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Black Magician History Month

I love researching topics for these posts. One of the ways I pick topics is to check the dictionary to see what words people are looking up currently. 707 more words

The i-e Confusion

“I just can’t take it anymore!”

Elbows planted on his desk, Dis  Connect clutched his remaining wisps of hair in an attempt to control his frustration. 179 more words

Writing Process

Abbreviations and acronyms

When to use abbreviations

In general, abbreviations are most appropriate in tabular matter, notes, bibliographies, and parenthetical references.To the greatest extent possible, abbreviations should be kept out of running text, except in technical matter. 455 more words


What do i.e. and e.g. mean?

Ask the wise old owl

What do i.e. and e.g. mean?

These come up from time to time in English Writing and it’s important to remember that they don’t mean the same thing. 318 more words

Questions From My Learners