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'i.e.' or 'e.g.'?

When should you use “i.e.”, and when is it better to use “e.g.”? This video by Oxford Dictionaries explains it all. These are two little terms I’ve often mixed up, so it’s good to get a proper explanation of which to use when.



That is, for example….

There are two abbreviations that often get confused: i.e. and e.g. Some folks use them interchangeably; unfortunately, that’s wrong.

I.e. is short for the Latin phrase… 220 more words

Wondering Why J.B. is so hot and I.E. is not (yet)?

Oh it’s ’cause the worldly and yet good jobber J.B. i.e. Justin Biever is a Rep++ and I.E. i.e. Ian Ethan not.
And words -even if it sounds cheep- magnet more gold than tadpoles i.e. 9 more words


Lagging in CleanTech Carries Moral and Economic Consequences

Below is another email blast from billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer that I’m sure many of you received as well.  Note its reference to the “clean energy economy,” a term we’ve used a great deal over the past years. 205 more words

Renewables - Business

i.e. and e.g.



i.e. means “that is”           

 Perhaps thinking of it as “in effect” will be helpful.

e.g. means “for example” 

  Think “example given.”

These are actually abbreviations of the Latin: exempli gratia and id est. 38 more words