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He: I like you!
Me: WHAT? That is creepy!
We: Just met strangers and the stranger has no prospect of staying on even as an acquaintance. 319 more words


Notice in local health food stores how unhealthy the people tend to look.
– Amy Sedaris

Sedaris, A. (2006). I like you: Hospitality under the influence. New York: Warner Books.



The world seems so bright

When you’re on my sight 11 more words



I believe that cuddling is extremely intimate. No kissing. No sex. None of that. Just cuddling. It’s the way how two people manage to find the perfect fit for one another. 79 more words

Food For Thought

bukan 'status' nya, tapi 'kwalitas' hubungan itu yang penting

sumber gambar:www.pinterest.com

Berpuluh-puluh menit aku bingung bin galau menentukan postingan ini harus di masukan ke kategori mana; personal experience kah? Atau pendapatku kah? Kenapa begitu? 417 more words


IF . . .

If I tell you my biggest secret
Will you keep it to yourself?

If I tell you that weakness,
Will you still be here, by my side? 16 more words


Dear _____

It’s amazing what you can find on room makeover days. I found this letter that I thought was pretty cute to share.

(NOTE: I have edited out this person’s name for privacy reasons!) 419 more words