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Holy crap what just happened?! The story of a young mom who just can't 

Hello internets, my name is brittany and I pretty much hate everyone.From the crazy parents at school pick up to the yahoos on capital hill humanity sucks and we’re all doomed. 331 more words


OsoOcean - I Just Can't ft. Joe Moses & The Butcher (Video)

It’s still doing number on our playlists now watch the visual for the latest OsoOcean banger. “I Just Can’t” featuring Joe Moses and The Butcher. Directed by the homie TS of CCCXI.



Can we just talk about Bucky’s reaction in this gif for a second? I saw it in a different post earlier, and something caught my eye.

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Was It Hell Was It Fun

Now that I no longer live in St. Louis, I don’t write for KDHX very often. I expected this; actually, when I first told my editor that I was moving away, I expected that I’d no longer be allowed to write for it at… 1,146 more words

I Just Can't

A Cup of Tea

Okay, first thing’s first. I wrote a thing. It’s not an important thing or probably a very good thing, but it is grammatically-sound and from what I’ve seen of other horror writing contests, that counts for something. 720 more words

I Just Can't

No Touchy

It’s been a weird week. Everything started out okay, I guess, but after a few nights of little or fractured sleep and an unexpected nosedive in mood (partially thanks to a Cowboy Junkies song playing on Pandora that holds no real significance for me but made me miserable for some sad bastard reason), I was lying in bed on Friday at 2am with my eyes wide open and no hope of getting back to sleep. 787 more words

I Just Can't

Checked Out

When I first visited Seattle, I was overwhelmed at how nice everyone seemed. Really, I was! I even found the entry where I wrote about how people were so polite and quiet… 820 more words

I Just Can't