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I like you but

I like you but
I have to stop
You’re a sun who shines too bright
Blinding me enough not to see what’s right

I like you but… 109 more words

Random Thoughts

The Best Worst Case Scenario?

Before I get into anything today, can
we talk about the new Kaya song, “In Love with a Boy”, for a second?
I don’t know how this song has become so popular. 1,595 more words


the worms

worms, worms, come n eat

slime n slug , brow to feet

take care eye sprung wide

to the gnash I may beat…



the Bee's knees...

pacing the tree

tail whips a breeze

eyes up, focused, tongue hang’n

the hive alive, a buzz, stretched past ease

a spring n’ a swipe, gut pang’n… 36 more words

Scrambled Eggs


hung head and fault’d,
soul pawn’d,
knee n knuckle bled,
palm’d to cover’d eyes,
but the tears,
for all the waste,
would not stop,
not one..
~von moty~


what's the point....?

disproportionately pointed questions
pointed to head
disproportionately pointed appointments
disproportionately misled
pointed disproportionately to
disappointed bed…

Scrambled Eggs


EGO my ego does betray
“Leggo” says my EGO
just GO and play
eGO decides not today
ego my EGO
betrays play today…

Scrambled Eggs