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Maybe It's Time That I Tell You I Like You

You can never tell at which point you start liking somebody. One minute you’re just about to come up with some awkward introduction, and the next thing you know, you’re fondly thinking of what she’s doing on the other end of the line. 632 more words

When will our love meet? Or will they?

You liked me, I was scared.

You liked me, I was confused.

You liked me, I liked you.

You loved me, I liked you.

You loved me, I was scared. 81 more words


The closest I can get to "U" is by becoming your "Y"

I’m living in a world of complications,  and suffocation is the air I breathe.  Main reason why even though I want us to be together… 106 more words
Random Writings

Like not Love

I like you and Not love you..for reasons unknown and unexplored by me atleast, this seems to be the safest excuse one uses to disown reality(Responsibility)…Specially with all the people of this generation (sorry I need to mention that though I am from this generation,I still am “Old”, atleast old enough to understand this). 153 more words

I like You!

He: I like you!
Me: WHAT? That is creepy!
We: Just met strangers and the stranger has no prospect of staying on even as an acquaintance. 358 more words

Musings On Life

how to un-sad yourself

because we all need a little reminder sometimes.

  • get out of bed. stretch your legs, stare out of the window and take in whatever’s out there.
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A Heartbeat Away

You’re confiscating my thoughts
Conducting the playlist in my mind
The mushy gushy type that makes me squirm
My toes can’t help but wiggle…so giddy… 127 more words