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Reason #40

Because I don’t just love you, I like the fuck out of you too, a lot, as a person. And there are very few people, as you know, that I actually genuinely like. 10 more words


I Don't Want To Hide Behind "Just Kidding", I Want You To Know I'm Telling The Truth

statistically speaking,
93% of “just kiddings”
are partial truths
and 89% of those partial truths
are complete truths

so why should I say
I am just kidding… 68 more words


지들로 ~ 좋아

GDLO, “I Like You”

Another sweet spring love song as the first single from a dude whose stage name is going to struggle with its similarity to G-Dragon. 519 more words


Whatever It Is

It’s a blanket of feelings,

an afghan

knitted together by connections I have with you

keeping me warm with thoughts

and yet paining me to watch you blindly pursue this,

whatever it is.

Daily Prompt

u lil cartoon

I like your wiry crooked smile, the way it opes your green eyes up to cartoonish size, your slightly crooked coffee-stained teeth make their rare appearance. 63 more words

MINX (밍스): I Like You (나도 너처럼)

JiU | SuA | Siyeon | Yoohyeon | Dami

Ooh~ ooh~ yeah yeah~ mmm~

neon cham igijeogiya jeomjeom keojyeogan neoui jariga
bamsae ureodo chaeujil mothagetjanha apado garago neon uhu~ 148 more words


Letter for him.


I know that you’ve been my friend, my buddy, my shoulder to cry on, my everything but to you I want to be that someone. 256 more words