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How To Ruin Radio, Bank $25 Billion, and Still Say "I Heart Radio" With a Straight Face

Lowry Mays-President, Bad Guys

Billy Joe “Red” McCombs: Made first money selling Edsels

L: Lowry Mays, Chief Bad Guy.  R: Billy Joe “Red” McCombs, Edsel Salesman… 1,057 more words

Great Man narrative in iHeart Radio saga.

iHeart Radio may find its rescuer in Liberty Media. John Malone is the Great Man in this article, and the journalist makes no secret of this narrative: 43 more words

Alleged Journalism

I heart Radio AlterNate Festival 2018

The first I heart Radio AlterNate Radio festival opened up with Mumford and Sons. I am really familiar with this bands name and know they have a super huge buzz. 356 more words

Music News

My Radio Listening Habits, Clearchannel Killed the Radio Star(Or Is Really Trying to) , My Newest Finds and My Walkman-Hoarding Not-Problem

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Way back when, when I was the only person in my house who didn’t remember the pre-Rock ‘N’ Roll era (you could argue that this is once again true, but only because I’m the only person in my house at all), as much as people tried to put up with music that clearly made them jittery, I would often go around with my Walkman, once I got it. 1,505 more words

I guess not everyone "hearts" radio

CBS sold its radio operations to Intercom after quite a few decades.

Cumulus Media is struggling with debt and filed for bankruptcy protection.

And now the inanely-named I Heart Radio is in… 436 more words

Alleged Journalism

Head Buds

Sometimes a mind is a terrible thing to have. I don’t even know how I got started thinking about this but once I did there just was no stopping it. 542 more words