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I Hope They Serve Dessert In Hell

Welcome to I Hope They Serve Dessert in Hell.

Currently Reading: I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max

It’s just a place to showcase desserts I’ve made and desserts I’ve had and loved, and the books they’re featured in. 26 more words

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

Tanner Reviews I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

Well I guess Shaila got her revenge on me for giving a 2/5 for Divergent. Because after seeing it, she made me sit down and watch this absolutely horrendous, pitiful, god awful excuse for a movie I have had the misfortune of seeing in quite some time. 674 more words


Book Review: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max (2/5)

I surprised myself that I read this book so please don’t be too floored yourself. My husbands old roommate was reading this when I was over one day and he was laughing so uncontrollably I thought he’d need me to change his emergency diaper. 1,136 more words


Hilarity Ensues

by: Tucker Max

Tucker Max, partier, drinker, and asshole extraordinaire, has written his final book, Hilarity Ensues. If you’ve never heard of Tucker Max, he’s the author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and  625 more words


I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, or how Tucker Max saved me rather too late

I was in my senior year when I first saw a copy of Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell sitting prettily and enticingly on Powerbooks’ shelf. 541 more words


Flavorwire Interview: Meet the Director of the Tucker Max Off-Broadway Play

Literary frat bro Tucker Max has sold millions of books and seen his escapades depicted in a (poorly received) film. One wouldn’t expect that his brand of humor would translate to the vaulted halls of a Broadway theater. 1,935 more words


Man Crush Thursday(?): Tucker Max

I’ve known of Tucker Max for a while, but if you haven’t you should Google him promptly. Known as the “father of fratire“, Tucker Max single handedly catalyzed the idea of humor based off of the misadventures of college and 20-something men (see… 454 more words