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Good thing he's a hard-headed

Note the invisitail – I don’t think he was much bothered.  Thanks Cheezeburger for sharing all that is pibble. 

Pit Bulls

Dogs help fallen owner

My own dog has assisted me when I fell, by sniffing the nearby foliage. At least their intentions were good?

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Who doesn't love baby animals?

Carole loves her chicks and baby bunnies. Those little feet tickle!

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Let's resolve this like . . . dogs

I love how the bully on the left is just Embarrassed by this rudeness.

This is from the stunning site, I Can Has Cheezeburger?; if you haven’t seen Cheezeburger already, you must go there now.

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I Has A Hotdog: Loldogs

By Diana Waldhuber

Love all those silly lolcats? Well, they say every dog has his day (but just remember the night belongs to the kitty cats) and it’s clear some dogs out there got together and came up with an answer to all the lolcats and… 79 more words