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Tiny goal achieved.

This week is the last week of school meaning final assignments.

I finally reached a very tiny goal of mine. I did not exactly have it in mind my whole life, but I have come to realize not everyone can say this line,”I’m a scientist.” 89 more words

Little Random Thoughts

Traffic and Abstract Art

So, as I was sitting chained to my desk on a Saturday night, desperately outlining for law school finals, I looked out the window and noticed there was a lot of traffic.  50 more words


I have been AWOL for a while now – and I was doing so well! Anyway. This week is finals week. I’ve already lost it once. 58 more words

Made it out alive.


Finally it’s over. No more finals, no more late nights, no more cramming, no more papers, it’s done.

The past few days have definitely been an adventure of its own. 709 more words

Life Stories

What am i doing...nonsense.

I shouldn’t be writing anything right, but i’m a rebel and i’m going to write if i want to. (・へ・)

I’m impending disaster in less than 2 days and i’m making time to write a whole lot of nothing. 135 more words

Little Random Thoughts

10 o'clock list: Five Ways to De-Stress

Take a moment and imagine yourself in a happy place. Surround yourself with people you love, your favorite kind of  music, and lots of delicious food. 489 more words


I'm going to complain. XD

Title says it all. Here we go. XD

I hate hate hate hate hate group projects. Period. Doesn’t matter if we’re family, best friends, or nice people that happened to gather together, i don’t like the idea of group projects. 589 more words

Life Stories