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You hate iTunes? I love you.




I have a petty and vicious grudge against everything Apple because I deeply resent both the overpricing of things to make them “cool” and the mindless obsession with things that are “cool” because they’re overpriced.

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I think there’s something seriously wrong with my emotions right now….

Swallow This

So. I started a food blog. It’s here if you feel like reading it, and currently, I’m giving it a little more time and effort than I’m spending on this platform. 927 more words

I Just Can't

Examining Thanks

When I woke up this morning, some of my first thoughts were of that Thanksgiving tradition of acknowledging the things (or people, or situations, or whatever) for which we should give thanks. 1,766 more words


To love is to be vulnerable. - CS Lewis

I have been missing something and I am still unaware, er, unable to come to terms with it fully. I have been desperately trying to deal with my emotions as of late. 595 more words

Hey Baby

Here I am, breaking my once every couple of weeks/diarist rule to say something about that catcalling video. The video is one thing – I watched it with a mixture of “been there” and “ugh, the world is the worst.” But that was just my experience. 1,227 more words

I Just Can't

Seattle Autumn and the Irish Exit

Since I started writing less, I’ve realized that previously, I’d been seeing almost everything through a certain lens. That lens forced me to experience almost every situation as though it was a potential story to write. 1,282 more words

I Just Can't