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"I Hate Math" - Let's Change the Dialogue

I saw an article last week, entitled “Stop telling kids you are bad at math.  You are spreading math anxiety ‘like a virus “ .  It was all about how our culture basically perpetuates math anxiety in our children because we make it “okay” to be “bad” at math.  1,272 more words


So, my Creating Websites with HTML and CSS class is done.

I took the final on Thursday.

I don’t remember most of it, tbh. I had just gotten off an 8-hour shift at work; I definitely wasn’t all there. 151 more words

"I Hate Math" - We Need To Stop This Mantra!

If you are a math teacher, you have heard “I hate math” from students, parents, friends….it is often the first thing someone says when you tell them you teach math for a living. 526 more words


Inroduction to "Math, a horror story"

Ya, saya benci matematika. Terlalau abstract, terlalu susah, dan bikin stress. Sebagai bukan satu-satunya manusia di bumi yang benci matematika, setahun belakangan saya agak menyesal kenapa saya jadi begitu. 270 more words


Personal Experience: Dyscalculia"

My mom decided on early admission into Kindergarten. I failed the proficiency test. The test consisted of drawing a house. I could not draw a decent house. 818 more words


The Math of Prioritizing

So, I don’t know how you feel about the subject, but I loathe math.  I’m not even sure loath is a strong enough word for how I feel about math, but it’s the strongest one I could come up with without pulling out a thesaurus, so it will have to do. 641 more words