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The more you, put me through,
The more it makes me wanna come back to you,
You say you hate me, I just love you more, 21 more words

Kate Nash

This was the second time I’d seen Kate Nash. This gig was during the tour for her second album. She came across like a woman scorned; an embittered femme fatale singing with such venom resulting in a mesmerising performance.

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Rescue Rooms

Put down the lemons, Nash! You’re getting ever ‘so bitter’.

The Ritz, Manchester. Tuesday October 12th.

When the words, ‘Are you gonna fuckin’ sing along?’ are screeched by a leather clad Kate Nash at her own concert you can be sure she is no longer the girl you once knew. 734 more words

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Kate Nash 'My Best Friend Is You' - Review

Remember when you couldn’t walk out of your front door without hearing ‘Foundations’? No? Well then count yourself lucky because the rest of us were pretty sick of Kate Nash by the end of 2007. 507 more words

New Album Reviews

Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You

So…. there’s a new Kate Nash album. You probably know that.

My Best Friend Is You has very much of the same of what her debut, Made Of Bricks does- brilliant pop confections about… well, pretty much about boys. 333 more words


New Kate Nash

There are few things that excite me much more than Kate Nash.

Her new album, My Best Friend Is You, is out on my birthday (April 19), and things are starting to come together as far as details- no album cover yet, but we’ve already heard a couple songs off the album, and this tracklisting looks classic: 92 more words