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I Like You

I can’t think of anything else.

It’s still surprising from the first time you come to me. The fact that you wait until my class is over. 295 more words


DAY6 - I Like You (좋아합니다)

Salda bomyeon mamdaero doeneun nari
Geuri manhjineun anhatjyo sasil an geureon nari manhatjyo 107 more words

Day 53: Friendzone

I like you.

But you like her.

She could care less about your existence.

She doesn’t see what I see.

I chase after you, but you’re oblivious. 79 more words


In life, we all need one person who will

never give up on us,

apart from families…

Sometimes, we need a friend not friends.

A friend that would do nothing, 23 more words


I like you a lot.

But you don’t even know who you are.

And I’m too afraid to tell you.

Too afraid to tell you so many things. 31 more words

Brave Behind A Screen

#Let’s Talk (A Connection/ Conversation)

When I talk to you with my eyes,

I am making a connection,

But when I talk to you with my lips,

I am making a conversation. 16 more words



Like the morning sun, she wakes up

With a smile that lights up the world,

Yet her heart is the deep ocean of secrets,

With pains and tears hidden beneath her… 7 more words