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I’ve been looking forward to today for 2 months! Our town is having Ribfest, and there’s not much that I love more than ribs. Finally there’s something that I want to do where we live, and when the day comes around, I can’t do it. 48 more words

Thing That Suck


And then today I went across the road, within ten minutes I had a panic attack and went back home. Too many people and too much noise. 19 more words

Thing That Suck


The inside of my head is a big, messy, too tight space. Its full of ideas that will never come to fruition, and things that can’t be put into words. 43 more words

Everything Inbetween

I just want to cry. I want to physically throw this computer across the room and scream at the top of my lungs.

I cant help but think that I’m in a relationship with just a  figment of a man that exists in my phone because really what else is there? 322 more words



Some days I feel like such a failure at life. Days like today. I let my anxiety and depression win and I give in to it. 61 more words

Thing That Suck


As much as I love seeing my niece and nephews that live out-of-town, I don’t look forward to having the extra family here. It always ends up with me and my husband being left out and not thought about yet again. 182 more words

Everything Inbetween


I’ve come to the realization that I’m not meant for travel. It makes me a bit panicky and I always want to go home the first night I’m gone. 180 more words

Everything Inbetween