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33 Things I Know, Now That I’m 33

1. There’s only one person responsible for your life – you.

2. It takes guts to be kind.

3. You can’t be distracted by comparison if you’re captivated by purpose. 368 more words

I Know

JC Triple Threat speaks on the #DipItChallenge & more! | #TheSession

All the way from Arizona, JC Triple Threat pulled up for a ‘session’ of “The Session.”


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone :)

We got a little gift with a big impact, A-Game released a song on his Birthday last Sunday. I Know you’ll enjoy it; in this sweet melody he encourages us to work towards our goals in life, despite the pressing hardships. 35 more words

Expression Wednesdays

"I know Dad"

This little phrase is the biggest lie that anyone tells themselves. From what mentors in my life had told me it is a phrase that they loved to utter during their 15 to 22 year old range as well. 483 more words

Be Teachable

Under 5min. SHORT Script Reading of I KNOW, by Steve Vasiliou

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Morning, noon or night, at home, on business or holiday, the real-life encounter of “I Know” touches all people. Unless you live as a hermit, there’s no way that you haven’t experienced an “I Know” meeting. 277 more words

I Know

Do I know
The right is the way.

Will I be happy
Just to stay?

Is the answer
Past has gone away. 15 more words