainly arise because of the definition of i.e.: “in other words.” It’s easy to misunderstand this and think i.e. 241 more words


That is, for example….

There are two abbreviations that often get confused: i.e. and e.g. Some folks use them interchangeably; unfortunately, that’s wrong.

I.e. is short for the Latin phrase… 220 more words


Of course, I’ve written before about how malleable the English language can be and still be understood. A famous example — possibly apocryphal — details Winston Churchill’s testy reply to an aide who criticized him for ending his sentences with prepositions. 1,228 more words


I.e. versus E.g.

Until not all that long ago, I thought i.e. and e.g. meant the same thing. When I was a kid, I assumed some lazy English-speaker made up  364 more words

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CHARIS FOR WRITING LESSON 70: Know Your Abbreviations in English II

etc., NB, et al.

A warm welcome to this week’s lesson. Thank you for all the likes and nice feedback you send us after each post; we give us a reason to keep doing this. 658 more words