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I, Frankenstein (2014) +5

I, Frankenstein (2014)

When does life begin, when does it end? Totally new script for a Frankenstein, great special effects, music and acting. Plenty of action with out of this world fight scenes. 73 more words

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I, Frankenstein

The challenge of talking about I, Frankenstein is that there’s not very much to talk about. It’s not interesting in a bad way. It’s not funny or offensive or even that terrible. 811 more words


I, Frankenstein Review

So I watched I, Frankenstein…

I remember avoiding this movie when it had its theatrical run because I found its trailer incredibly boring and didn’t really see the point of the story it was trying to tell. 954 more words

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I, Frankenstein (Movie) Review

I, Frankenstein is a 2014 gothic sci-fi directed by Stuart Beattie where Frankenstein’s monster, now known as Adam, is recruited by the ‘Gargoyles’ after wandering the earth for 200 years in order to face the threat of evil Demons. 370 more words


Review: I, Frankenstein

You’ve┬áheard the same whining for years now: “Hollywood have run out of ideas”. “They’re just doing remakes and reboots and sequels now.” “Oh look, another comicbook-to-movie adaptation – what a suprise”. 3,426 more words