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Police Investigate Possible Police Caricature Approach Dora

To fully understand the state of cybersecurity at enterprise organizations, it’s worthwhile to review a bit of history. So 15 years of dealing with cybersecurity on a tactical basis led us to where we are today. 210 more words


Il laboratorio per genitori ed educatori offre l’opportunità di affrontare ogni tema raccontando la propria storia, per diventare più efficaci e consapevoli nelle relazioni più importanti e intime della nostra vita. 323 more words



Meaning for example, e.g. should never be followed by etc., because by definition e.g. is not all encompassing. Therefore etc. is redundant. Do not follow e.g. with a comma.

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Do not use periods within capitalized abbreviations: CEO, TV. For e.g. and i.e., lowercase and use periods. (Italicized here for emphasis; do not italicize in reports.) If abbreviating a company’s or an organization’s name anywhere in the text, use its full name on first reference, immediately followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. 38 more words

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i.e or e.g?

A quick explanation of when to use e.g. in a sentence, i.e. the abbreviation for exempli gratia.

i.e. is the abbreviation of the Latin phrase ‘id est,’ meaning ‘that is.’ Another way to remember is to associate i.e. 47 more words


This is SPARTA!!!!!

*Plays Funeral March subtly in the background, enters cloaked in the shadows…*

“Fear not the path you have chosen to walk… fear not the darkness that seeps from the abyss, for there is always the glimmer of the light of…. 365 more words

Internet Explorer Dead